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How the 3dRudder Foot Motion Controller Is Changing VR Gaming
9 days ago
Every year, Virtual Reality tech and games edge closer and closer to widespread appeal. 2019 will bring about many new advancements in the space, like built in eye tracking, wireless headsets, and maybe even a killer app. There are still challenges yet to be solved on another front, though. Locomotion is still one of the most widely discussed matters when it comes to the longevity of VR gaming. While it isn't hard to convince someone to try VR out for a 15 minute demo, convincing someone to play...
I Got an EcoVacs WINBOT and I'll Never Clean My Windows Myself Again
9 days ago
I'm 4'11" and it is not fun. Being short is hard—I wore heels on the day I got my driver's license so I could say I was 5'0" on record. It wasn't my finest moment, but I'm still that short, so I don't...
Control Your Door with Your Phone and Watch It Automatically Open for You with the Danalock Smart Lock
12 days ago
Is it starting to feel like there's a smart version of every device out there? It might make the perceived value of each individual smart device seem a little less impressive, but smart locks are some...
10 Gifts for Pokemon TCG Fans
a month ago
There are few things in nerd culture that are as timeless as Pokemon. The franchise includes the original trading card game, video games, anime series, movies, and so much more. If you need gifts for ...
10 Utopian Sci-Fi Novels to Read When You Need a Break From Dystopian Books
a month ago
The rapid increase of dystopian literature is a byproduct of a general cultural anxiety about what the future holds. With the Earth's failing environment and a myriad of social and political issues th...
Who Invented Ethereum?
a month ago
Luckily for those of us who use Ether or understand what blockchain technology is, this isn't a "who is Satoshi Nakamoto" situation. Ethereum is more open about their creator; namely, a 19-year-old de...