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Complete procedure of SSB interview explained and 10 killer tips for 100% selection.

5 day journey of SSB explained and 10 killer tips for the NDA aspirants to crack ssb by doing these things regularly on daily basis. So start doing now..

By Deepak chaubey Published 4 years ago 5 min read
Complete procedure of SSB interview explained and 10 killer tips for 100% selection.
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Are you preparing for SSB ? You must understand that SSB (Service selection Board) conducts various tests to evaluate the qualities imbibed within you.


SSB (Service Selection Board) is one of the toughest interview in India. It conducts the interviews of the candidates who had qualified the NDA (National Defence Academy) written examination. Selection rate in this interview is extremely low.

SSB is 5 day like long interview that is conducted in some cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Varanasi, Bhopal e.t.c. The interview judges a candidate on three basis that is mansa (mental), vacha (Speaking) and karma (Physical). The candidate has to pass in any to get recommended.


On Day 1 There would screening which consists of intelligence test and PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) and in this 60% are rejected. Those candidates who had passed the Screening.

Intelligence Test: It comprises of both; verbal and non-verbal questions. It is a written test which includes multiple choice questions. The time allotted to answering each question is 30 seconds.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT): This test includes story writing and discussion. A picture will be shown to the candidates for 30 seconds and candidates have to write a story based on the picture in 3 minutes.

Day 2 (Psychology Tests):

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): It is called as Picture Story writing. This test is very similar to PPDT. In this test, about 11 pictures will be shown. Each picture will be displayed just for 30 seconds after that candidates have to write a story based on the picture within 4 minutes. After 4 minutes another picture will be displayed and the same procedure will be followed till the last slide. The twelfth slide will be blank where a candidate is supposed to write any story of their own choice.

Word Association Test (WAT): It is the second psychological test of SSB selection procedure. In this test, 60 words will be shown back to back for a period of 50 seconds. Candidates have to write the first thought that comes to their mind for those words.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): In this test, candidates will get a booklet with 60 situations written on it. Candidates have to write their responses based on those 60 situations.

Self Description Test (SD): In this test, candidates have to write their opinion about their parents, themselves, friends, teachers & others. The time will be allotted 15 minutes.

DAY 3 AND DAY 4 :- GTO TASKS (Group Testing Officer Tasks)

Group Discussion: In this round, a certain situation or topic (mostly current affairs) is given to a group of candidates. They are expected to discuss the various aspects of the issue. Group Task Officer observes each candidate during the course of the group discussion.

Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise): In this round, a model of real life practical circumstances is presented to a group of applicants. They have to write their own plan of action for the mentioned problem.

Progressive Group Tasks (PGT): In this round, the group of candidates has to cross some obstacles with the help of supporting materials such as rope, plank, wood log etc.

Half Group Tasks: This round is same as PGT but the numbers of group members will half. Candidates get more chance to show their potential.

Individual Obstacles: In this round, candidates are required to attempt 10 obstacles individually.

Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race: In this round, all group members will compete to the other groups. Candidates are required to cross certain obstacles with the snake-like rope.

Command Task: In this task, an aspirant will be a commander. He will be required to cross some obstacles with the help of 2-3 subordinates.

Lecturette: In this round, each individual has to give a lecture for 3 minutes on a topic selected by them.

Final Group Task: It is same as PGT. Candidates have another chance to show their potential.


On the final day, candidates & all the SSB board member sit together and have a chat to the candidates to ask a few general questions. The conference is just to decide whether you recommend as an officer in Indian defense forces or not. Candidates are required to come before the complete Board of Examiners, which is consisted of President, Deputy President, all the GTOs, all the psychologists and Technical Officer.

Within an hour, the SSB result will be declared after completion of the board meeting. Selected candidates undergo medical test for further 3 or 5 days. After qualifying candidate’s medical test, the final merit list will be announced.

Therefore you must work on the following on daily basis because these qualities can't be imbibed in a single day you must prepare in advance.


1). Write at least 1 sentence for WAT (word association test), 1 story for TAT and solve at least 1 SRT (Situation reaction test). Try to write sentences in positive manner. Try write the sentences on some negative words like bomb, gun, kill,death e.t.c. Review your answer and note down the positive and negative qualities that you have encountered.

2). Get a notebook and note down at least 1 strength and 1 weakness within you. You are more truthful and sincere if you can identify your weakness. Start knowing yourself.

3). Get to know about at least one global issue.e.g syria crisis. DO NOT MUG UP. Learn what is happening around you. Your ultimate focus should be on understanding the issue. So for this you have read newspaper everyday especially THE HINDU.

4). Write top five news on a notebook everyday and highlight the important issues and write a separate article on those topics on which you learned from the newspaper. Work on your writing speed. Your handwriting should be legible and understandable.

5). Get a Book (be it novel, fiction anything) and read it on daily basis. This should be your alternative to using mobile phones before going to bed.

6). Go out – Look into the clouds and form any story that you can perceive seeing various designs and shapes. Do this because picture shown during PPDT is hazy and unclear. One can perceive anything. Try to write simple stories, don't write lengthy stories.

7). Narrate the same story in front of a mirror without seeing what you have written. If possible record a video of you narrating a story and further analyze the same to figure out flaws in your facial expression, standing/sitting posture, hand movement and other body language.

8). Do at least some physical activity e.g playing, running, cycling, walking, dancing.Choose a game and start playing.

9). solve puzzles, brain teasers etc lively and actively. Improve your mathematics.

10.) Watch at least one TED talk every few days. Watch educational videos on Indian armed forces and try to gather information related to it. Watch the speeches of famous personalities.

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