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So, my Vocal merch came in...

An honest review...

By Ashley LimaPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - July 2023
It's hot and humid in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, so mind my shine!

I ordered the exclusive, $1,000,000, Vocal Top Story Shirt from the merch store. While I was gone on vacation, it came in the mail. Vocal, I love you, but I have to be honest in this review... I love the shirt too.

But, there are some things that I think buyers should be aware of when purchasing.

Firstly, I think the material is great. It's super lightweight and feels nice on the skin. According to the tag, it's made of 52% combed ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. Additionally, the shirt itself was made in Nicaragua.

While it's lightweight, my black under-top was seen underneath when I first looked in the mirror. It wasn't a big deal, as I've had much more see-through shirts in the past. I switched to a white under-top and the problem went away completely. So if that's something you're worried about, keep that in mind.

Another detail I really like about this shirt is the size of the Vocal Top Story emblem on the front.

Vocal Top Story Logo

The logo is located over the heart, right where it belongs! All jokes aside, it's small, but not too small. I like that it's not massive because I think if it was any bigger it might seem overpowering.

I'm no mathemetician, so I'm not going to whip out a ruler, but the Vocal logo is probably around a 1.25-inch diameter. The laurels around it are probably around 2.5 inches to 3 inches from left to right (or right to left, whatever you prefer).

The ink is nice. You can feel it on the shirt, but it seems well-saturated in the fabric. I know you're supposed to wash shirts before wearing them, but I'm a heathen, so I didn't do that. However, from the feel of it, it seems like it's capable of holding up well in the washer and dryer. I can follow up later if something drastic happens.

So how does the back of the shirt hold up?

Back of the Vocal Top Story Shirt

I think the print is really well-balanced here. It is symmetrical and goes from the top of my shoulder blades to the bottom of my waist.

It's legible, and I'm excited to wear it out in public. What can I say, I'm a show-off. However, I do think this merch line has the potential to bring some traction to the website for people who don't know what Vocal is.

I've been on this platform for 2 years now, and I've loved watching the ways in which it's grown over time. I think this new addition Vocal has made will be a great way for the website to gain organic growth through word of mouth and creator advertisement.

Now, listen. I do have some cons. I did tell you I was going to be honest here. However, these cons are not dealbreakers, at least not for me, and I think it's best if customers are aware so they can select the correct options when purchasing.

The shirt is not white. It's close to white, but it's not white.

The shirt color compared to my back door color.

It's probably hard to tell because the lighting in my house isn't too great. But my backdoor is pure white, we just painted it a little under 2 years ago when we moved in. The shirt is very much off-white, though not a big deal for me, I figure this information would be nice for people to know.

I would probably quantify this color as a very, very, very light beige. There are yellowish/brown undertones present for sure. That being said, it's a very nice color, it's just not white.

My other qualm is the sizing, which again, isn't really a big deal for me. I like really, really, really, cartoonishly oversized tee shirts. Generally, when shopping for a graphic tee, I'll pick out Men's 2XL and it fits me the way that I like it.

I do believe these shirts are Unisex, so maybe that's why it seems to run small, but I do think these shirts run /slightly/ small. It still fits me comfortably and I'm very happy with it. It just feels more like an XL than a 2XL.

If you like shirts that fit you snugly, ordering your usual size shouldn't be an issue. If you like shirts that fit extra big, I'd go up an extra size on top of the size you were initially going to order.

All in all, I'm very happy with my tee shirt, and I will be ordering more from the Vocal Store.

For transparency, I ordered this shirt on the 16th of June and it came in on the 28th of June.

Currently, Vocal has four tee-shirt designs and two hat designs available for purchase. Each item (save the $1,000,000 Top Story shirt), is $30. Vocal+ members can receive a 25% discount on all purchases! Order yours today :)

Aside from tee-shirts and hats, there are books and anthologies available, as well as a 50% discounted yearly Vocal+ membership and creator tools.


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  • Tommy Ballard22 days ago

    I only got one discount code for being able to purchase the $1,000,000 top story t-shirt despite getting two top stories, which made me think that in this case, it's probably limited to one per person in totality. Considering that I decided I wasn't going to risk actually wearing mine and potentially damaging or staining it and it's now framed and hung on my wall like a football, with the back of the it celebrating the top story presented to the world haha.

  • Rachel Deemingabout a month ago

    I am wondering about this shirt. I would like one...but...something is stopping me. Loved the review though and it looks good on you!

  • Leslie Writes2 months ago

    Very thorough review. Thank you for sharing.

  • Something I find trivial but your article is excellent and glad you got it and enjoy it

  • Kendall Defoe 7 months ago

    I already had an earlier off-white version of a Vocal shirt, so I did not bother with this one...but I like your story. Well said and a good TS!

  • Maggs8 months ago

    Looks lovely and well done with the review!

  • Babs Iverson8 months ago


  • sleepy drafts8 months ago

    Ouuuu this is a great review! Plus, the shirt looks *awesome* on you! 👏🏻💓

  • Melissa Ingoldsby8 months ago

    Shirt look hella dope 💕🌈❤️might get it great review 😍

  • Jazzy 8 months ago

    Thank you for this review, I was on the fence, but now I will get one! I love that shirt on you so much!!!!

  • Margo8 months ago

    Thanks for the article! Loving the shirt too!

  • Cathy holmes8 months ago

    Great review. Congrats on the TS

  • Haven’t checked out the shop yet but will have to put it on the to do list

  • Judey Kalchik 8 months ago

    Yay Ashley!

  • Paul Stewart8 months ago

    Yay, well deserved Top Story, Ashley - congrats!

  • Gerald Holmes8 months ago

    Excellent review. Thanks for letting us all know about the sizing and colour things.

  • Gina C.8 months ago

    Awesome review!! Some great things to keep in mind for sure :) I haven't bought anything yet, but I plan to! :)

  • Paul Stewart8 months ago

    Really enjoyed this review, Ashley and good to know the ins and outs a bit of the delivery time and sizing!

  • Lamar Wiggins8 months ago

    Cool. I was wondering how long it took from ordering to delivery. Looks good on you.

  • Iris Harris8 months ago

    Thanks for the review. I’m not a fan of tee shirts, but I did buy a hat. I love the hat. I use it when I go skating. Maybe I should write a review as well. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

  • Meagan Dion8 months ago

    I got my million dollar tee-shirt the other day. It's my favorite shirt I own, though it might just be because I earned that sucker. lol It is super soft. I'd probably prefer a different color, but beige isn't bad either. But overall, the shirt is super cozy and the fit is nice.

  • Awesome ✨ and Great insights❤️😉💯📝

  • Judey Kalchik 8 months ago

    Great review- I had wondered about both the shipping time and the quality. (I never received the shirt I had ordered. last year!)

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