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What Are Army Rangers?

Most of us know what Navy SEALs are, but do you know what are Army Rangers?

By Cato ConroyPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

If you are a fan of Navy SEAL movies and similar things involving the military, you've probably heard a lot of different roles you can play in the US military. The truth is that there are many high-ranking military groups that just don't get the press that others do.

Army Rangers are one such group. Despite their prestige, Army Rangers aren't really that well-known. If you don't know what are Army Rangers' roles in the military, this article will help you out.

So, what are Army Rangers?

The 75th Army Ranger Regiment is an elite fighter group that works as special operatives in the Army. All Army Rangers are members of the 75th Regiment, which means that it's a relatively small, tight-knit group of people who train together, work together, and each have their own specialties.

Though the Army Rangers are a fairly old group in the US military, they have been heavily modernized. Today, they're considered to be the top fighting force in the Army military branch.

Army Rangers are most commonly recognized by their berets, which are a light tan color. Their nickname, as a result, is "The Tan Berets."

What are Army Rangers used for?

Army Rangers are used for missions and problem solving that most other army members simply aren't cut out for. They're known for being top tier marksmen, brilliant strategists, and for being highly mobile.

Most Army Rangers also have some medical training, and are also heavily trained in special small-group tactics. As a result, they are typically sent to high-risk areas that require high levels of skill, strength, and intelligence to survive.

What are Army Rangers known for, specifically?

Army Rangers are known for undergoing incredibly difficult training that takes place in three different phases — the Benning Phase, the Mountain Phase, and the Florida Phase. Each phase involves increasingly rigorous training and has each would-be Ranger passing exceedingly demanding requirements.

Generally speaking, Army Rangers are considered to have the most intense training in the US Army military branch. Though it only takes eight weeks to be in the Rangers, it's a grueling eight weeks. After all, what are Army Rangers, if not tough enough to do it all?

That being said, Army Rangers are also known as one of the oldest special forces groups in US military history. Historical records showed that they were active during wars between American colonists and natives as far back as the 17th century.

Overall, if you're looking to know what an Army pedigree of excellence looks like, look no further than the Army Rangers. That's what they are, and that's why they're long overdue for more recognition.


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