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Flaunt Trendsetting Hairstyles with Knox Hairdressers

Here’s a guide to finding a good Knox hairdresser in case you are planning to change your hairstyle or need a replenishing hair treatment routine. They will give you the complete makeover you are looking for.

By U-R Next HairdressingPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Knoxx Hairdresser

A hairdresser is skilled at styling your hair according to your preferences. They are professionals who use various tools, accessories and specialist hair products for their clients. A trained hairdresser can elevate your hairstyle with their specialist touch. You will find many great hairdressers in the Narren Warren region of Victoria. In case you are looking for a highly trained expert, you can visit the Knox hairdressers.

Knox Hairdressers are famous in Victoria for their professional attitude, client-specific treatment, and customer-friendly behaviour. Along with hair styling, they also provide services in hair treatments like multi-peptide serum treatments for hair density, deep conditioning, and spa with nourishing oils. The hairdressers give specific treatments to curly hair. In this way, the beautiful curls become easy to maintain without compromising their distinctive nature. An expert from Knox can completely modify your appearance through your hairstyle. From classic cuts to contemporary styles, they will do everything with finesse.

Latest Hairstyle Trends in Australia

Post-pandemic, a new wave of trending hairstyles has emerged. People with the newfound freedom to travel after surviving a pandemic are looking for new styles to experiment with. Here are some latest trends popular in Australia:

The Mullet

Be it the hairdressers of Narre Warren, or the Knox hairdressers, an expert professional can provide you with every latest hairstyle. The classic Mullet hairstyle, which has a rich historical connection with our country, is an all-time favourite of most Aussies. A trained professional Knox hairdresser can give you a perfect mullet to show off at your next social gathering.

Revival of the Blonde

From 2022 onwards, every hairdresser has observed the rising trends of warm blonde tones in hair colours. Australians are swooning over shades of copper. Gigi Hadid’s Faux Red hair colour tutorials have created a sensation among teenagers. Blonde and copper tones have made a royal comeback and they are here to stay.

Haircuts According to Face-frames

This is the age of personalised styling. Gen Zs and millennials today look for haircuts that complement their face shapes. The professional Knox hairdressers understand your needs. They suggest the best haircuts that will suit your facial structure. Recommendations from an expert help the clients to make an informed choice. It prevents any potential fashion disaster.

The Glorious Comeback of the 90s

If you follow fashion trends regularly, you must have noticed that the 90s styles are reviving again. The casual front braids, beads and claw clips are dominating the Australian hairstyle market. There are main Knox hairdressers who specialise in vintage hairstyles. These professionals can bring out the best in your classic 90s look.

Celebrating the Natural Curls

The past few years have also seen the rise of celebrating curls. Gone are those days when curly hair was mocked and the owner of the beautiful curls was bullied. Curly hairstyles are here to stay. Be it beach curls, light waves or heavy curls people have embraced their original hair texture with pride. The hairdressers of Narre Warren and the Knox Hairdressers in the Southeastern areas of Australia are capable of bringing out the best in your curls while maintaining their distinctiveness.

Keep it Simple but Trendy

In this age of hustling culture, people look for easy-to-maintain hairstyles. They don’t have time to maintain their hair after a long day at work. Chopped hairstyles are a huge trend now. They are cool to look at, give an edgy feeling and are very easy to maintain. Bob cut has also made a comeback in short hairstyles. They complement almost every face shape and the style can be done with almost on every hair texture.

The Emergence of Long Hair

Long hair is also trending now. Many people are going for increasing their hair length without cutting. The clients going for long hair generally do not need a very sophisticated hairstyling regime. But, they need extensive haircare treatment to maintain their long luscious hair. Knox hairdressers provide their clients with the extra care needed for the long locks. Be it for replenishing the nutrients for a voluminous hair length or a spa to strengthen your long hair and prevent split ends, with the experts you don’t need to worry about the outcome.

How to Choose the Best Hairdresser for Yourself

Finding the right hairdresser for your needs can be a daunting task. Here are some tips that can come in handy if you are looking for a professional Knox hairdresser for your hair:

Research Thoroughly on your own

In the digital era, it’s very easy to research on your own and find out the background of the hairdressers. Look for the customer reviews on their websites. Go through the testimonials of clients who have the same hair texture as yours. Make an informed decision. As Phoebe Waller-Bridge said in Fleabag, “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn't so we could actually think about something else occasionally. But it is. It's the difference between a good day and a bad day”. So do not make a hasty choice

Always Trust Word of Mouth Reviews

Google reviews and customer testimonials can often be paid reviews. The next best step to choosing a good hairdresser for your hair needs is to ask the clients in person. If you know a person who goes to the hairdresser you chose, ask them. Ask them the right questions. Ask what went right and more importantly, what went wrong. This will help you to make the right decision.

Qualifications and Training

After the customer feedback try looking for their certifications and professional training. Conventional training may not matter if the customers are happy with their services. But, if they are claiming to be qualified experts, do check the authenticity of their statements. Make sure that they are not scamming.

Make an Appointment for a Pre-treatment Consultation

Before jumping the gun, go for a consultation. Raise your concerns to the hairdresser and listen carefully to how he replies. Arrange for your hairstyling or hair treatment appointment the next day only if you are satisfied. The hairdressers of Narre Warren and the Knox hairdressers in Victoria generally pay attention to the client's queries. They are known for their client-first approach.

On a Final Note…

Taking the first step to go for a hairdresser can be a stressful decision. Allowing someone to style your hair is often a risky bet to play. You will find a lot of trained professional Knox hairdressers. Their qualifications and training evidence can be easily found as they have nothing to hide. Hope the guideline and latest trends shared above help you in making an informed decision.


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