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What it's like dating someone in the army

by Imani Norwood 6 months ago in family

tips on how to get through dating someone going or already in the army.

What it's like dating someone in the army

Hello Everyone,

For those who don’t know dating someone that’s either going into the army or already in the army is a lot. I wouldn’t say its difficult but it’s not easy. I should know My boyfriend in the army and sometimes I personal wish there was a handbook on what to expect and what not to expect, But because I was with him when he first joined ( we did break up and got back together) I see the difference from the boy who joined the united states army to the man he is today. And lets just say it’s a huge difference and a lot to learn. Not to fear that’s why I’m here to give you a list of how to handle if you significant other is either joining the beautiful army or is already in the army and this is new for you.

If they are now joining the army, MAKE THAT DECISION NOW TO EITHER A. STICK IT THROUGH OR B. JUST END IT! There is nothing worst than not being there for someone especially when they are first joining the army and about to go through basic training. Now that we got the main thing out the way below are some things you will go through and tips on how to get through them.

When they start they will be sent to whatever Basic Combat Training Camp (BCT) that they are enlisted to go to and it is usually nine-week where they go through the process of becoming full-fledged Soldiers. Now durning those nine weeks ( some may be more ) they go through the toughest training and sometimes only have one hour a day or some 15 minutes to make a phone call. Now here’s the tip’s:

Pay attention to the time they call you , thats usually the time they will have unless something happen.

ANSWER that phone call. You don’t wanna miss that phone call just cause you out with you’re girlfriends and then guess what you try calling back and now he can’t talk. Guess what you’re gonna be all sad and to be honest you’re friends are gonna start getting annoyed. My best advice just answer the phone call.

When he/she do call make sure it’s a good phone call the worst thing you can do is start a fight with your partner while they away and you don’t know if you’ll be able to talk to them the next day.

Stay busy yourself ( tip also for if your already dating someone in the army). Find a hobby and even have a count down to when he/she comes home. Keep yourself busy so you won’t lose your mind especially if you two was always around each other will help.

You’ll be able to send out letters. In those letters give they some inspirational quotes to keep they spirits up.

Now, that I gave a few tips on what to do if your partner is joining the army while ya’ll are together. Here are some tips for dating someone in the army already ( or If your like me getting back with your ex who is in the army ). Same thing for when they first join, it applies when they are station at a base or deployed. Now with them being deployed it’s a little different. You don’t know where they are being sent. Some be deployed to Iraq, Hawaii , china etc , etc. Now here’s some tips on how to handle that:

If the person you're dating ( rather the relationship is new or old ) is being deployed find out where and add that location in the world in your weather app. So example right now as i’m writing this its 7:25 am , where my boyfriend is at ( no I will not put his location ) it’s 2:25 pm. Which mean he’s across the world? With that being said if the time difference is like this and you have the time of where the person is at you can know when the person is up or sleep.

I put it in parentheses in the first tip above . YOU SHOULD NEVER DISLOCATE TO THE PUBLIC THE LOCATION OF WHERE YOUR PARTNER IS DEPLOYED AT. Not only will it give it away , your also not only putting he/she in danger but also they brothers and sisters they are deployed with.

Spice up the relationship. They are going to be gone for a while buddy and let’s be honesty being away from your partner for a long period of time does take a toll. With that being said send a few sexy pics here and there send a few videos here and they again spice up the relationship from a distance. Even buy a toy to satisfy yourself and even give a show aka ( FaceTime sex ) trust me your partner will love it especially if they sergeant been getting on they nerves and they need to release stress.

See if they need anything. Sometimes being deployed isn't what we think it is. They still need things on day to day basis!

Event though they are deployed they still have to work! So sometimes when you wanna talk to them and they not answering they in the office but don’t worry they see the message trust me this is coming from someone who loves having her boyfriend attention but I understand when he can’t answer or if I don’t hear from him for a short period of time due do work or meeting with upper people!

Those are my tips of how to handle dating an army person but I just have the biggest one of all for both parties! DATING SOME IN THE ARMY ISN’T FOR THE WEAK. I’m not saying all army soldiers are aggressive but most of them are. Remember they have a drill sergeant in they face yelling at them half of the time and can’t show weakness so if you cannot handle a little bit of aggressive from time to time then I personally suggest you don’t date someone in the army! If you can here’s another tip find friends who have partners in the army just like you. Having friends who never dated someone who in the army can be different because they wouldn’t truly understand . Not saying get rid of your friends and get new ones but i’m saying to have a few friends or join a Facebook group where you can meet other in your area who dating someone in the army as well.

Imani Norwood
Imani Norwood
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