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VODKA: The Multi-purpose Household Essential

by Ashley Terrell about a year ago in alcohol

The "Cure-All" In The Cabinet

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When I began drinking vodka, I didn't agree with the taste very well. Perhaps due to my lack of alcohol knowledge at a young age, but the taste was rough and the after taste was awful. I didn't care if you mix it with orange juice, kool-aid, punch, or soda - I was not a fan of vodka!

Though I'm wasn't a fan of vodka, I did understand the alcohol percentage. As a lover of action movies, I always wince when I see characters use vodka as an antiseptic. Why not? It's an ideal alternative if you're unable to find hydrogen peroxide. That's no joke!

As my taste buds matured, I slowly began to accept vodka. I appreciate vodka are free of carbohydrates and sugars. Vodka allows choice for picky sippers, like myself. Vodka lovers can expand their palettes with the likes of corn or potato vodka. I enjoy mixed cocktails with potato vodka.

I like potato vodka because I can enjoy myself without expecting a hangover the next morning.

Not to mention, potato vodka is considered to have more flavor rather than corn vodka, which is the flavorless of the vodkas. Also, most vodkas are gluten-free, like Grey Goose and Tito's.

As much as I enjoy sipping on a vodka and soda cocktail, I discovered a secret love of multi-purpose household essentials - like vodka.

Here's a few reasons why you should add vodka to your multi-purpose household essential....

Vodka have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Like in the movies, you can use vodka on a wound - just not as much.

Nonetheless, vodka can disinfect wounds, cuts and scrapes as a hygiene cleaning alternative.

Vodka can improve your cardiovascular system.

According to Town and Country Magazine, drinking vodka can increase blood flow and circulation. Healthy blood flow and circulation helps prevent cardiovascular troubles like blood clots, stroke and other heart related problems.

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As much as vodka can help us with daily tasks, it's always important to drink and govern your behaviors accordingly.

Adding vodka as a multi-purpose household essential because its versatile properties. Whether you are a lover of corn or potato vodka, you can get the most our of genuine made spirits!

Here's a few other ways to use vodka around the house ...

Running a fever?

Vodka can help reduce a fever by applying on the back and chest area.

I like to mix one part vodka, one part water and a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil in a bottle with a squeeze top. Using a cotton ball, I apply the desired amount to the nape of my neck and on my chest and collar bone.


Don't worry. No need to be embarrassed. We all experience the inability to pass a bowel movement.

Vodka contains diuretic properties that promote urination and bowel movements.

Dental office closed?

Who doesn't like it when something unfortunate happens, but medical assistance is scarce?

Gargle with a bit of vodka to relieve your toothache. Studies show drinking alcohol relieves tension.

Need to clean the house?

Vodka can help with tidying up around the house!

I like to mix one part water, two parts vodka and a squeeze of one half of lemon in a spray bottle and spray my bathtub including the crevices and the back splash prior to applying a few squirts of Dawn dish detergent and Comet powder cleaner.

In several states, like Nevada, allows grocery stores to distribute vodka and spirits. In other states, like North Carolina, you can explore more about vodka at your local liquor and convenience stores.

Tell me which ways you use vodka around your house? Tip me and let me know below!

Ashley Terrell
Ashley Terrell
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