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Have questions about creating stories, growing your audience, and getting rewarded on Vocal? The Vocal community and team are here to help answer your questions and feedback together.

Every other Tuesday at 12 PM ET, we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour.

Please follow Vocal’s Community Guidelines and don’t spam your own profile or stories in the thread. We encourage the community to report users or comments that break these guidelines.

Some updates and reminders from the Vocal team:

  • We implemented new protocols to proactively prevent the publication of spam and enhance the quality of content in the Latest Stories section. We appreciate your patience and hope you have seen an improvement. We are continuously refining our processes to combat unattributed AI and spam.
  • We released a guide to writing a first chapter for our Next Great [American] Novel Challenge.
  • There are 39 days left to enter the Vocal Writing Awards.

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Vocal Creator Chat

Every other Tuesday @ 12PM ET, we we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour on Vocal. Subscribe now

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  • Jesse Bridges23 days ago

    I have a friend who has read all my stories and put a like on them and a few of them say 0 reads 1 like? I know its only 1 read, but I only know 1 person who has read them. So If one person has read all my stories and 2 out of 8 did not get marked as read. If this is normal and I add 25% to my total amount of reads/money, still wouldn't be much now but, I've only been on here little over a month, 25% in a years time could potentially be money worth complaining about. My point is would you mind looking at my account and see if there is a reason this is happening. Thank you

  • Jesse Bridges24 days ago

    two things, first where is the best spot to ask questions? here? and main question, why is it that I have likes on my story and I know its been read but it still says 0 reads 1 like?

  • Jesse Bridges24 days ago

    I have another question I posted one story yesterday and one like an hour ago and the most recent one was approved, but not the one yesterday. Is there a reason for this

  • Jesse Bridges27 days ago

    Im sure this information is somewhere so excuse me for asking but I haven't found what I'm looking for. My question is is there a link somewhere I can give to someone that takes them to my profile? If so where do I find it? My mom, even though I shared the site address she is still having troubles locating my stories. God bless her though she sure does try hard to say up with technology at the age of 75 :) Thank you for your time

  • Precious Lee29 days ago

    I posted an article that was featured as a Top Story. However, the following day, it vanished without a trace from both my profile and the community. Can anyone provide insights into the reasons behind this unexpected disappearance?

  • simran sadangiabout a month ago

    I have a doubt, is vocal media still giving out milestone bonuses? like for writing 5 articles or 10 articles .

  • L.C. Schäferabout a month ago

    Could it be made possible to share drafts with certain people for feedback prior to publishing?

  • Thavien Yliasterabout a month ago

    I could've sworn that I left a comment here. I'm gonna assume it got deleted by the filter again. I swear, it was right around Jazzy's comments.

  • -D.D.Desireabout a month ago

    Hi Vocal, my question is how do I publish on my page and in the communities of my choosing?

  • Em Starrabout a month ago

    I have a tricky one for you. Now that I know better, I've decided to delete all AI artwork from my profile. I have 8 stories that I need to change the cover images for, but I don't want them to be reverted to drafts and then republished. Some of them are Top Stories and challenge wins, so if the publication dates are wrong it'll look sloppy and maybe even a little spammy. I submitted a request outlining this issue, but just got a generic response telling me I can have them reverted back to drafts. Is there any way an image can be changed at the back-end, without affecting the publication date or flagging the change as a new story? Cheers.

  • Emily Aurelienabout a month ago

    Have you noticed those who receive top story a lot are usually the ones who always win the challenges? I don't know how they pick the winners. But as much content as we all bring, we deserve more bonuses, incentives, and I think more tips on how to win a challenge. I have been a member of vocal for a while and not once have ever won a challenge. I have worked hard, very hard, like everyone else. I feel like the same people win, or the same people seem to get noticed more the others. I think they have favourites and I think that's wrong.

  • Mark Grahamabout a month ago

    I hope very soon that micro-fiction, short form Critique will become regular areas to write even for regular Vocal members.

  • Sid Aaron Hirjiabout a month ago

    Hoping to get a top story-the quest has left me writing less

  • Jazzy Gonçalves about a month ago

    Follow up, is Vocal a popularity contest? I want to know the rules of engagement here.

  • Jazzy Gonçalves about a month ago

    The negative feedback from older stories for Top story, I would be curious to hear it! I think a lot of the creators who've been here for years have GREAT things from over a year to two years ago and those deserve to be seen 😁

  • PPabout a month ago

    i had been inactive on VOCAL for some time & now I'm planning to start writing on a consistent basis. So from which niche I should restart: [finance & business related], [Horror & Mystery], [Self-improvement/ Self-care] Please recommend me🙄

  • Dana Crandellabout a month ago

    One last thing I really need to say before this chat is done: Thank you, @Vocal Team for recognising and playing along with a recent article. Those who know, know. If there was a sportsmanship award, I would certainly nominate the Curation Team.

  • Mackenzie Davisabout a month ago

    Also, there’s been talk in the discord threads about whether you will make old stories Top Stories if we nominate them. So many have barely any reads and are amazing stories! Would like to know that our work can still get attention like that even after the trending period (however long that is) ends. Many of us read the older stuff and it sucks knowing that even if we promote the work ourselves, not that many eyes will see it, as we don’t have the bulk of Vocal following us, lol. The nomination thread could really help with that.

  • Mackenzie Davisabout a month ago

    Is there a DM option coming to Vocal? Would love this for people who aren’t on the socials or discord. I have a few friends whom I’d love to ask questions or give them heads up on things but can’t without going to a comment section, and that isn’t a guaranteed way of communicating.

  • I have a small request. I would like to see a rock and a pop tag in the Beat community. As often many of my Beat articles fall into those two categories.

  • E.A. Wilcoxabout a month ago

    Hi Vocal, will there soon be a feature to write and edit stories on the app? Also, will there eventually be a scheduling function where we can schedule a specific day and time that a piece gets published? Thank you for all your hard work you guys are fab!

  • Oneg In The Arcticabout a month ago

    Ooop, another question. I was wondering if you'd bring back the emails with the story pic that you used to send out when our stories were published. I loved the easy format/graphic and would share them often on instagram. Hope those come back!

  • Dana Crandellabout a month ago

    Dana here; just an old guy with too many words. I just have one comment and I think it may be based on my own misperception. I was grateful to see @Justin's article clarifying the criteria on Top Story selection. I was a little bit concerned that there were several items mentioned that had nothing to do with the actual content of a story, such as headings, cover images, embeds, bullet points, et al. These sound very much like the criteria for "listicles" and similar content I write for business clients. I would like to think that the more important criteria on Vocal would be more centric to writing, itself. It is, after all, a writing platform. I'm hoping that the intent was just to list the many options that MIGHT be considered, with the type of story determining those that apply.

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Lastly, Can you win consecutively under all eaderboard categories or selected ones?

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