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by Vocal Team 10 days ago in product updates · updated 10 days ago
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Join the inaugural Vocal Creators Club before June 30, 2022, and be entered to win one of 400 exciting Vocal prizes

Vocal is for everyone. Every creator. Every story. Every voice. That's how it's always been, and that's how it will always be. Voices of Creators, Artists & Leaders.


Today, we're celebrating our ever-growing community by launching the inaugural Vocal Creators Club—a shop with curated Vocal merchandise. Because why not? Who doesn't love merch?

To celebrate the foundation of the club, we're dropping our first-ever public merchandise item: an exclusive limited edition Vocal Creators Club t-shirt, made from organic cotton and recycled poly rPET blend, which makes the fabric more durable and saves at least four plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill, or worse.

Here's where it gets fun. By purchasing a VCC t-shirt, you will be automatically entered into the Vocal Creators Club Sweepstakes to win one of 400+ Vocal prizes.

We've pulled out all the stops. We're all in. Here's what's on the table:

  • 1 winner will receive a $1,000 Vocal Bonus
  • 3 winners will have the opportunity to Guest Judge a Vocal Challenge**
  • 50 winners will be awarded Vocal+ membership for life
  • 100 winners will receive a $10 Vocal Bonus
  • 250 winners will receive a free copy of the Vocal+ Fiction Awards Anthology Book (est. release Q1 2023)
  • That's right. By entering the Vocal Creators Club Sweepstakes, you could win a thousand dollars, be a Guest Judge for a Vocal Challenge, receive a free copy of Vocal's first print book, and much more. For non-Vocal+ members, the t-shirt and sweepstakes entry will cost $24.99. For Vocal+ members, it will only cost $12.50 (a code will be emailed to you for 50% off).

    And that's not all. In the future, all participants in the VCC Sweepstakes will have early access to merchandise drops, beta testing for new Vocal features, and other exciting initiatives as Vocal continues to grow. We're pretty excited. Hope you are too.

    Welcome to the Club.


    Are there official rules for the Vocal Creators Club Sweepstakes?

    Yes, there are official rules.

    How will the winners be selected?

    All prizes will be awarded via completely random selection. No entrant will be eligible for more than one prize.

    If I buy two t-shirts, will I be entered twice?

    No. One entry per person only.

    What does it mean to Guest Judge a Vocal Challenge?**

    Guest judges are Vocal creators granted the opportunity to aid in the selection of winning stories for Challenges. In all Challenges, there is a panel of judges whose scores are aggregated to determine the contest outcome. In this way, any individual biases or skews in judgment are offset through democratic process.

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    • Ms.Love'Nia Reneeabout 22 hours ago

      I almost walked away from the Vocal platform. I was being entertained by someone, or should I just say something that was wrong. I'm here to stay and from this day forward "VOCAL I CONSIDER YOU FAMILY!!! I'm happy to create content with you ❤😘 Time to order my shirt!!

    • #KristinaWrites3 days ago

      I got my shirt in the mail today! I love it! I’m having my vocal media writing name added to it :-)

    • Unknown6 days ago

      How can I embed images in the articles?

    • I love this!

    • Cannot wait!!!! I love merchandise for writers!!!!

    • This is nice but what is needed is articles being approved and Creators paid in a timely manner.

    • Harmony Kent9 days ago

      I’m sick and tired of being excluded because I’m not a US writer. The vast majority of platforms ignore and sideline anyone not in the US. As a UK resident and author, I’m marginalised all the time. In this day and age, and with easy international shipping, why??? I would have jumped at this. Now I’m just fed up and annoyed. What a let down. I’d expected Vocal to be inclusive not exclusive. Why bother sending me the email if you have no intention of letting me participate? Great idea, but a let down on the implementation.

    • Nitia Johnson9 days ago

      This is very cool. I will be ordering my t-shirt and other merch that comes available in the future.

    • #KristinaWrites9 days ago

      Very Excited to get mine! Thanks! #KristinaWrites

    • I would've been all about it, but y'all don't go up to 5XL...I couldn't fit a 3XL across my shoulders even lol!

    • Marie Sinadjan10 days ago

      Aww, it’s US only.

    • can't wait to get a tshirt! i love vocal!

    • Nice! Finally I can replace my "Medium suspended me twice and all I got was this stupid t-shirt" t-shirt with something that lets the world know I have a new web publishing platform where I have yet to be suspended even once. Yeah!

    • Devilisa Warner10 days ago

      I just ordered mine at noon today. Hope to get it soon. I am happy to get one. Yay!!!!!

    • Call Me Les10 days ago

      International shipping worked just fine! The price was reasonable for Canada shipping. Went with black like Judey. I like that the fabric is ethical. If nothing else it will make a good late night writing tee. Please keep us canucks and other internationals posted for how we can play along with everything else! <3

    • Gail S.10 days ago

      Thank you so much💕

    • Trevor Wells10 days ago

      "50 winners will be awarded Vocal+ membership for life" Does that mean those 50 people get FREE Vocal+ membership for life?

    • Lena Borondia10 days ago

      I could use a decent fibre shirt for the summer! 😁

    • Chynna Ken10 days ago

      Awesome ! ❤️🧡💛

    • Misty Rae10 days ago

      Sounds cool, but as a huge fan and fairly frequent challenge winner/placer, I'm sad to see myself and my fellow Canadian creators left out of this.

    • Sounds pretty cool.

    • Jason Provencio10 days ago

      How does one get the code? I started the order, but it said my total was $24.99 and I never was given a code before putting in my credit card info. Does it automatically discount it after you input your credit card info?

    • Just curious why you didn’t offer the book of short stories you published.

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