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Low Calorie Cocktails to Order at the Bar

Going out doesn't have to ruin your diet. These low calorie cocktails to order at the bar will help to keep you on track while you let loose.

By Lynne ShumakerPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Losing weight can be difficult, especially when so many of our society's social gatherings revolve around eating and drinking. I rarely hang out with my friends without going somewhere to get food or drinks. So what do you do when you want to be social but you're on a diet? You don't have to stay at home or sip water as everyone else has fun. Instead, you can try these low calorie cocktails to order at the bar.


The mojito is well-known for being a refreshing summery drink. The flavors of lime, rum, and mint come together for an invigorating mix. There are also variations of the mojito, and other fresh fruit can be incorporated for an even sweeter yet healthy cocktail. However, this drink isn't always diet-friendly. It's important to ask the bartender to limit the amount of simple syrup in it and then you're good to go! A mojito is often only 100 calories or less, so it's perfect for a night of health-conscious fun.

Gin and Tonic

This cocktail is as simple as it sounds. The two ingredients are low in calories but make for a vibrant combination. If you want to go further than that, you can ask for diet tonic or club soda for an even skinnier version of the drink. It's a little-known fact that tonic contains some sugar. Now you have to be careful with sugar when you go out for drinks because it could end up giving you a nasty hangover. Choosing diet tonic kills two birds with one stone: no hangover and no weight gain!

Most Hard Liquors 'On the Rocks'

It's easy to see why these drinks would be considered low calorie cocktails to order at the bar. They only require one type of alcohol and ice. Since no sugary or fattening mixers are involved, they're perfect for someone on a diet. Vodka, scotch, you name it! In addition, since these hard alcohols can be difficult to drink without mixers, most people take their time and drink them slowly. That means fewer drinks over the course of the night and fewer calories.


It's classy, delicious, fizzy, and low in calories - what more could you want? You may not consider champagne as a cocktail because it's not mixed with anything. Champagne is one of the best low calorie cocktails to order at the bar. It contains slightly fewer calories than red wine and is usually served in flutes, which hold smaller portions. Plus, if you go out on New Year's Eve, you won't be the only one popping the top of this low calorie drink!

Rum and Diet Coke

This cocktail is a simple favorite and tastes great. By using diet coke as opposed to traditional Coca Cola, you eliminate all calories and sugar from your mixer. However, you have to be careful about drinking excessive amounts of diet soda. There have been links to diseases found in the artificial sweeteners used to make the soft drinks. Still, if you have one every once in a while, you get the same great taste without compromising your diet. Your bartender will thank you for ordering something so simple that they can put it together with their eyes closed, and you'll have a guilt-free night.

Vanilla Vodka and Ginger Ale

For dieters with a sweet tooth, this is one of the best low calorie cocktails to order at the bar. This combination tastes similar to a cupcake, as the ginger and vanilla flavors mix together for a tasty sugar-free treat. By using diet ginger ale, you limit the number of calories in the cocktail. Flavored vodka is a good way to maintain flavor without having to deal with unhealthy mixers. Ordering a vanilla vodka and ginger ale will satisfy your cravings and prevent you from having to take a cheat day.

Bloody Mary

This cocktail is known for being served at brunch, but you can drink it at any time of day or night. The Bloody Mary is a unique beverage, combining alcohol and vegetables with a little kick to it. A Bloody Mary contains tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco, celery, salt, and pepper. It's been said to cure hangovers (despite its having alcohol in it), and is relatively low in calories. Another benefit is the nutritional value of all its ingredients. Between the vegetables, you'll get Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, and more.

Tequila Soda

Ditch your margarita and try this instead. Tequila Soda is a mixture of (you guessed it) tequila and club soda. Lime is added for extra flavor, and you can get the rim of your glass salted so it's almost as if you're having a margarita. This cocktail has a lot fewer calories than the popular lime drink because most margaritas are made with mixes that contain preservatives and tons of sugar. At some restaurants, they can be upwards of 350 calories! The lighter choice is just as refreshing and won't ruin your diet.


This flavorful drink is definitely a classic, combining bourbon, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters. Appropriately named, it was originally developed in Manhattan. The Manhattan is one of the most famous cocktails that exists, so you can probably get it at virtually any bar. Be careful, this drink is strong. But since you only really need one, and they're pretty healthy, to begin with, Manhattans are a great choice for low calorie cocktails to order at the bar.


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