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Do Sapphires Cost More Than Diamonds?

Which Factors Determine The Price Of A Gemstone? Do Sapphires Cost More Than Diamonds?

By Mark JamesPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Sapphires and diamonds are two of the most revered gemstones in the jewelry segment. Both these gemstones have been enjoying warm approval from the general public, gem-lovers and royalty from ancient times. But are sapphires pricier than diamonds? If you’ve been pondering over this question for your next jewelry purchase, you’re going to find its answer in this article. So, sit tight and read on to get rid of any confusion.

Which Factors Determine The Price Of A Gemstone?

It’s crucial to understand which factors determine the price of a gemstone to find out whether sapphires cost more than diamonds. The price of a gemstone mainly depends on its quality grading factors and origin. The quality grading factors of a gemstone comprise its color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Let’s get a brief understanding of the factors that determine the price of a gemstone to move forward.


In the world of gemstone jewelry, gemologists grade a gemstone’s color based on its three aspects: hue, tone and saturation. When most people refer to the color of a gemstone, they’re talking about its hue. Blue, red, yellow, violet and purple, to name a few, can be described as the hues of a gemstone.

The tone of a gemstone refers to its relative lightness or darkness. For instance, black and white are referred to as the tones of a gemstone. The saturation of a gemstone refers to the intensity of its hue. Colors can have dull to vivid intensity.

Subtle variations in any of these aspects of the color of a color gemstone can affect its price dramatically. For instance, the more intense the color of a blue sapphire, the higher its price. When it comes to diamonds, things take a dramatic turn. Unlike color gemstones, diamonds are evaluated on the basis of their absence of color. The more colorless the diamond, the higher its price.


Like color, the cut of a gemstone also plays an important role in determining its value. A well-cut gemstone with perfect symmetry in all directions will score a high price compared to a poorly-cut gemstone with bulges if all other things are equal. The cut of a gemstone has a lot to do with how light interacts with it. A gemstone with flawless symmetry of its facet arrangement looks eye-catching and commands a high price because such a gemstone has even proportions of bright and dark areas when light enters into it.


The clarity of a gemstone can be referred to as the absence of inclusions and blemishes in it. When gemstones are formed under the earth, certain materials get trapped inside them. Such materials are known as inclusions. Blemishes in gemstones are referred to as surface imperfections that occur anytime during the cutting or mounting process of a gemstone.

The number, size, nature and position of inclusions and blemishes in a gemstone determine its value. Inclusions and blemishes that have a drastic effect on the overall appearance and durability of a gemstone diminish its price. People in the trade know that blue sapphires typically have some inclusions.

Carat Weight

Gemstones in large sizes are less common than those in small sizes. This scarcity of large gemstones sets the scene for their exorbitant prices compared to that of the small stones. The per carat price of sapphires increases with an increase in their carat weights. The same thing happens in the case of diamonds because large diamonds are rarer than small ones.


Apart from the quality and grading factors of a gemstone, its origin also determines its value. Gemstones extracted from certain mines command a premium on their market prices. For instance, sapphires from Kashmir command astronomical prices. Sometimes a gemstone source holds a certain prestige because of producing exceptional quality stones.

These are the factors that determine the value of a gemstone. Now, let’s address the issue: whether sapphires cost more than diamonds.

Do Sapphires Cost More Than Diamonds?

Though sapphires are considered expensive gemstones, they don’t cost more than diamonds. But what makes diamonds costlier than sapphires? Well, De Beers has a lot to do with the exorbitant prices of diamonds. Have you heard about De Beers? If not, you might have heard about the tagline ‘a diamond is forever’. This tagline was part of an advertising campaign created by De Beers in 1947 to promote diamond engagement rings.

The South African-British corporation, De Beers, is popularly known for controlling the diamond market value. According to the International Gem Society, De Beers holds 35-40% of the world's diamond rough. De Beers doesn’t let the market prices of diamonds fall and does so by manipulating the supply. If any competitor tries to enter the market with attractive prices, De Beers drives it out by oversupplying similar quality diamonds at rock-bottom prices.

So, De Beers is one of the reasons for the astronomical prices of diamonds. By the way, you can shop and buy both diamonds and sapphires at modest prices from GemsNY. Don’t forget to explore their collection.

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