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Big girls wanna look nice too

by marie381uk 2 years ago in shopping

A rant at plus size sellers

Oh well, a chance to tell the companies who make clothing for bigger ladies just how annoying they can be. See being a larger lady myself, I shop online and do not get me wrong, I am grateful for the choices. However, my real pent up anger is about to be set free. Here we go. Sexy items even though most do big sizes usually stop at 24/26 now this isn't good for ladies who want to look as good in a sexy red lace bra and knickers as their rival size 10-18’s do. Models Size 16 to 20 stand there on the web site which clearly advertises bigger fashionable clothing. So is it that the material they use is limited? So many times over the Christmas period I browsed and found that must have sexiness item on reducing prices must haves, only to click and see it only goes up to size 20 or 26 shameful. What is it if you are bigger than this your discounted? Also, don't get me started on selling big girls clothing on limited size models. Ok, a lady at work shows off her size 22 new sexy dress, she drops the name of where she purchased, says they sell size 16 to 36 sizes. Now you can't wait to go log in and it's an OMG moment. Yes I love it click here to order now! This item will arrive on your doorstep by 20th December 2019 yes. Err, click Again no, sorry fatty, we only go to a size 26. However, we have a few frumpy over 60’s tents left, one size fits all. Oh, also if you do get that dream item and your size 20 with a big belly and boobs, it arrives, you rip open the bag or box, run upstairs to try it on, and. Whoops, it's disgusting too clingy too tight. What do you expect the blooming models 16-20 your a 32/34 love? Send it back and glare at your co-worker, every time she wears that once longed for dream of yours. Knickers too, they don't escape my groan. You again spot a pack of 10 ok, big knickers, big knickers now Gloria is a size 18 they look perfect, so you gingerly check yes again your size 32/34. Selling out fast right-click click 2 packs on way. Wow at least if you have an accident you will be wearing ok knickers. No shame. They arrive up you go up to try a pair on, we'll they don't look as good as on the model but no one else but yourself, and the lady next door,as you hang out your washing on the clothesline will see them. Oh no halfway to ASDA and you feel it the roll. NO, the blooming knickers have come alive, and start to roll down off your bigger than a size 32/34 size belly, not good at all. You rush to loo, in Asda whip them off, and shop freestyle wild and free. The knickers hidden in your bag. Let’s hope you do not get stopped for a bag search On the way out. No one said they wouldn't fit you,as they did the model did they? No, they did not. So one pack returned and on in the knicker drawer, well the pack was opened, could not return as worn to Asda. So there you go moan over. A polite notice to sellers big is beautiful, but please show what a bigger girl will look like in the dam clothes. a similar-sized model please to the size on sale, as not all size 20’s items look the same on a 32/34. I now rest my case goodbye



My Name is Marie, I write mainly poetry

I write subjects that I lean towards. No poetry by me, is related to me in any way unless I state it is. I have loved poetry from being 14 years old. Life is a poem grab a pen a tell your story xx

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