New Skinny Frozen Limon | Recipe

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Hash tag, just turned the clout game up a notch

New Skinny Frozen Limon | Recipe

Good morning beautiful boss babes, namaste, have a seat, and welcome back to your favorite blog, I will be your host: Queen of the Skinny drinks.

So today I'd like to take you back in time.....back to 2007, when I used to sling drinks to buy college books.

This also happened to be the year that I created the ultimate frozen beverage before frose was frose and you're like no way, but I don't lie on my blog.

Before you think I'm trying to take credit for rose, I'm not, rose wasn't even a thing when I came up with this, and if I'm being completely honest....I would never want to take credit for ruining a beautiful glass of rose with simple syrup and ice.

Frose is literally just a higher calorie, higher sugar, knock off of a skinny margarita.

That's how that started and tricks are for kids so the next time you're out in the sun having fun, remember your soul cycle class will remember those 96 grams of added sugar on Monday.

But yea, back to my story....basically, every week I'd see the same girls drinking the same sad drinks and I realized something needed to be done.

That's when I grabbed all the citrus fruit, bitters and ice we had in the house and started to up the skinny drink game.

Guys, this was like "land before time" behind a bar; there was no fancy seltzer or zero calorie sugars, you actually had to use the creative brain cells you were saving for tomorrow's MARCOM presentation.

I literally had people sneaking me zero calorie gatorades, like actually planning it with them for their next visit...." Yea, if you bring me a frost and a red one, I can do it".

Actual conversation but anyways, that is when the people of my bar no longer had to pretend they liked tequila or lime juice and that was also my best summer in tips.

Aka the Skinny Frozen Limon became the best original summer drink that happened since the debate of the skinny margarita. (story for another day, like it's lime juice and ice, get over it)

Anyways. Since life has been a little different and I have been stuck inside with my blender for weeks...'s given me the chance to recreate some of my favorite drinks that can ALSO be made as a mocktail.

So first of all, every time I made this drink for someone they would literally be holding the glass different. I mean, I even hold it differently when I make it, it's icy and beautiful; much like myself.

Crown's on was so real, like even guy's started to Queen on people. Looking around the bar at anyone else that didn't have that drink like, "Oh, you didn't get the skinny limon from Chels?"

Real talk. Pinky's up, weird flex, again -was happening before it was happening. So let's make this Skinny Frozen Limon so you can stunt on your house plant today.

The best news is you don't even have to drink alcohol to make this, add booze or no booze, either way, it is an amazing frozen drink that will replace your skinny marg with zero guilt.

Skinny Froze Limon | Drink Recipe

  • 2 Lemons Juiced
  • Tons of ice
  • Water
  • Mint Leaves
  • Stevia

- Mocktail-ers, just blend that up -

Party People Add:

  • 1 dash strawberry bitters
  • 1 dash lemon bitters
  • 2.5 oz Grey Goose Limon

Notes from your coach: This drink was originally made with Grey Goose Limon, but I also suggest Kettle One, Botanical Vodka (made with no sugar) Kettle One: Cucumber Mint (if you use this cucumber vodka, add mint bitters instead of the strawberry bitters) or Kettle One: Grapefruit Rose Vodka (if you use this rose vodka, add rose bitters or floral bitters in addition to the lemon and strawberry bitters)

If you're left wondering wtf bitters is just a botanical blend of water and alcohol that enhances the flavor of your cocktail helping to "complete" the profile of the drink.

So, think of it as "enhancing flavor" or bringing out certain "notes" of that alcohol and drink.

For more skinny drinks recipes, healthy tips, weight loss advice, wellness tips, mindset healing and motivation, check out my daily podcast and YouTube channel.

Chelsea Swift
Chelsea Swift
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