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10 Best Ballistic Military Sunglasses

If you're about to be deployed or just broke your favorite pair while serving, you'll need the best ballistic military sunglasses that can handle anything thrown at them.

By Brayden SimmonsPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Sunglasses these days are just too fragile. They are easily broken, scratched, and never seem to last very long. That's my experience with them. I can't imagine how annoying it is for active service members, who put their lives on the line to keep their country and its citizens safe, to deal with flimsy and structurally weak sunglasses. Fighting overseas is not an easy job; it's rough and involves a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, weather conditions are usually extreme in combat areas; sand, constant sunlight, and other environmental aspects make eye protection necessary. They are definitely a must-have for your army basic training packing list if you haven't included them already. So if you're in the market for a new pair, check out the best ballistic military sunglasses available, all placed conveniently below!

Designed for vigorous outdoor activities, EnzoDate's sunglasses offer flexibility and low weight without sacrificing sturdiness. Offering ballistic protection with 2.0 mm lens thickness, the durability ensures these stay intact. The lenses are also polarized, reducing glare in hot, sunny places. They come in black, grey, tan, and, in true army fashion, camouflage.

While they're on the pricier side, if you have one of the best credit cards for military members, use it to your advantage and try to utilize the perks to avoid breaking the bank.

One of the biggest players in the eyewear industry, Oakley takes its best shot at ballistic military sunglasses and gives us the Industrial M Frame 2.0. A trusted brand of glasses, Oakley wanted to offer an option for law enforcement, military personnel, etc. These sunglasses have been tested thoroughly and qualify as true safety glasses.

The lens/frame combination meets the American National Standards Institute's standards (ANSI Z87.1) for occupational and educational eye and face protection in terms of clarity and impact protection. Seventy-five percent of Amazon reviews have given this pair five stars, citing durability and scratch resistance as their best assets. Both of those assets are worth their weight in gold if you're in a harsh environment.

Sharing its name with a military fighter jet, the F-18 ballistic military sunglasses from Swiss Eye are as reliable as they come. Weighing only 26 grams (fewer than .06 pounds), the lenses are the true heroes for this pair. Possessing shatterproof polycarbonate lenses as well as anti-fog & anti-scratch coating, there is nothing these sunglasses cannot endure. They even come with interchangeable spare lenses for different light conditions. So if you have an unfortunate habit is dropping things or you think you'll need the toughest pair, these will not disappoint you.

Coming in sizes ranging from medium to XXL, these ballistic military sunglasses are for any soldiers with big craniums. Also having shatterproof lenses, Saber Advanced glasses also have a scratch resistant T-Shell hardcoat. The coolest feature of this pair is the ultra foam brow bar. The brow bar stops sweat from entering your field of view, which is perfect for those in the military as having a clear field of vision is of the utmost importance.

If you wear glasses, these are the pair I would consider. The frames can be refitted for prescription lenses, so you won't have to search for specially designed sunglasses, or wear your own prescription glasses under these.

Another big-name brand that decided to get into the ballistic military sunglasses game, Under Armour gives Oakley a run for its money. The Battlewrap Sunglasses are designed for exactly that: battle. The wraparound design provides a secure fit that assures slippage problems won't be occurring.

So if your priority is making sure your sunglasses stay on as opposed to everything else, these will do the job. Quick head turns, running, and other activities that are commonplace for military personnel will have no effect. This also means that the lenses are closer to your eyes, preventing debris from interfering with your vision. As an added benefit, they also offer 100 percent UV protection coating.

Intense-looking would be the best way I could describe these ballistic military sunglasses. Dark black and seeming almost bolded, these would be ideal for higher-ranking military members. They are intimidating and command a level of attention and respect that few glasses can match. Coming with microfiber case, they also deliver UV protective coating, a durable nylon frame, and exceed ANSI Z87 military standards.

The ballistic military sunglasses with the coolest name, the 5B Reaper Woods from Eye Safety Systems can handle high impact. They have ToughZone scratch resistant coating on 2.2mm polycarbonate ballistic lenses and come in the coolest camouflage color.

The durability of the lenses are paired with universal-fit frames, combining for a great mixture of comfort and toughness. Simple yet effective, the 5B's will give you what you need without affecting any other equipment or being too flashy.

Does multi-layer lens technology sound cool? That's because it is. The Point Ballistic glasses from NUMA incorporate that technology into their design. Containing anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and hydro & oleo-phobic EZ capabilities, these lenses are impressive. The frame is no slouch either, offering no-slip pads for the nose and temple. Because they're easy to clean without worry of damage, they can be utilized by military members who either don't have the time to clean their glasses or are in an area with lots of dust, dirt, mud, etc.

It's no coincidence that "military approved" is in the name of these glasses. The pair from Global Vision Eyewear certainly checks all of the boxes you could think of. They have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, a UV400 filter for UV protection, scratch-resistant coating, they're specifically designed to filter out dust and debris from reaching your eyes, and they surpasses military standards (ANSI Z87.1-2010). Not a lot of ballistic military sunglasses can say they possess all of those characteristics. Fulfilling every need you could have, these would serve any active duty member incredibly well.

The flashiest pair of ballistic military sunglasses are for those who are confident enough to pull them off. ESS Eyewear offers a high-quality pair of sunglasses that are comfortable and lasting. The frame of the Credence offers a wide, near-perfect field of view and features low-profile temple arms. The arms help provide comfort for over-the-ear hearing protection, comms devices, hats, or helmets, perfect for service members required to wear headwear.

As impressive as the frame is, what it houses might be even more noteworthy. The polycarbonate lenses are up to military standards, provide distortion-free vision, and offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. The Credence sunglasses are specifically designed for larger wearers, with sizes including medium-large to large.

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