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Fly High Sir

A Hero Is an Ordinary Man Who Steps Up When Needed

By josh napperPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I just want to dedicate this to a man who I’ve never met yet I feel like he’s right beside me. I know he’s looking down at me, hopefully with a smile and nod of approval. But I must say I'm sorry that I let you down sir, cause I boarded the plane back to Michigan and left her down in Missouri. I made the promise to take care of her and to protect her from evil as best as I can, yet I have no idea how I'm supposed to keep that, and I haven’t found a way since I came back home and she's 589 miles away. But I promise you this sir if she ever calls me and needs to talk for whatever I’ll drop life and try to wipe away her tears despite the distance. If she ever came back around my neck of the woods, I’ll be right there treating my sister like she deserves. I always called her my princess and she hates it when I call her that right now considering she found a new prince. I will always call her my princess because I made the promise to call her my princess, and lord knows I will always be able to find a way to keep my promises.

So once again from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry if I made you disappointed with me as I boarded that plane, and that night I cried in the hotel room all night long I hope you were finding a way to take away her sadness and give them to me, so she’ll have less sadness to handle. Sir, I must say thank you so much for your decision to be willing to sacrifice everything for people that don’t even know you at all. May your brothers and sisters in arms fly high. Also, I must say that I wanna thank you for making her into the princess I feel in loved with. I know that there’s been tough times in her life and tears are falling occasionally, but I know your there right behind her and in front of her saying don’t cry little girl, you're stronger than you think and when you fall I’ll be right there to pick you up.

And on a side, note if I may sir, I just wanna say something to the angel of her life, the reason she smiles and the one that she tries her best to make sure she’s proud of her. Little girl, I never laid on my eyes upon you, yet I wish I did cause I know you were there when your mom was smiling the biggest. And I'm sorry I couldn’t make it work between me and her, please don’t look down on her just look down at me and throw your rattle at me. I can’t say why god did what he did, but I can say that no matter what god throws at me when, heck if, your momma ever looks me eye to eye again or even dials my number or sends me a nice little message, I will be there. And sure, to be honest I'm sure there’s no chance of it happening but I still wanted to make the promise to you little girl, because I just feel like I needed to be honest. Now sir back to you, you are a hero, you are a father, you are a role model, you are a hero. Now fly high sir, and I’ll continue to write a little thing or two each night to you as I work each day and night for that nod of approval… even if I never will think I'm worthy of the nod of approval.


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