Mixed Berry Vodka Lemonade

by Annie Kapur about a month ago in cocktails

Made from my favourite Vodka in the world!

Mixed Berry Vodka Lemonade

Russian Standard Vodka is one of the fine joys in life. It is an incredible thing to mix with other drinks or to just sip on its own. I like how it adds some boldness but none of its own flavour to a drink and so, you can add subtle things to make it taste a certain way without using too many ingredients. It is not like a Daiquiri where you have to use a number of things to cover the taste of the rum or your Daiquiri will taste too much of rum and not enough of fruit.

When it comes to vodka, I love a number of things. I love Smirnoff, I love Absolut - hell I even love Chopin Potato Vodka. But my favourite undoubtedly will always be Russian Standard Vodka - the taste of St. Petersburg. Since Russian Vodka is nearly always better than everything else, I have to say that when I drink Russian Standard, I have to savour the way it blends warmly with the drink.

When I make a Vodka Cocktail, there are a number of rules I like to abide by and here they are:

  1. Don't put in too many different flavours. Stick to a themed flavour
  2. Give it a sweet edge and make sure there are not many strong flavours to overwhelm the senses
  3. Make sure I can drink it with a good book without getting too drunk, but feeling a little relaxed and ease myself into it
  4. Drink responsibly

Vodka Cocktails are amongst my favourite drinks to make, because I am so passionate about flavours, especially sweet and fruity ones. When I bake, I love to bake with fruits and when I make drinks, I love the very same thing. When I make a cake, I always think of which drink I could make with it apart from the usual coffees and teas. Of course, you have your liqueurs and you also have your herbal teas that are too, easy and relaxing. But I like the alcoholic drink now and again, especially as we come up to Christmas.

Though, as it gets closer to Christmas, I get less and less likely to obey my own fourth rule, I do love to mix things together, try out new and inventive ideas and even read the articles around here to make some great new drinks to surprise people with. If you've got people over and you need something warming to end your evening with everyone seated on the sofa to watch a Christmas movie, then I have got the perfect fruit-filled drink for you. This Vodka cocktail served with a slice of cake or even a chocolate or two is perfect to give your Christmas a great round-off.

Here’s the recipe for your drink then and this will make you about four drinks, or if you’re me then it’ll only make one (laughs in alcohol)

You will need

  • 100g Blackberries
  • 50g Raspberries
  • 25g Strawberries (halved and squashed slightly)
  • 50ml Lemonade/Sprite/7Up
  • 1x Bottle of Russian Standard Vodka
  • 12g Icing Sugar
  1. Grab your tallest glasses and fill them 2/3 the way with the lemonade (you can also use Sprite or 7Up, both work just as well)
  2. Mix in 3g of icing sugar into each glass
  3. Separate the fruits up and pop them in the glasses as they are
  4. Add some optional ice to the glasses
  5. Pour over shots of Vodka until the glasses are mostly full (add to your taste, I personally use about two or three shots of this Vodka per glass, but if I were using Smirnoff, I would have to use considerably more in order to get the warming taste it gives. This is why I say use Russian Standard, because it warms the drink quicker)
  6. Stir the mixture in the glasses a little bit and then add the straw.

Tip: Your drink should look a little bit transparent with the crushed strawberries making the drink turn a slight pink. Wait a couple of minutes for the ice to melt slightly before drinking it because this will make it taste more like strawberries. You don’t want to use strawberry lemonade because that will be too sweet.

This drink makes it taste like your Christmas is settling just right

Annie Kapur
Annie Kapur
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