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lonely days

Me alone

By modlyn charlesPublished 12 days ago 3 min read
lonely days
Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash

The weather has been a thing lately. Sunny yet airy,bright and colourful. If I was one to like lot of picture I sure would be trending right about now cause this weather is giving celebrity touch & VIP vibe. However I thought I should rather sit by the nature of water itself and hear the wave respond to all of my unanswered questions as well as getting relaxed.

I sat down under my tent with a well prepared glass of beach mix mock tail, some peppered chicken and my laptop for some Netflix season( I thought it was weird to see a movie at the beach).

It was even a holiday or the weekend but here you get to see different people trying to bond or fix what they broke and then the loners like us trying to see if the water goddess will help us fix or bind what we don’t know. Munching and sipping what I got on my table and seeing a movie ( 13 reason why). I noticed a charmed looking creation walk pass me, probably looking for a tent. It wasn’t a beach day the place was a bit unattended to and less occupied.

He walked pass again this time looking like his beautiful Thursday was kicking in frustration and regret. I lost the time I voiced out and said to him.... Hey, you trying to get a tent might be hard but play Nice and ask those kids to sort you out, they own this place. Well he listened and almost immediately some kids got a little beach tent and a relaxed bench for him with the waiters giving him menu list while waiting for him to make up his mind.

Sadly I wasn’t here to socialise but his tent was fixed at an arm stretch to mine, i just couldn’t avoid the distraction. Not like the conversation set in almost immediately, after he settled, he asked what he could get me as an appreciation gesture. I wanted more of the mocktail I was having but then I decided to be well mannered, but we agreed on having my drink, made orders for the same cocktail but a double dose of the tequila. I also made him take the same so he could get kicked him. We became very good jolly fellows from our various tent. He had his e-smoke which he took in stylishly. You could tell from his poise that he had a rough eek and just needed to exhale and have some relieve being in a different environment. We laughed, shared stories, ate & drank some more with stronger mixture. I told him I just needed to be away from home but he nicely refused telling me why he got out to be at the beach.

Boom! The glowing sun sadly disappeared right in our face, and we didn’t even notice because we were so engaged in listening and interacting with each other. We exchanged numbers and spoke about an official first date.

Weeks gone by and yet Toni hasn't fixed a date for us to meet well i didn't add pressure neither did I push myself round him even though deep down my heart i was dying for that day to come. Finally, here comes the message of the century that read. Babe i sent you a chauffeur please pick the best of your choices from whatever he gives to you. You all your guess as good as mine. Toni sent me a lovely nude color dress. a flower, lovely jewelry sent and a driver to take me to our destination.

Upon arrival I followed the petal flowers to the roof top meeting this man in the best date setting ever, how could I not have meet him all these years on earth,

fact or fiction

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