Marine Corps Stories: The Iranian Dream

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The Iranian president seeks serenity.

Marine Corps Stories: The Iranian Dream

Sand kicked up like Lucifer had commanded it to do so. Winds caused debris in the street to dance. The closing hour of the Declaration and Constitution of Iran became nigh. Misha sat down with President Maaz Taheri to have him sign the digital documents.

“These are most groundbreaking works, General,” Taheri said. His brown eyes and terra cotta colored skin matched well with his thousand dollar suit and white shirt with no tie.

“Yes, indeed. This will not only set your people free but more importantly, it will grant the United States a humongous win over tyranny and evil.”

Taheri took up the stylus and signed the necessary sections and initialed the others.

Misha shook hands with Taheri when it was finally done. Applause rose up in the room like the sound of rail ties being hammered in succession. The media came out in great numbers. They teemed in the relatively small space. Lights flashed. Misha and Taheri shook hands again for the cameras.

Taheri smiled a distant smile. It looked forlorn and satisfied all at the same time. Misha straightened her uniform and brushed off the four stars on each of her shoulders. She laughed.

“What happens from here?” Taheri asked.

“We ensure that this document and the Declaration that I wrote live and never die. We ensure that the people of Iran no longer have to deal with an ayatollah or other spiritual leaders who chant viciousness towards countries like America. We take steps to say that Iran is now an ally of the United States and that we continue to pursue peace.”

“That is the Iranian dream.”

“What is that?”


“And your sense of life, now, is your recognition of rights. Let it be a proclamation that you have endured the most powerful nation’s blows. Let it be known that America has demolished your whole infrastructure and that it is up to you to see that everything is built up through your own private means. That’s what the Constitution declares. But what is also true is the Declaration. Just like the Declaration of the United States, the Declaration of Iran states that men and women have been loosed from the bondages of dictatorship. That they are bequeathed the liberties that set humans free from animals. Both of these documents shall remain the core of the free nation of Iran.”

“There will be no retaliation against the United States because Iran was the first to start force against America. We have envisioned a world where both nations will have the opportunity to meet each other as traders. Though this war was bitter, it was a quick and decisive one. Those killed in airstrikes that never stood as military personnel, that blood is on our hands. I am aware of that. What we must do is not sacrifice. We must channel any animosity that Iran once held for free nations like the US and use it to craft a free nation. General, I am glad that you have devised the Declaration and asked your team to make the Constitution.”

Misha almost blushed. Almost. She picked her head. Threw her shoulders back and said, “I’m glad, too.”

While the remains continued to be discovered in burnt out buildings and cars and other vehicles smoldered and the air smelled like melting metal, the leaders of the nation of Iran all saw their old ways turned new. Plastic body bags remained actually in high supply. With the low mortality rate of both combatant and civilian, few people actually died in the Operation American Freedom campaign. What accounted for most of the damage continued to be madrassas, mosques, and other sites that either contributed to the war effort or taught evil ideas. Misha took to the podium to address her homeland.

“My fellow Americans….” she started.

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