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Types of Majors You Meet in the Military

by Stephen Cleary 3 years ago in pop culture

Trust us, you'll come across each of these ten types of majors you meet in the military. From the show-off to the weirdo, the military has got them all.

You meet a lot of different types of people in the military, majors just being one of a category. These are the top ten majors you meet in the military, and what makes them each so unique.

Which did you pray to have as a major while deployed? From the man who can do no wrong to the sketchy one, you'll meet them all while you're serving for your country.

The Man Who Can Do No Wrong

This major is someone who plays by the rules, and is very strict with them. It is apparent that they strive to be the best that they can be, but the obvious methods are what make him stiff in his job. As the first on our list of the majors you meet in the military, The Man Who Can Do No Wrong is almost too strict with himself.

He believes that everything he does for his job is right, and instead of making mistakes and learning from them, he sticks to his methods. He knows every single rule, and shows barely any emotion. Not your typical friend, but one who does his job well, he's one of the best at the job, but not quite the best of the best.

The Major Who Couldn't Care Less

The complete opposite of The Man Who Can Do No Wrong, the Major Who Couldn't Care Less is basically the burnout of the majors you meet in the military. It is apparent from the start that they are not where they want to be, and don't take their job seriously.

However, he's easy to get along with. Basically, his one strictness is that he doesn't want to get yelled at by the colonel. So if he yells at him, the Major Who Couldn't Care Less will yell at you in return. He's almost always tired, has large bags under his eyes, and his uniform is unkempt.

The Sketchy One

The Sketchy One is almost always relatively young, usually in his early to mid-20s or early 30s. You suspect that he joined the military to get away from something, or in order to get out of some sort of debt. Or that's just what you like to tell yourself.

There's simply something off about him, and everyone comes up with stories to please themselves about what it might be. What if he has multiple children of multiple women? What if he was a drug dealer? What if....? You use your "free" time to fill in the blanks.

The Overly Angry One

Of course, we had to mention one of the types of majors you meet in the military as being overly angry. Though it might be in the form of a major who might not seem like they've got a lot of baggage, with the power that they now have, they use their job as a form of anger management.

And unfortunately, you are their "punching bag." You like to discuss why he is so angry, and come up with the best reasons, number one being that is, in fact, a virgin. However, though they might be very angry, they are often easy to get along with outside of work.

The One Who You Can't Take Seriously

Though this might not be the Major Who Couldn't Care Less, for some reason, even if he is constantly serious, you just can't seem to look at with a straight face.

He might be the toughest major, but to you, there's something about him or her that you can't take seriously. This might lead for more trouble for you than for him, because a sly look at your major doesn't always go well.

The Old Man

In any deployment, you come across your typical crusty old man who seems like he will be serving for the rest of his life, and with pride. Next, on our list of the majors you meet in the military is The Old Man.

The Old Man will typically be someone you will look up to, look to for advice, and acts as a father figure to everyone. Really, everyone loves him, and having him as a major is a win-win for everyone. You know he truly loves his work, and he will remain serious, confident, and strict, while still being a comfort to many.

The Newbie

Though he might not be new the military, he might be new to the position, and taking on the task of being a major can often be difficult to transition into. And this is what makes it so apparently everyone else.

In the military, everyone picks up on each other's weaknesses, and simply being The Newbie is one. Just like brand new trainees, being picked on in inevitable. It will take time to grow the respect and attention that The Old Man automatically receives for his time.

The Narcissist

Much like The Man Who Can Do No Wrong, The Narcissist is just one step up. As one of the majors you meet in the military, that you wish you didn't, The Narcissist is just what you think he is.

Instead of being sure of his correctness due to the fact that he loves his job, he has permanently convinced himself that you are wrong, and he is right, all the time, no matter the situation, because he is a major.

The Smarty Pants

Otherwise known as a nerd, The Smarty Pants major is someone who you will always go to if you have a question. They are tough and strict, but mostly because they follow all the rules, simply because they have them all memorized. The Smarty Pants promotes eye rolling behind their back, but they're harmless. They are a bit of a show off though.

The Star

And to complete our list of the majors you meet in the military, we had to end on a happy note. The Stars are certainly the best majors you'll meet in the military, and they know it.

They are a combination of Smarty Pants and The Men Who Can Do No Wrong, but with all the best attributes. They deserve their position, and take every task on with pride and a smile. Plus, everyone's a bit jealous of them.

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