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George Washington's Vision of Future U.S. Invasion???

by Joseph Pecher 4 years ago in fact or fiction

A Legendary Prophecy from One of Our Founding Fathers

At the time of the Revolutionary War in 1777, George Washington and his continental army were stationed at Valley Forge during a long and brutal winter. Many of the soldiers were sick and dying of hypothermia, starvation, or disease. Washington's commanders questioned whether or not they should surrender to the British due to the fact that they were practically dying out in this camp. Washington felt the weight of the war over top of him and went outside into the woods to pray.

The vision begins.

After praying for a while he went back to his lodge where he rested for the night. There is when the vision began.

Washington states that he was sitting at his desk one evening, deciding battle tactics while listening to the crackling of the fire, he describes seeing a beautiful woman wearing a white robe, pointing off to a distance saying, "Son of the Republic, look on!"

Washington looks on out towards the area where the woman is pointing. He sees what appears to be an army, traveling by land and by sea, invading into America. The army set fire and destroyed much of the land and attacked what appeared to be millions of people.

Washington doesn't exactly call them soldiers but "armed men" killing multiple people. He says they "moved with the smoke and fire." In other words, the spread the fires around America, or at least what Washington was seeing.

While Washington observes the chaotic attack, the woman in white speaks again saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn." He then saw an angel wearing a white robe like the woman but wearing a crown with the word "Union" written in gold lettering. In one hand he's carrying a sword and in another he's holding an America flag.

Washington then says that the angel, "Fled down to Earth and joined the inhabitants of America."

While this may seem like something out of a the Book of Revelation, perhaps there may be some reality behind this.

Notice how Washington describes the soldiers as "armed men," he knew what a soldier was and what one looked like. At least in his lifetime anyway.

Its worth noting that there WAS a time when a foreign army came into the U.S in an invasion of Washington D.C. It happened on August 24th, 1814.

On this day in 1814, during the War of 1812 between the United States and England, British troops invaded Washington, D.C. and burned the White House and the Capitol building in an act on vengeance from the U.S attack on the city of York in Ontario, Canada, in June 1812.

August 24th, 1814

Not only did they burn these two buildings down but they also destroyed many homes too. The people fled away while the soldiers chased after them.

What happened next was that a large storm descended own from the sky, a hurricane some might say, had swept across the city thus putting out the fires. Suddenly a tornado formed! It came down from the heavens as well and plowed right through Constitution Avenue, picking up multiple cannon and dropping them on British soldiers and American citizens.

The British soldiers then retreated to their ships, many of them drowning by the oncoming waves. The British soldiers eventually sailed back home.

So perhaps Washington's vision wasn't "just a nightmare." Maybe there was a warning. And how ironic yet horrible that George Washington is seeing his own city be destroyed - possibly by British soldiers - while he's fighting a war with the British soldiers.

Other Americans, some evangelicals, or end of times preachers, say that this is a message from God about an invasion for America in the future. Because they say that Washington had previous visions of wars in America. One being the war he was in then at the time, the second being the American Civil War, and the third that has yet to come. The third being the invasion of America Washington sees in his vision.

Whatever the meaning we may never know however this was an interesting article to write about.

fact or fiction

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