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A Comparative Analysis of White Sapphire Vs. Diamond

Diamond Vs. White Sapphire,Physical Composition,Hardness,Brilliance & Fire

By Mark JamesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Gemstones are natural motifs of exceptional beauty, exhibiting magnetic luster and eye-catching hues. From rich red-hued rubies to royal blue sapphires, gemstones exude limitless attraction with their exotic color schemes. But mind it, colors are not the only fascinating factor that makes any gemstone coveted. If it had been so then gemstones, such as colorless diamonds and white sapphires that are devoid of any colors, wouldn’t be ruling the people’s hearts for all this time.

Diamond Vs. White Sapphire

Known for their bewitching appearance and extraordinary brilliance, diamonds are the most celebrated gemstones featured in fine jewelry. On the same note, white sapphires are one of the most favorable diamond alternatives to be featured as the centerstone of engagement or wedding rings. However, what makes these two similar-appearing gemstones different is what we are going to cover in this article. So, let’s figure out how different these two gemstones are.

Physical Composition

A diamond is a solidified block of carbon possessing a rigid atomic structure whereas a sapphire is aluminum oxide in crystalline form, known as corundum. Both, diamonds and white sapphires, are colorless or white, which means that they are devoid of any trace elements that usually impart colors to fancy diamonds and sapphires. While diamonds are mined in several countries across the world, white sapphires are commonly found in Sri Lanka along with small deposits in Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar and Myanmar.


Hardness can be defined as the ability of a gemstone to resist scratches and avoid weathering. In the case of diamonds, it is well known that they are the hardest gemstones with a perfect score of 10 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale. It means no other gemstone can compete with a diamond in terms of hardness. White sapphires, on the other hand, have a score of 9 which is lower than diamonds but still quite impressive considering the suitability to wear every day. What we can conclude from the scores of both gemstones is that no other gemstone but a diamond can scratch another diamond or a sapphire but not vice versa.

Brilliance & Fire

Brilliance is a gemstone’s ability to reflect light. Fire, on the other hand, is the ability to break down a white light ray into a band of colors. When comparing the two gemstones, diamonds are way better at handling light than white sapphires. While diamonds are known for their exceptional brilliance and colorful sparkle reflecting a spectrum of rainbow hues, white sapphires exhibit a softer appearance with a gray, white or silvery sparkle. In general, most white sapphires appear milky or cloudy but diamonds don’t.


In terms of price, a diamond is way too pricier than a white sapphire of a given carat weight. Hence, white sapphires are often considered an affordable alternative to diamonds. It also means that you can buy a much bigger white sapphire at the cost of a much smaller diamond. However, if you are looking for a gemstone with the potential for a long-term investment, diamonds will be the ultimate winner.

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End Note

Given all the above factors, if you are expecting a white sapphire to imitate a diamond then keep the size of your white sapphire smaller because with bigger sizes, the difference between the two stones becomes more prominent to detect.

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