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Tricks To Amp up products App in ads + other cool phone tips

Why does ads food look better in just ads

By Della MuraPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
Tricks To Amp up products App in ads + other cool phone tips
Photo by Alexander Startsev on Unsplash

Food photographers use transparent plastic cubes instead of real ice cubes in beverage ads. Obviously, the main idea is to keep the drink the same way under hot studio lights. Plastic ice cubes don't melt, but they also look great on camera. This one is my favorite because I wouldn't think of it for millions of years.

Food stylists microwave water soaked cotton balls and then stack them behind the dish or cup. The steam can be added after the shoot via a photo editing tool, but sometimes they need steam in real time against the dark background. Who wouldn't want their cup of coffee with a smoking hot cotton ball?

If I tell you that food photographers use mashed potatoes instead of ice cream, same as ice cubes, ice cream cannot last for hours of photo shoots. They add coloring to mashed potatoes to get the flavor they get the perfectly scooped ice cream by the way.did you know that scientists in Japan invented an ice cream that doesn't melt? These scientists discovered a compound in strawberries that makes it difficult for water and oil to separate. Moving on to another type of cream, photographers use shaving cream as whipped cream. Real whipped cream puffs off like a balloon after some time plus it doesn't look as good as shaving cream because it loses its form instead of having a soggy mess. They get shiny fluffy cream melted chocolate looks so fluid in the ads here. Food stylists often use a chemical mix that fake chocolate is a gel. fun fact that's the same thing people use to make slime they add Brown food coloring to the gel and put in some cocoa powder now let's move on to pancakes. Oh don't worry they're really cooked but here the syrup is replaced with engine oil since pancakes are like sponges they'll soak up the syrup this was a problem for food photographers motor oil has a similar color and it's way more consistent plus Maple or agave syrup is expensive there's a bonus photographers sometimes put a thin layer of cardboard between pancakes to support stack pancake Tower looks taller and fluffier I'll get to cardboard stuff in detail later stay tuned. Shiny and appealing fruits are seen this way because in editing process photographers increase saturation.

Some of the techniques used in advertising include typography, color selection, body language, and composition. The trustworthiness of a person is influenced by human psychology and various other factors; the most attractive faces tend to have features in proportion, and ads often use rule of thirds composition to give the viewer an idea of where to focus.

Another possible solution for your hungry battery is a portable charger. They come in all possible shapes, colors and sizes, and you just need to decide how much power you want from it. There are models that can help your phone last until the end of the day, and some stronger ones that will keep you covered for an entire weekend. You do need to charge your portable battery before it can feed your phone, but don't overdo it. Only charge when you're about to use it, because the more power you run through it, the shorter it will serve you. Smaller, more affordable models usually last 200 to 300 cycles if you don't use it that much, but if you spend a lot of time away from the outlet, a charging phone case may be a good option for you.

Switching on airplane mode on your phone is one way to save battery life, but doing the same with your laptop can be just as effective. If you have to finish an important task and have all of your data stored in a document, you don't really need to have YouTube or Facebook running in the background. You can simply enable airplane mode in the Home tab on Macs, and turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services. If switching on airplane mode is so great, turning the phone off completely should be even better. However, that's not always the case; sometimes your phone screen will just turn off because you've drained the battery completely. OS updates are constantly being released with new fixes and patches for all sorts of issues, including battery health. Most updates should automatically download, but if you see anything new when you check them manually, just grab it. Your phone will love it when you install a new app. However, be sure to check which apps are the biggest energy eaters and disable their background updates accordingly.

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