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Wine Facts and Myths Debunked

Many people bring up facts and myths about wine. However, most of them are seriously ridiculous — see which of them are BS.

By Jacqueline HanikehPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
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Everything about wine is amazing. The taste, the smell, the appearance, and the taste (yes, I've said it twice). Almost nothing can go wrong with wine — it's one of the best types of alcohol in the world. They come in so many different flavors and styles: It's an endless array of liquid heaven. There are false accusers (or haters) that come up with ridiculous myths and facts. Don't get me wrong, there are facts about wine that are certainly true. But there are also myths on wine that are total BS.

What's awesome about these myths and facts is that they're seen as actual BS. Wine lovers have shown everyone the light and proved that many of these facts were actually wrong — basically debunking them. As for this article, I'm going to give you a good list of total BS wine facts and myths and explain why they're wrong.

A massive bottle means the wine must be good.

I've had large bottles of wine that tasted horribly. Just because the wine bottle is massive, that doesn't mean it'll be one of the better wines. Most of the time, those wine bottles are very ripe (aged) can either be phenomenal or horrible to certain people. Remember, everyone has a different palate, which makes this fact actually false.

White wine is supposed to be cold, while red wine is supposed to be warm.

Out of the wine facts and myths out there, this is one of the bigger ones. Yes, it is well known that most white wines should be enjoyed chilled while red wine is best when warm. This isn't true. In fact, not only have I drank white wine warm (and it was amazing), but people do chill red wine. It may not be a common approach to red wine, but there are definitely people who prefer cold red wine.

Red wine is the only wine that should be stored in a cellar.

Who said that every other wine, except for red, isn't worth storing in a cellar? Red wine shouldn't be the only one getting some comfort in a cellar — white and even sparkling deserve space, too. It's called a "wine cellar" not a "red wine cellar." A wine cellar is meant for any type of wine, new or old, to be stored and enjoyed once taken out.

The cheaper the bottle, the less tastier it'll be.

The only bottles of wine I buy are cheap, because not only do they not damage my wallet, but they're also great in taste and quality. This is one of the wine facts and myths out there, but this one is certainly not true. Actually, there are bottles that cost about $100 to $300 and the flavor of them are awful. It's all about the person's preference and palate.

Sweet wine is only for beginning wine drinkers and not for the educated ones.

I beg to differ, even though I may come across as a "beginner," I'm not the biggest fan of sweet wine — it makes me nauseous. I mostly enjoy dry wine — either red or white. And I'm positive that "educated" wine drinkers enjoy a bottle of sweet White Zinfandel whenever they feel like it. There isn't a specific taste of wine that people stick to — which makes this one of the wine facts and myths, total BS.

Wine can only be enjoyed in a wine glass.

Once again, not everyone drinks wine out of wine glasses. Just like me, there are people out there who don't feel like washing the glasses afterwards or don't acquire any wine glasses to drink wine out of. Also, wine tastes the same in almost any cup — including plastic. I've tested it out with a red solo — it's the same taste and quality.

White wine is enjoyed with fish and red wine with meat.

Before I continue this list of wine facts and myths, I'm going to stop you right there. No one decided to make this selection permanent — it's up to you. If you enjoy meat with white wine, or fish with red, it's your choice. Personally, white wine tastes great with a good steak. However, you don't have to listen to this BS fact, you can enjoy whatever food with any type of wine.

Riesling is always sweet.

As a huge fan of riesling, I'm sticking up for it. Not all Rieslings are sweet. In fact, I didn't know there was sweet Riesling since I stick with dry the majority of my wine-drinking time. Riesling can either come sweet, dry, or right in the middle — which ever you prefer. But not all of Riesling wines are sweet.

Wine with corks are better than screw tops.

I'm not sure who came up with this one, but I can assure you that it's one of the most ridiculous wine facts and myths out there. Yes, corks are cooler to pop open, but screw tops are so much easier to crack open. And if you don't have a corkscrew around to open your wine it can be a bummer. But you won't have that problem with a screw top. But, overall, cork or screw top, wine is wine and it tastes amazing.

Aged wines taste better.

Here's another among the wine facts and myths that are completely false. Yes, there are old, aged wines that taste like pure bliss and are of fantastic quality. And there are also old wines that have the taste of mold and dirt. There are more recent wines that taste just as great as old — it all just comes down to your palate and preferable wine type.


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