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Shift to Thrift

by Valentine Horton 5 months ago in tips


Shift to Thrift
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

It’s all about owning your piece.

Fashion companies sell to those who want something new, correct? Coming in with the latest trends and pieces that stand out from yesterday's collection, right? How is it that something is considered new, when the amount that is carried in the store is more than the amount of people that walk through the door? A trend is an overwhelming idealized piece that is not even fashion itself. It is a copycat display that forms a normality when walking out the store. Notice, or let me Intel, how in movies and shows the pieces are not found in a store, but in a collection found in someone’s closet or show room in the directors department of props and more. Why would they pull something from a store that carries what everyone is wearing when they are trying to make a character stand out. The relatabless is that of their characteristics and mannerisms. A fashion piece is something that conducts personality and they continue to carry their uniqueness without a word being spoken. This is why thrifting is important and in fact superior.

What is seen as something old and out of date is something new and not carried in stores. It came from a collection, perhaps that of no ones memory because it just happened to not sell during that time.Not only are you walking out with something that is new in the streets,You are walking out with the new concept of saving our world. By doing so you are leaving more space for needed markets and less production being needed to recreate the same five sweaters, in the same five shades, from the same five companies.

Now don’t twist the idea, some things need to be purchased new. I’m talking about that pair of heels you know you’ll be wearing one time. That sweater you know you’ll be bored of come summer time, those pants that only seem to fit on certain days. Lets rebuild. Lets create. Turn that silk button down into the bandana shirt you always wanted. Use that extra cash to take it to the tailors/ dry cleaners and have them do it for you. With this you would be helping more family grown businesses keeping your community family oriented and well fed. We’re all in this together and sometimes the fast fashion helps us forget that concept. Time does not exist as long as you make your day worth spending. Take out the morning routine of spending your savings on Starbucks and take that 3 minute walk down the street to your local coffee shop while you wait for your new goodies to be made for you. Your own couture experience that could lead you to being one of the next icons just by the way you live your life helping those around you. Not only will you feel better, but the moments encountered by doing this feels more productive and more fulfilling that of an instant gratification purchase. You could even walk out the door swapping shirts in the changing room starting your day in something new to you and that’s all that matters. People will ask you where you got it, wanting to replicate it, but it is one of a kind. See where I'm getting at? Who cares if someone has worn it before, they might have been worn for a day and maybe by someone famous or someone you know. If you are worried about what kind of person wore it before you, then that’s another problem you have on your own hands. Reconsider. She’ll thank you.

Valentine Horton
Valentine Horton
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Valentine Horton
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