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What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

Bartenders and party planners reveal what your favorite drink says about you.

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, most bartenders tend to get a good grasp of people based on what they order at a bar. Though there's always exceptions to the rule, there's a little bit of truth to the belief that your favorite drink may say something about you.

Bartenders tend to know what your favorite drink says about you as a person, primarily because they're constantly serving drinks to all kinds of people. So, if you've been wondering what your favorite drink says about you, wonder no longer.

We did the research, and this is what bartenders have to say about top orders at their venues.


What your favorite drink says about you isn't exactly the nicest thing in the world. To be fair, Jagerbombs aren't classy drinks. They don't even really taste that good.

Most bartenders say that the folks who order Jagerbombs tend to be the ones they have to escort off premises - most commonly for fighting, getting sloppy drunk, or just being a nuisance.

Oh, and if you order these on a regular basis, you may also be the type to refer to friends as "bros" and pop your collar.


Health gurus may tell you that what your favorite drink says about you is a good thing. Drinking water is healthy, keeps you hydrated, and also means that you probably won't get pulled over by police for a DUI. But, bartenders tend to be split about what water says about you when you're at a bar.

Sometimes, it's a sign of an alcoholic in recovery. Other times, it's because someone's being a bit cheap. Even more times, it may be a person on a diet, or a designated driver. And, once in a while, it's because the person in question may be under the influence of something harder than alcohol.

Either way, most bartenders are cool with not asking questions about your lifestyle, and will be happy to help you pick out some "good eats" at the bar.

Shots of Tequila, Rum, Vodka, or Whiskey

If you're one who enjoys ordering shots of tequila, what your favorite drink says about you is pretty obvious: you're here to have a good time, and you're here to party.

By your second shot, you're probably ready to hit the karaoke machine. By your fourth shot, you may actually start talking about how "this song is totally about you."

That being said, if you're on your 10th whiskey shot, chances are that you're probably giving the "party person on a bender" vibe off to everyone around you. Even so, bartenders generally won't judge - as long as you don't follow those shots with an ugly scene, a fight, or a pukefest inside the bar.

But, let's just face it. After 10 shots of hard liquor, there's a good chance you will be fighting outside the bar, possibly while holding your shoes in your hand if you're female.


Bartenders have revealed that there's a general consensus that wine is something that almost everyone enjoys - especially when people are trying to look classy. That being said, there seems to be a number of trends that tend to go on in each bar, at least when it comes to what your favorite drink says about you (and the image you want to give).

  • Roses and sparkling wines. The people who choose rose wine tend to be the ones who want to be trendy in a classy way. They're the type to share Facebook posts about their "brunch with the girls."
  • White wines. The person drinking this probably is either eating a seafood, a salad, or just talking about how their other car is a yacht.
  • Red wines. You might be trying to earn your foodie points here. No, you didn't fool everyone - or anyone, really.

If you are drinking wine in gross quantities, chances are high that you're a very frustrated housewife who may or may not be venting to your friends about the latest gaffe your husband did.

"What would you recommend?"

Any time that a bartender hears a bar patron say this, they know they're most likely dealing with a novice drinker who hasn't really had experience. Unless they're talking about signature drinks, asking this at a bar will most likely get you carded - even if you're 40.

The good side about this is that many bartenders who hear this will also be pretty happy to get experimental with you, or teach you a new favorite cocktail to try.

Long Island Iced Tea

Bartenders generally understand that Long Island Iced Teas are what drinkers choose when they are just looking to get trashed. They are very strong compared to most other drinks, and they also tend to be deceptively sugary. This is a bad combination for most people.

If you're an Long Island Iced Tea drinker, then what your favorite drink says about you is that you've probably gotten kicked out of bars more often than you'd like to admit. (Sorry.)

Vodka Soda with Lemon or Cranberry

Many bartenders understand, immediately, what this drink order means. As one guy on Reddit said, they called it "the white girl." Others said that it's a sign that you're on a diet and want to "be good."

Even if what your favorite drink says about you doesn't sound that good, you're really not bad for ordering one. It's not a bad drink and it will likely keep you from being the girl that pukes on the DJ booth.

It's also an easy drink to make. So, bartenders are generally somewhat relieved when they hear this one.

Appletinis, Bluetinis, etc.

If one of these is your favorite drink at a bar, then what your favorite drink says about you is that you probably have an incorrigible sweet tooth. Like, these drinks are basically sugar in a glass with a dollop of alcohol.

You might also like the idea of drinking strong "girly" drinks because they "look cute," and because you can totally "share pin after pin" of this drink on Pinterest later on. If you're a guy, ordering one of these says that you're impressively comfortable with your masculinity - and that's totally cool with us.


There seems to be two major schools of beer love in the bar scene.

If you love large scale beers like Coors, Amstel, Miller, or Budweiser, then chances are that you just like plain ol' beer. You are most likely a guy who is as totally average and "middle America" as possible. To a point, there may be hillbilly or frat bro tendencies, but don't we all have those at times?

On the other hand, if you are usually the person who ordered craft beer, what your favorite drink says about you is that you tend to follow trends. Whether or not you actually like craft beer, care about the alcohol content, or really can afford it is totally up for debate.

High-End Whiskey, Rye, Bourbon, or Cognac

Most of the time, if this is your favorite drink, you will not likely want to hear what your favorite drink says about you. Chances are that the bartender you just ordered that from thinks you're pretentious - especially if you felt the need to quiz them on the vintage, the aging, and the cask that the liquor was aged in.

Dude, everyone gets that it takes a lot of refined taste to enjoy a good snifter of whiskey. But, really, do you have to go to a bar and loudly declare that you want oak-aged whatever, neat? No, you don't. You don't look fancy or clever. You look pretentious.


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