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DC’s Newest Rising Talent

Upcoming Artist “Foleone” Takes The DC Music Scene By Storm With His Smooth Yet Pain Filled Cadence And His Lyrical Versatility.

By Rixh Forever Marketing Published about a year ago 3 min read
DC Upcoming Artist “Foleone - Mixed Emotions Pt. 2

My Artist name is foleone. (Foh - lee - on ). Like the godfather. I got my name from a homie out the penitentiary I was doing time with. My real name is fredo I’m from Washington DC. born in caver terrace NE and raised in Potomac gardens SE. I’m from where nigga kill you just because you looked at him. I grew up in foster care & running the streets. Youngest of 9 kids by my mother. I grew up listening to geto boys and lil boosie. I love music because it’s the only thing in life that’s positive that I realized I was good at. I was always a f* up. Getting suspended, arrested, jumped all types of crazy sh*. Music has always offered a balance in my life, going through the hardships of life such as foster care , teen life, juvenile incarceration and much more. I never let it break me. What makes me different than the rest in my opinion is my versatility and my bold lyrical cadence. Having the ability to gravitate with the flow of the beat.Also i feel as though it’s my ambition to succeed. My hunger is equal to my struggle. I will be great. Having the feeling of knowing I get to show my mother that her youngest son a legend. The feeling of knowing that I’m beating the odds and not feeding into statistics. In 5 years I see myself in Dubai w my future wife and kids on the golden sand enjoying the fruits of my labor. I wanna be the first one in my family to break poverty. To break the chains. I bring hope. I bring reason. A reason for change. A reason to stand on all 10 as one. Anything is possible in this world. you jus gotta want it. You gotta put in that foot work. I want to be remembered by my integrity and my loyalty.

Foleone is an up-and-coming DC rapper with 25. years of hustle, determination and success under his belt. Born in Southeast Washington DC, Foleone has taken the rap game by storm with his unique sound that blends together influences from both traditional and modern hip hop music. His diligence and hard work have paid off, as he recently signed a distribution deal with Empire Records to launch his debut album in November 2022. His lyrics speak directly to the human experience, capturing the stories of everyday people with vivid emotion, raw passion, and colloquial language. With a diverse sentence structure, uncommon words scattered throughout, and plenty of creative flare, it's no surprise that Foleone is quickly becoming one of the most talked about artists in the industry. Talented artist Foleone, also known by, Fredo or Foe, has devoted his life to the art of finding the greatest solace. He has released many fiery bangers that ooze brilliance in terms of rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics. The hard-hitting rhyming presentation by the artist brings out the true essence of the sublime lyrical illustration. His robust voice is the key to penetrating the hearts of the listeners creating a permanent impact. The native of Washington D.C. had a troubled childhood being placed in foster care group homes from a very young age. He spent 14 months in youth correctional and after getting out he was tried as an adult and sentenced on a 60month fed bid. During that time he found his hidden talent, music-making. He started practicing rhyming in different styles mastering the art with full dedication. He even performed in a show conducted within the FBOP. After being released in 2019, the 24yr old rapper continued to make exciting lyrical ballads improving his rhyme and storytelling skills along the way. He’s collabed with industry artists Drugrixh Peso, Flow 187, Bala Ortiz & more establishing a powerful authority over the scene. His newest release Mixed Emotions, Pt. 2 is an soft love number featuring a fierce rap delivery. He has gained more than 100K total streams in total on various streaming platforms. Listen to his music on all platforms and follow him on Instagram for more information on his upcoming works.

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Foleone. An up&coming DC artist with 25yrs of hustle, determination and success under his belt. Born in SE DC, He has taken the rap game by storm with his unique sound that blends together influences from both old and modern hip hop music.

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