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Latest and Classy Kurta Sets for Men to Slay In Festival

We've gathered some fantastic kurta sets for men worn over premium vests that you can rock at this festival. Let's take a look without further ado!

By Amit KumarPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

What will you wear to this auspicious festival? You will undoubtedly want to display each costume in front of visitors, especially on social media. It's time to start looking for clothing that will make you look professional. Do you have difficulty deciding what to buy? Don't worry; we will be there to help you as usual. We've gathered some fantastic kurta sets for men worn over premium vests that you can rock at this festival. Let's take a look without further ado!

A complete traditional look:

What comes to mind when we talk about traditional men's clothing? It is, without a doubt, a dhoti! For decades, men have been accessorizing dhotis in various ways. So why not do it again this year at the festival? Not many people will think of this idea, which will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd. You can wear it with a heavy or simple kurta in contrasting colors to complete your look and function. If you're unsure how to pair the two, we recommend purchasing one of our dhoti kurta sets. Choose a simple peach-printed kurta dhoti set or a printed Angarakha style set - you'll look great in either!

Trendy work all over:

On festivals, everyone loves to get dressed up and embrace ethnicity from head to toe. Do you have the same desire? If so, consider adding some bling to your plain kurta set. A men's kurta embellished with heavy work will look stunning. You can choose from mirror-work kurtas, reshamthread-work kurtas, or even Zardosi work kurtas. If you think it will be too much, we assure you that it will not! It will, in fact, increase your level of fashion sophistication. To tone down the bling effect, use similar works such as embroideries and patchwork. Experiment with different patterns and colors to make yourself stand out. Consider a salmon peach Resham embroidered kurta set or a classic white kurta set with embroideries. Have you already imagined yourself?

Sophisticated statement:

Are you looking for an outfit that will complement your personality? So save this outfit idea for yourself. To add a regal touch, pair a kurta set with a Nehru jacket or a bandi. For a more mature appearance, choose a subtle color, such as a matte grey patterned kurta set with a bandi jacket. Choose bright colors for a more cheerful look, such as a kurta bandi with mustard print. These sleeveless coats are very wearable. Any plain kurta can be transformed into a statement piece by pairing it with a printed, embroidered, or contrasting bandi.

Keep it minimal:

Many men prefer simple yet elegant ethnic wear, especially those who want to wear festive attire on regular days. A minimalistic appearance is ideal for such men! We have many minimalistic designs in kurta sets for men for you to choose from. We have a wide range in this category to serve you, from classic kurta pajama sets to basic kurta and churidars. Navy blue and white stripe kurta set, black and white printed kurta set, ochre shade bandhani printed kurta set, plain yellows, oranges, and reds - whew... we said the minimal range is endless!

Blooming florals:

The hottest month of the year is October. And at this time of year, when the festival should be in the same month, God better save us from the heat. Wearing darker colors is an absolute no-no! So, what can be worn in its place? Pastels would be ideal, but wouldn't that be too boring? Consider bringing in some lush, colorful flowers and leaves. That is a fantastic idea! Consider wearing a multicolored floral summer peach silk kurta set. Don't you look stunning in it? This cheerful-looking inspired idea is suitable for poojas, Bhaidhooj, and other formal occasions.

Stylish Lucknowi:

Elegance and Lucknowi kurta go hand in hand all the time. Almost everyone looks good in this style of kurta. It appears to be both modern and traditional. What if we asked you to wear a pale mauve Lucknowi kurta set or a mustard yellow Lucknowi kurta set? A Lucknowi can be dressed up or down with chinos, jeans, churidar, loose bottoms, or pants. Lucknowi kurtas with white cotton lungi online are light and comfortable. At the same time, it makes no concessions in terms of fashion. In fact, it enhances the personality. So, are you prepared to bring your charm to the festival?

Pathan inspired:

Consider wearing an all-black pathani. Isn't it fantastic? Pathanis, on the other hand, have a completely different vibe. While everyone else is experimenting with churidars and pants, why not go for a one-of-a-kind pathani outfit? Pathani sets are always the best bet! Are you concerned that it will appear too mainstream? Trust us, you'll look dapper in this look. Whether you prefer an apple cut soft yellow embroidered kurta with a salwar or a plain white pathani with a blue printed bandi, there are endless pathani styles that will shine in this festival of lights.

Comforting Pashminas:

If you're tired of wearing the same old designs, colors, and patterns, we recommend giving the pashmina material a try this time. Kurta pajama sets for men made of pashmina are the epitome of royalty. It has a designer appearance and is generally available in a variety of digital prints. This fabric is extremely soft and flattering on almost every skin tone. Adorn these kurta sets with embroidery, prints, or multi-colors for an alluring look!

So, how did it go? Were these kurtas set ideas safe and fashionable? These new designs and49- patterns are very popular these days and are worn by a large number of actors and influencers.

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