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Why You Should Appreciate a Veteran

Our country depends on security. If our borders or military fall, we are open to invasion, corruption, and takeovers. For decades, our military has protected us, defended us, and kept our country free from the moment it was won. Here's why you should show them thanks and appreciation.

By ShinyPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Our country depends on security. It depends on this because if we are vulnerable to attack or defeat, we fracture. Being in the military is not an assigned career. It's a choice that men and women make freely every day. A soldier goes where his commander tells him to go. He shoots who he has to shoot. Fights through trenches, mud, water, fire, hail, rain, and snow.

Our military men put their lives on the line to keep our country safe and independent. Throughout America's history, our militia has fought for our freedom. When Great Britain refused to let us go and we fought for our independence, it was our newly formed military that fought against the British soldiers. You might say, "Those were different times." To a degree, you would be correct. However, we still suffer at the hands of other countries, and we defend, protect and support our allies.

While I don't believe our military is perfect, I do believe that anyone who would put their life above a million others, deserves respect and deserves to be cared for in thanks for their service. We owe our freedom and safety to soldiers and veterans. Without them, our country would still be controlled by Great Britain.

Would that be so bad? You might ask. Let's review some of the things we were strained under when we were controlled by England. One problem was trade. As citizens of Great Britain, they relied on getting resources directly from the King himself. They were controlled and tied into Great Britain's trade deals and it was restricted. This meant that the people of America struggled, with no banks established in the colonies that meant that the people, who weren't cotton farmers, had very little income. After indentured servants were removed and slaves became prominent, it became even harder to retain income.

A lot of the people who broke away from Great Britain were not slave owners, or opposed slavery. That's not to say that they didn't fight for their freedom, because they did. However, as profitable cotton farmers, their lives were much better because they provided something that was profitable to Great Britain. King George III also had a habit of bartering and "rewarding" his followers. There was also control on where the colonies could expand to. A wise leader doesn't let one population get too out of control, especially when they are far away. King George didn't want the colonies to expand past the Appalachian Mountains. So the people were told where they could live, where they could expand, and how long they could live there. It was very common for mansions and homes to be taken away and given to another family who was in the "King's favor" and they really didn't care much about what happened to the family that got kicked out.

The Colonists tried explaining their needs to King George and apparently he didn't care. That is about the time when the colonists stopped buying English goods and the Boston Tea Party took place. 1775 George Washington was made Commander in chief and the colonies decided they were tired of being ignored and mistreated. Thus came the battle of Lexington and Concord. They got frustrated and fought for their right to freedom and independence from the King.

Without the brave militia who fought those first few skirmishes, we wouldn't be independent and more than likely for a good many years, we would have lived in the same conditions. Obviously, England is well off now, they live in pretty good peace and harmony. It isn't perfect though, and not nearly as well as America.

England has pretty strict laws on what you can or cannot say publicly. For instance, quoting something, and speaking certain opinions can land you in jail in England. The issue is leadership. In America, we have a president, a man who is elected to run the country but he's limited by the three branches of government. He can't just go do something willy nilly. In England, while the population elects its rulers, their limits on what they can and cannot do are pretty slim. In England primarily the next in line to rule is already established. Parliament limits the freedom of the people of England, and it's been getting worse over the years. Had we not broken free from the English rule, we could be under the same control. Would you like to live somewhere where getting drunk in a bar is illegal? It is in England. As well as buying certain books that are deemed "dangerous" by the higher-ups.

Americans don't know how good they have it. You owe those soldiers and veterans your thanks for giving you the freedom to do whatever you want when you want within the law.

So the next time you see a soldier or veteran, think twice about heckling them, accusing them of murder, war mongering or menacing and think about what you WOULD NOT be able to do without them. You'd be living under English rule, you'd be subject to search whenever, subject to arrest for getting intoxicated in public, buying certain books online, privy to having your phone records and internet history viewed without a warrant, and you'd be limited in your freedom of speech, and don't forget England is a weapon banned country. No firearms. So if you were carrying a concealed weapon or a registered weapon, you'd be subject to arrest and fines. It also means you'd have to rely on police to protect you because you wouldn't have a legal firearm. The bad guys would have ILLEGAL firearms, for sure. The only exception to the rule is landowners and upper classes who participate in shooting sports or varmint control. It's still very restrictive. While England hasn't always been a gun controlled country, it has begun to be within the last 20 years or so.

Our soldiers suffer health issues from being overseas and the conditions they perform in. Serving their country should mean that they are taken care of.

Think. And thank a veteran.


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