My T-Shirt Business

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How will it be done?

My T-Shirt Business

I have three sample shirts, “Denial is not Just a River in Africa,” “Don’t Give Me Shit About My Meds,” and “Sober!!” I’m debating what shirts to make next. I need to get the “Sin Vergüenza” T-shirt going, or perhaps “Bill Wilson Sent Me.” I’m interested in making t-shirts to sell on my Etsy store but my bank is going to shut down my business account on January 30 if I don’t make extra money to put in that account. I’m looking for a steady paying job, and to publish my writing somewhere, as well as write articles. This is one way I have to generate funds. My t-shirt business is supposed to make sales on the Etsy store. I’m going to try to do this when I make extra income from a part-time work from home online job.

I’m working on finding myself part-time work from home gigs that I actually get paid for. I need a steady income. I’m also working on my non-profit shared workspace for disabled people. This workspace rivals other workspaces in that it is safer for chronically ill or disabled people. We’d even include a kitchen. But anyway, my t-shirt business is supposed to be about zany and wacky t-shirts with funny sayings on it. My t-shirt business could be big. I’m also wanting to print out an “I have Schizophrenia” t-shirt which I can only wear on a good day. I’m working on the non-profit business plan, however, because that idea could go a long way. My funny t-shirts should be made in the USA also.

All I need to do is print out t-shirts that would allow me to gauge reactions as a test-marketing thing. My shirts are meant as a support system for mentally ill people, anyway, if they are willing to wear an “I have bipolar 1” t-shirt. I’m going to sell it on Etsy, which means I have to get packaging, as well as get postage so I can go to the post office to send my t-shirts to customers. This needs to be an expedited process. I have a surplus of extra money this month. I’m able to get stuff done with regards to buying t-shirts. I can buy two at any rate. I need to test reactions on the “Sin Vergüenza” t-shirt. This is something I have to get done soon.

I may need more business counseling but that’s what the business counseling center told me, that the t-shirt business could likely make the most money as of making it a priority like I have this year. I really don’t want them to close my business account, but hey, there is a limit to how much money I can make on medical. My t-shirt business will have to start small, with me using my current living situation as an office. I will need to use my Etsy store as I have two stores since I forgot about this first one. I’m able to get this done in 2019, as 2018 draws to a close. My t-shirt business will be big. I need to take pictures of t-shirts while putting it up on Etsy when I get this done.

I’m going to publish the t-shirts as a way of raising social awareness about mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism. Whenever people ask me for a light so they can smoke, I have to wonder why this happens often. Does a chronically ill person look like a smoker? I know I don’t. But somehow they come up to me and ask me for a light, so I tell them to quit. I mock them into thinking that smoking is actually very bad for you. This is one addiction that runs in my family, which means I have to be very careful with it. No amount of codependent pleading stops an addict, or so I have learned over the years. The thing is, I’m working on staying stable, while addicts are not stable, in particular, if they do not take medication at all, since smoking is one way for them to calm down.

My quirky t-shirt business is working out quite well in theory. I have a bank account designated for this stuff but I have to make enough significant income to get off SSI. I’m pretty much dirt poor but this month I had a YMCA refund check because of my knee injury. I’m okay with that these days, only because my knee is getting better day by day. I'm discharged from physical therapy. My t-shirt business is going to be big when I get it together. I’m wanting to make sure that I have enough money to deposit into my business account. This requires a stable source of income, which I’m working on finding, a stable work from home income source because of my knee injury. Eventually, the t-shirt business will get done.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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