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by Justin @ Vocal about a month ago in product updates
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Download the Vocal app for Android today.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Vocal Android app is now available on the Google Play store.

Download the app:

Similar to the iOS app we launched this past August, the new Vocal Android app aims to help creators get new subscribers and grow their audience, and for readers to explore and discover curated stories. And just like the rest of Vocal, quality stories are the focus: no ads, no algorithms, no spam.

This is just the first version of the Vocal Android app, but it already incorporates a bunch of early feedback from creators and readers from the last few months. In this first release, you will have the ability to:

  • Like and share stories
  • Follow your favorite creators by subscribing
  • Join the conversation by commenting
  • Customize your library and discover curated stories in your feed

We're also rolling out a new Explore feature in both iOS and Android apps.

Explore makes it easier than ever to discover new content from all of the Vocal communities on the app. We're really excited about this and will be adding a search function to Explore in the near future.

Additionally, we've been working on an Activity Feed feature that will be available on Vocal in the upcoming weeks. The Activity Feed will help you keep track of new subscribers, tips, pledges, comments, and more.

Here's a sneak peek:

Other features to look forward to in the coming months:

Vocal Coins: A new payment system inside Vocal, which tokenizes our in-app currency, and will include updates to how tips, pledges, and all payments on Vocal take place.

Creator Chat: The ability for pledged subscribers to communicate directly with creators they are supporting, through live chat built directly into Vocal.

Subscriber Only Stories: The ability for creators to share stories only to their subscribers, incentivizing audience growth and revenues for creators

Audio Stories: We are exploring ways for stories to transform from text to audio, where written stories can turn into podcasts, through text-to-speech technology. This feature is perfect for consuming Vocal anywhere on the go.

Dark Mode: The first release of the app features the clean white aesthetic that matches our site. If you are a fan of dark mode, you can rest assured that it is coming soon.

Download the Vocal Android or iOS app

To start reading in the iOS or Android app yourself, you can download them here:

If you’re having trouble with the app, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

We are delighted to launch on Android and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below and we'll do our best to answer.

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Justin @ Vocal

Founder and President of Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD), the parent company of the Vocal platform.

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Comments (22)

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  • Alger LeinOz3 days ago

    This is awesome.

  • Jason A26 days ago

    A very welcome addition to the vocal toolbox

  • Chris Riggioabout a month ago

    Android is tight

  • Ford Kiddabout a month ago

    Oh thanks 🙏

  • Thayrileabout a month ago

    Can you tell me please where I can find my vocal profile Link ?

  • Efulabout a month ago

    Nice article, love it

  • Efulabout a month ago

    Nice article, love it

  • Kiu Mei Ingabout a month ago

    You should need to make a new short article review just like youtube did to increase viewer out there.

  • VANEEZYabout a month ago

    Thanks ... I love this app .but here is something missing,no option of post a story .when we try , we redirect to site , I try many time to post a story ,always I got zero words . I clear all caches and cockies, same result ...... kindly give us option we post a story through this app .thanks...

  • C.R. Hughesabout a month ago

    Loving the new app so far. What would make it better though is to be able to view challenges and edit/post stories from the app.

  • Edward Germanabout a month ago

    I am an android user of my smartphone and tablet, this is what I have been waiting for.

  • Thayrileabout a month ago

    Nice, just downloaded it 😍

  • I wont be using this as Vocal can't even fix their stats reporting, I also don;t see a need for it as I can access all I need via a browser on my phone

  • Lovelli Fuadabout a month ago

    Woohoo.. dark mode! Downloading the app today. Extra tips for the first ones to review?

  • Noivad's Meopsabout a month ago

    Finally, it took so long . I asked for this like years ago and Finally the dream came true. Thanks you awesome people!!

  • Elysia Dawnabout a month ago

    It's buggy. Keeps randomly closing. And I don't see any way to submit stories, which defeats the purpose for me. I didn't like that I had to use a PC for that and couldn't even do it in the web browser on my phone. This site, unfortunately, like most sites such as this, is a popularity contest rather than about actually talent anyway. My story that I submitted was completely ignored and seen by no one, simply because I don't know anyone on here. If you're not going to give new people any exposure when they upload stuff and are going to completely ignore them, don't advertise everywhere like Instagram etc.

  • Gal Muxabout a month ago

    I love the app. Just downloaded it. I hope soon creators can be able to edit and create stories on it. Also, vocal coins sounds very interesting. Is it ever going to be like a crypto coin tradable on exchanges etc?

  • Janice Powellabout a month ago

    There should be the ability for creators to add their new stories in the app.

  • Manik Royabout a month ago

    I love this app, but please introduce Dark Mode immediately. Thank you!

  • Cheryl E Prestonabout a month ago

    Great but please work on paying us in a timely manner. Thanks

  • Carol Townendabout a month ago

    Will the app work on my Kindle Fire?

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