Strange Hangover Cures That Actually Work

We've all been there before: brutally awakening to the unreal sound of bells clanging in your mind, overlaid with even worse physical pains only making the want for hangover cures an instant necessity.

Strange Hangover Cures That Actually Work

Nobody likes a hangover. Problem is, there isn't much in the form of aid or advice for cleansing this deteriorating phenomena. We all like to drink (hopefully not too much), and more often than not, hangovers are the result of far too much drinking when a person either hasn't eaten, hydrated enough, or simply lacks responsibility in knowing when to stop. For these reasons, hangovers ensue with the wrath of God behind them. Fortunately, there are a host of ways to remedy your pain, just not all of them are for everyone.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with something, so it goes without saying that a variety of concepts exist as hangover cures. I'd like to point out that not all of these avenues are as useful as the next, and most rely on myths, traditions, or pseudo-science, rather than fact. Be weary, too, especially when you're the one who buys a multiplicity of products said to be detrimental in the cure for hangovers; this, in fact, is by far the biggest myth. No one formula, save maybe water, can accurately be deemed "hangover cure," but the following methods are some of the closest you'll get in the form of what is more accurately deemed hangover relief.

Feed the Beast

Oftentimes, curing a hangover can easily be administered through simply eating or drinking (something preferably other than booze, perhaps?). Fruit juice, like orange juice or pomegranate juice, will greatly reduce the symptoms of a severe hangover, but only eating will remedy the entirety of the ailment.

Hangovers are the body's way of telling an individual they need to stop being an ass to their physicality, ie quit drinking. It also is the body's way of saying, "I need more energy," like a pissed off and dying iPhone with an empty stomach. Rid those nasty feelings by simply lining your stomach with protein and nutrients. It may not be one of the strangest per say, but it sure is among rather unusually simple hangover cures.

There's a variety of hangover cures on the market, from beverage blends, to mere medication, but all in all the only real thing you, or your body need to cure a hangover is the replacement of salt reserves. In other words, you're most likely going through dehydration; it's why you feel like shit in the first place.

Despite Dioralyte sachet's more common use in the treatment of diarrhea, it can also benefit your dehydration by increasing the amount of stored salt and minerals in your body. There's also Lucozade Sport or even Powerade, which are both isotonic drinks meant to stabilize your hydration and quickly replace necessary sugars.

Borage Capsules

Berocca have some of the best options to choose from in the hangover cures, as their effervescent vitamin mineral supplement has proven to work tremendously, despite not necessarily having a fully-licensed scientific optimism. That's the issue inherent with borage capsules, as they've shown to be truly helpful in limiting a hangover, but the jury remains out on whether they're healthy, or even actually the things helping you.

People often claim that it's just the water you drink with borage capsules that will inevitably help to reduce hangover symptoms, but not even scientific specialists can prove this theory to 100 percent accuracy. The best thing you can do in the event of an apocalyptic hangover is to try as many various hangover cures as you can.

DripDrop and Drinkwel

Do hangover pills work? Most people tend to vie away from powders and pills when it comes to hangover cures, mainly because they're met with speculation by experts and the general public alike. There are still some beneficial potions and medications that can help reduce the symptoms, but they sure as hell won't holistically cure it.

Enter Drinkwel and DripDrop, like two supercharged Gatorade concoctions meant to jumpstart your hydration (similar to Dioralyte). The difference with these mixtures is they're more closely related to Pedilyte. The only con with utilizing these strange concoctions is their general unavailability, which means you'll have to order them online (which I doubt anyone wants to or even will do in anticipating a hangover).

Hair of the Dog

Do Bloody Marys really cure hangovers? That's a good question and many seem to believe it's so. How's this possible when drinking lead you here in the first place? Science, of course! One of the most unlikely forms of hangover cures is the Bloody Mary of all beverages.

As the colloquial expression goes: it's all in the "hair of the dog that bit you," or simply the utilization of alcohol in your method of curing the hangover. Sounds like an immediate sign of insanity, but studies have shown that not just Bloody Marys work in reducing severe hangover symptoms, but actually can be said of many a variety.

Intravenous Drip

It may be going a little over the top, especially if it's only a hangover you're experiencing, but the medical benefits inherent in the IV drip will instantly ensure your hangover is depleted. I.V. Doc, one of many places offering scheduled IV drip services, are located all over the country and proving to be of valuable support in not only the deterrent of hangovers, but in malignant bodily physicality entirely.

It's among the best we got in terms of hangover cures. The IV drip is practically used in any medical situation, because it's intended to restore bodily fluids (you know, all those things you lost from excessive drinking). It's the most surefire and quickest route in reducing a hangover, but definitely is an experience all on its own.

Toke Up

Did you really think we'd (ha) get through this article without talking about the icky sticky green magic of marijuana? It's probably not the most unusual or unique mode of hangover cures, but it sure is the most satisfying, and if anything, uplifting. There are some pros and cons to this debacle, though, so be sure to know how best to not only administer weed, but also how much you use.

In my humble opinion, marijuana is the absolute best way to not only prevent an oncoming hangover, but to avoid it's most damaging qualities. You'll feel far more motivated to actually preform daily tasks, rids the hangover entirely, and increases appetite (all of which is most necessary in the limitation of hangover symptoms).

Killing the Pain

If you think weed is good as among hangover cures, just imagine what painkillers can do. While it is far from advised, since painkillers and alcohol literally never go hand-in-hand, taking ibuprofen or kind of aspirin is one way to curtail the pain of a hangover. That's, however, the major drawback: only the pain will be relinquished.

Personally, the first thing I take when hungover is two to three Bayer aspirins with a glass of OJ to kick those nasty feelings in the butt, but this sometimes doesn't even help. If you end up going with ibuprofen, which is probably one of the best choices, be sure to administer in recommended doses and don't just pop four in the interest of self-medication.

Avoiding Coffee

This one's probably more painful for some people than the actual hangover, but it all depends on the individual. As it were, coffee is a no-no in cases of a hangover, since it can reduce the amount of water your body holds more swiftly. Coffee, after all, is a diuretic and is the direct cause for sweats and heart palpitations that simply make a hangover worse.

The once-considered element in the best ways to prevent a hangover is actually on the contrary, for coffee will only increase your symptoms and likely send you into the deep end of regret. Instead, your best bet in the search for the most beneficial of all hangover cures is to stick with water; nothing is more healthy and optimizing for your general well-being.

Sweat It Out

There's freaking loads of data on how best to reduce one's hangover to nothing more than a light headache, if even that, but they don't always come in the form of moving and excrescent. By far among the most prominent methods of hangover cures is to simply hit the gym.

While there's some people who will tell you to simply distract yourself (which is better said than done), or even far less go with the "rub a lemon under your armpit" method (which just sounds embarrassing), there's always the most obvious format in ridding your hangover: sweat those negativities away. Sounds difficult in the midst of a nasty hangover, but exercise will surely rid your body of malignant and unwanted elements, and if not you can always...

Puke It Out

Yeah, I saved this beaut for last because it's by far the most underrated and unused method among hangover cures. I mean, how obvious can this one be? If you're feeling like utter crap, the best method in my opinion is to rid your body of what's inside. Ruthless as it might be, there's no question that it can eliminate nausea, but it also helps your body to regulate itself again.

Just like filtering water of harmful chemicals, salt and minerals, puking does the same for your body and will not only make you feel far better than when you woke up, but may even alleviate all the symptoms just as easily as sticking your finger down your throat!

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