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by Queen Jordan about a year ago in fact or fiction

Don't look back in a shootout

The smallest disturbance can cause a ripple to shake the balance in the hands of justice. Breaking away at the familiarity of our world and opening our minds. We must embrace what isn’t normal to achieve greatness. To also dance with danger, even if the outcome is most vicious. The notorious and infamous will only prolong this planet with new discoveries and inventions. Many have died in the name of progress to insure the definite possibilities of futurism. Never underestimate a soul, for the greatest minds can be formed in anyone. Our world was hidden in the shadows for eons; only dreaming of meeting new life in the unknown we call outer space. Longing for communication to prove there is life outside our own atmosphere. What we do with this information is uncertain. Training for a potential war may be the approach we have to take. We plan to have our new discoveries succumb to our way of living. Maybe that way of thinking is what got us in trouble from the beginning.

My ears are pulsating to the sounds of pain and misery. Burned wounds and blood covers me like a blanket in times of great agony. Will I ever return home to my family safely? Will I even have a family to go back to? Thoughts of me surviving continue to come back as feelings of doubt pushes them away. Everything is blurry- where am I?

“GET UP SON! IT’S NOT NAP TIME YET!” a horridly bearded man stands above me with a dangerous smirk. His bloody arms reached out for me as if he was the God of war bringing me back into battle.

“Don’t just lay there boy…grab my hand!” he yells. Drops of his own sweat trails down his face. His huge hands were covered in blood; it was unclear if it was his or not. I force my eyes to focus on his rage filled face. It took a minute for me to realize he was reaching for me.

I reach to grab his hand; as I latch on he yanks me up as though I weighed less than a sheet of paper. “What just happened?” I stumbled around, trying my hardest to catch my breath. The only thing I was able to inhale was ash and dust. I look around at the bodies of soldiers. They were burning black statues on the ground. I looked at the man again, he appears to have a badge worn by Generals.

“A bomb went off son. This damn idiot pressed the detonator too early!” he points at a man with a bullet in his head. I can tell by the look on Generals face that he’d done it as a punishment. Serves him right, more than half of our men were either injured or killed by the explosion. I continue to struggle while walking back to the main base. For a moment the battle stopped as our people pulled back in defense. Our enemies decided not to take advantage of our weakness.

“Why aren’t they coming? We are weak and defenseless, I’d say a perfect opportunity to exterminate us.” A fair bodied woman barges through the doors with more wounded soldiers trembling behind her. She has fire red hair and the smallest freckles. It compliments the look of determination painted on her face in spite of the fear that everyone else had. She spots me bleeding out on the ground and grabs a kit from the shelves. She knew exactly what to do with me and didn’t hesitate to help.

She was covered in dirt but I caught the smell of jasmine on her neck. I fell into her as I drift into a dream of freedom. “The names Jazz,” she practically flirted towards me. “Thought we get on a first name basis before you fall in love.” She softly chuckles while mending my wounds. She pauses for a moment to tie her hazel brown curls in a bun to get them out of her face. It only revealed more small freckles trickling down her neck .I swallowed a mouthful before I came up with a decent reply.

“I’m sorry about that. I haven't smelled anything this nice since I was recruited, but that's by the by. My name is Keane and I’m bleeding profusely,” I said in a sarcastically joyous tone. Jazz tightens my bandages which makes me groan. The sound of her giggling at my pain makes this moment feel surreal. As more bloody faces and torn off limbs enter the camp I regained consciousness prepared to return to the field. Many of us weren’t shaken by the screams that echoed outside the doorway. With every grip and groan we strapped ourselves up for war.

Within seconds of running back onto the muddy terrain, bombs rain down from the heavens. Watching my step as I dodge landmines and falling grenades just to get one head shot on the enemy. I latched my sights on a cave trying to find decent cover. It seemed to be deep enough to harbor some of these beastly creatures. I noticed the General was not far in front of me so I made my way towards him. I was hoping he was aware of the cave and with one glance he confirmed the idea of running in guns blazing. Heated with excitement, I eye out some muscle to come in with us. I caught onto this big guy with boulders in his arms. He was going on a rampage with a high level grenade launcher. He hid behind some rocks to reload, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask him. I called out for him as he went to shoot but when he turned to look at me, a bullet went straight through the side of his brain. My mind goes blank. “Fuck!”. The only phrase that can explain what just happened.

fact or fiction
Queen Jordan
Queen Jordan
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