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Mitchell & Ness offers two types of NBA jerseys, authentic and swingman, to match your style and needs, whether you're a passionate Lakers fan looking for a jersey to get signed and get it framed or want to raise your streetwear skill. But you want to understand the fundamentals between authentic and swinging jerseys to find the ideal jersey for your set. Both styles look extremely similar when particularly in comparison side by side. Each sort of jersey, on the other hand, was created for a purpose.

By Sophia MollerPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Difference between authentic jersey and swingman jersey

Authentic JERSEYS:

Exact, one-to-one replicas of the jerseys worn on the court are the best and the brightest. Everything about the jersey, from the stitching to the material, is remarkably similar.

What is the purpose of this as we all know it is For the fans who demand the best, an authentic jersey is a thing to go. They also want to be recognized, or at least apparently know, what it's like to consider taking the court for the first time. An authentic jersey would be for you if you want to wear the same jersey that any of the great players of the court wore, from Shaq to Jordan, Kobe, and Larry Bird.

On the other hand, there is no substitute for an official authentic jersey when it comes to presenting your love by defining it and hanging it as a work of art.


It is specifically designed for fans first, the combination of natural fibers and sewing provides durability and long-lasting life. But the jersey here also has the same look as the genuine and real version, modifications have been introduced to make it more comfortable every day.

What is the purpose of this as it is Designed for fans, swingman jerseys can withstand years of wear without the need for replacement? Swingman jerseys are customizable, so they can be worn to represent your favorite team or player. If you need a jersey to suit your lifestyle needs, the best choice is a swingman jersey.


Though both jerseys are exact replicas of stadium-worn versions, there are several subtle differences between the two.


1. Authentic:

The authentic jersey is made just like the court ones, no changes placed. In the authentic version if the name of the player is screen printed then it is screen printed. If the player number is considered to be stitched using three-layer twill, then it will have the same. While stitching techniques will be some sort of different.

2: Swingman:

Regardless of the sturdiness of the original jersey, printed twill is used for the player names and numbers on swingman jerseys. While the imitation stitching may appear similar to authentic stitching, the imitation stitching offers better durability.



The authentic NBA jerseys are made from the same fabric as the players themselves. The authentic jersey is designed to be worn during fast-paced NBA games which are moisture-wicking and highly breathable in the NBA.

2. Swingman:

The jersey range uses the same strong polyester jersey mesh. While thicker than the original cotton mesh, polyester is strong enough to stand up to daily wear, whether you're wearing it on the street or at the stadium.


1. Authentic:

Compared to player-worn jerseys, our authentic jerseys offer a more original and tighter athletic fit. That being said, we have substantially shortened our authentic jerseys since they were originally designed for taller players.

2: Swingman:

Swingman jerseys, which are slim but roomier than authentic jerseys, have been designed to be worn comfortably with a longer length. Hoodies come with ample shoulder and body room which makes them ideal for covering up in winter.


1. Authentic:

Like our stitching, logos, patches, and other embroidery are applied with the same level of detail compared to how they appear on-court.

2. Swingman:

Since our jerseys include embroidery and logos, we use printed twill, which is made from the same material as the jersey.

AUTHENTIC OR SWINGMAN Jersey? Which will fit me?

There is no right answer in choosing between swingman and authentic jersey, as each individual has their own preference.

Are you looking for a jersey that's just like the jersey your favorite player wore during the game? Or, do you prefer a versatile, durable shirt that is easy to wear to parties, sports events, and around-the-house? The choice is yours, but either way, you will showcase your team's pride in a high-quality jersey designed using only the best material.

(To find the perfect authentic or swingman) search here.


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