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Sunglasses collection for Men - Perfect match made for your hair tone

Sunglasses collection for men

By Specs CartPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Feeling something amiss from your look?

Maybe it’s the new pair of sunglasses you bought. It is not the right fit.

Perhaps it doesn’t match your hair colour.

A lot of effort is required to look good, especially when it is an important occasion for you. You cannot compromise with your look. You know what they say about first impressions. Can’t mess that up, right?

Check out this collection of sunglasses online and try out which one is the perfect match made for your hair tone.

Sunglasses to match your black hair

Black colour - the most common hair colour that goes well with many shades of sunglasses. You can wear sunglasses in any colour and look absolutely gorgeous.

Just keep a few things in mind - Your face shape and your skin tone. Choose a pair of sunglasses that contrast with your skin tone. A contrasting colour makes your face look lively and vibrant.

For black hair, you can go with purple or red, if you are looking for a funky and refreshing look. You can wear black or blue sunglasses. Black is stylish and blue is refreshing. Both the sunglasses will give you the alluring look you want.

If you do not want to leave the comfort of home, buy sunglasses online. You can find various styles and shades that go well with your hair colour matches your face shape and tone. With the comfort of home, you can easily browse a plethora of sunglasses and try them out at your home.

Sunglasses to match your blond hair

It is difficult to match your hair perfectly with most colours, whether it is an outfit or spectacles. For sunglasses, you can try out tortoiseshell, green or golden colour frames.

If you have a warmer hair tone with honey and bronze combination, peach, tortoiseshell or hemlock colour are a good match for you. These colours will accentuate your features and bring attention to your eyes.

These tortoiseshell sunglasses in wayfarer style matches all face types and you can wear these with confidence. These sunglasses with grey tint are the best accessories for travelling as well as bringing life to the party.

For a cool hair tone, you can wear black or blue. You can even experiment with pink tones. Who says pink is only for women. You can try out this shade in clear sunglasses style. You will absolutely love it.

For a fun and playful look with your cool hair tone, you can try out these transparent orange wayfarer sunglasses.

For neutral hair tone, you can experiment with coral, different shades of green or orange or even red. You can wear bold red sunglasses tints and look fashionable and bold.

Sunglasses for brown hair

For brown hair, you can go with dark tortoiseshell sunglasses. A cool blue tone will also blend with your hair colour.

Or you can wear dramatic frames like heart shape or butterfly shape sunglasses in bright colours or go for a much-reserved look with traditional style sunglasses with blue, green or red tints. You can opt for a mix of red and orange tints for your sunglasses. You will be the mood setter for the next summer party you attend.

Sunglasses for the Grey hair

If you have grey hair, you can boldly try out blue, red, black, grey or white sunglasses. Crystal clear sunglasses will look absolutely fabulous with your look. You will look transcendent paired with a white shirt and blue jeans.

If you have a dark skin tone, wearing grey or white sunglasses will be a perfect fit. Wearing transparent sunglasses will be an eye-envy for everyone. You will have the most photogenic look.

With a lighter skin tone, you can match it with grey coloured sunglasses. It will not diminish your charming gentleman look in any way.

Sunglasses for red hair

For the red hair, you can match them with tortoiseshell or green sunglasses. Green sunglasses will give you a very contrasting look.

Your red hair is already fashionable, your green sunglasses will add flair to your already vibrant look. You will be the centre of attention wherever you go. If you want to impress a special someone, go for green shades that give you a lively and jubilant look.

Not just looks, give attention to the quality of the lenses too. Sunglasses not only add colour to your persona but also protects your eyes from the sun’s harm. It also protects your eyes from dust and dirt, which can give you a lot of eye health problems. If you have vision defects, you can make your sunglasses with a prescription. With prescription sunglasses, you will have a clearer view and a comfortable outing.

Polarised sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses are the best choices to protect your eyes from the sun. Not only will it give you clearer vision and comfort while wearing them, but you can also protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.

Cheap sunglasses only make you look good. Polarized sunglasses will actually make you look good for longer.


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