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What Questions To Ask A US ARMY RECRUITER Before Joining The US Army - "Army Strong"

by Veteran / LEO Served 2 years ago in list
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There are many young people who are just in high school who are thinking about joining the military. This article is for you or someone who is thinking of talking to a US Army Recruiter, who has many questions. I will give you some questions to ask your recruiter because recruiters will not give you advice unless you ask. Their main objective is to get you through the door and raise your right hand and ship you to basic training. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of recruiters out there that are willing to help and answer any questions even give you advice. But, remember they recruit a lot of people especially if they are a recruiter in the big city like New York City or Dallas, Texas. They will definitely get you through the door quick, as long as you sign those dotted lines.

My word of advice before you talk to a US Army Recruiter would be to talk someone who has been in the military and not just the US Army, because most of the recruiters will have the same objective. They will tell you to look ahead past the military life because the military is a great stepping stone to a great future career. You have to pick a job that will help you in your civilian career. The military will train you for a job that you sign up and it will save you a lot of money when you get out. So, all you have to do when you get out of the military is to look for a job. You can also go back to school which the military pays for with the GI Bill, and get a low paying job while you go to school or you can get out and straight to a job that you love that pays well. You definitely have to plan ahead, and a lot of people don't do that. Most people go into the military without a plan after they get out. Some stay for the long run and do 20-30 years of service and go into another career.

The workers that come out of the military into the civilian world will most likely be servant workers. They go and work in the local, city, and federal government level. Some go into contracting, and you need clearances for these jobs most likely top secret security clearance. The military can do that for you. The military will automatically get you secret clearance for any job you select, but for the higher positions mostly intelligence will require you to get top secret or if you work for the headquarters. If, you don't get top secret and you get out then you will need to find a job that will sponsor you to get the clearance.

Have a plan, ask questions, and study for ASVAB Test so you will have more job selections if you score high. If, not you will be stuck as a grunt(infantryman)

What Questions To Ask When You See A US Army Recruiter

1.) What ASVAB Score do I need to select the job I want?

(Remember you can take the ASVAB test as many times as you want, till you get the score you want to get the job you want)

2.) How many years do I sign up for for the job I want? (Each job has minimum years to sign up for)

*When you sign up to join the United States Army, you are always signing up for a 8 year contract. For example, if you sign up for 2 years active duty, then once you leave active then you will have 6 years left for Individual Ready Reserve.

3.) How many years do I have to pay into the GI Bill program to get free education?

4.) How many months is basic training?

5.) Where do I go after basic training?

6.) What happens if you get hurt while in basic training?

7.) How many months of Education does the GI Bill Cover?

8.)Is there a deadline of when I can use the GI Bill after getting out?

9.) Can I go to school while on active duty?

10.) What do I bring to Basic Training that is allowed?

11.) What is my signing bonus for the specific job I am signing up for?

12.) What is your physical fitness test consist of? The US Army has changed their PT test since I got out.

13.) Which job has the highest Signing bonus?

14.) Can I go home after Advanced Individual Training?

15.) How long is my AIT training?

16.) What is it like during AIT training?

17.) Can I bring my phone to Training? When I went, phone was not allowed. Now, I don’t know, some people can’t live without their phones.

18.) How do I communicate with my family while in boot camp?

19.) When will I get my signing bonus in my bank account?

20.) Does GI Bill pay for my college debt?

21.) Is there a job placement program that helps people getting out of the army to transition into civilian work force?

21.) Can I do a delayed program entry before going to basic training?

22.) Is there anyway I can go to Flight School or be part of Green Beret or go to Ranger School?

23.) Can I pick my duty station?

24.) Can my family visit me in AIT?

25.) What is my salary yearly?

These are the many questions, you should be thinking about asking your recruiter. Remember, its ok to write them now, so you don't forget!

Advice of the article

Have a plan, write down your questions, and join the army or go to college or find another job.

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