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1 Year Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her

Why You Shouldn't Ignore 1 Year Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her?

1 Year Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her
1 Year Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her

After the wedding, the first anniversary is considered as one of the precious moments in life. It’s a day to celebrate your companionship and to make a promise to enhance the bond in between. Celebrating your first anniversary shows your affection and dedication towards your partner. And with celebration come gifts and surprises.

The first anniversary is very precious for couples. On that special occasion, husbands and wives create some cherishable memories. But everything comes with some pros and cons and this is also not an exception. For all the men out there, we know it’s a difficult task to match with your wife’s choice or to exactly understand what will make her happy. You all must be baffled amongst a bunch of options. That is why Sabrina is here with a wide range of diamond bands that come in different sizes, styles, cut, and designs.

Now you must be thinking why diamond? Well, let’s take a small detour and visit ancient Egyptian culture. About 4000 years ago in Egyptian culture, it was a prestigious gesture to give a diamond to your wife. Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie have shown off their style with diamond bands. Diamonds were always admired for its charm and durability. Their ability to refract light makes diamond ideal for decoration and talismans. Also during the dark ages, people believed that diamond has a medicinal value.

Diamond jewelry is something that brings a smile to every lady’s face. It makes her feel loved and special. So when it comes to celebrating your special moment, the gifts should make your day memorable and precious. Diamonds are very close to a lady’s heart. It is believed that a lady prefers to wear diamond only on a particular finger of your left hand because that one vein is directly connected to your heart and it is called Vena Amoris or vein of love. Diamond bands are traditional anniversary gifts because it signifies companionship, long term commitments, and eternal love.

Double halo cushion cut ring

If your wife is a fashionholic and tends to carry a fancy style statement then this cushion cut ring could be the finest gift on your first wedding anniversary. The square-cut diamonds in the centre along with pillow-shaped rounded corners is enhancing the natural beauty of the stones. So surprise your dear wife on a date night with this stunning double halo cushion cut diamond ring.

Baguette eternity band

This oscillating zig-zag style diamond ring is for those who want a pinch of traditionalism in their attire. The ring looks natural and simple, and simple is always elegant. This diamond eternity band symbolizes a lifelong commitment and the imperishable bond that you share with your partner. This classy and beautiful ring brings hope and positivity to your relationship.

Multiple band diamond ring

This glittering stackable multi-row diamond ring is like a cherry on the cake. This 18k gold ring engraved with 140 charming diamonds makes your look more attractive and classy. This 5-row diamond ring is available in colors like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. This Multiple eternity band creates an authentic and traditional approach towards her outfit.

Diamond eternity necklaces

Most of the women in the world dream of getting a diamond necklace from their husbands. The first wedding anniversary is the best chance for you to fulfill her dreams. Amaze her with this mesmerizing 18k Gold necklace engraved with 100% natural diamond stones. Give everyone a chance to adorn her with this necklace, because this will make her the trendsetter of any event.

Channel setting eternity ring

Is your wife one of those independent boss ladies? Then you should give her something which can depict her personality. This channel set eternity ring is the best choice for your wife to gift on your first anniversary. This unique halfway diamond band features a channel setting of 12 brilliant diamonds, which shows off a different perspective of your persona.

Flexible diamond bracelets

Sometimes it’s normal to be confused while buying jewelry for your wife. After all there are a lot of options in jewelry also, for example, necklace, earrings, finger ring, etc. But one thing that no lady would deny to accept is a diamond bracelet. The 18k gold bracelet, made with 100% Natural diamonds will give her wrist an unconventional twist. The ballerina-like flexible diamond bracelet features round-cut diamond augments, which compliments any fancy gown.

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