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Israeli Forces Gain Strategic Advantage Amidst Gaza Conflict: Unraveling the Underground Tactics of Hamas

Israel-Hamas War: IDF CAPTURES 21 Hamas Terrorists, ELIMINATES Hamas Command Centers

By DERRIAN WALKERPublished 18 days ago 3 min read
Israeli Forces Gain Strategic Advantage Amidst Gaza Conflict: Unraveling the Underground Tactics of Hamas
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, IDF forces are actively engaged in clearing the northern Gaza Strip of Hamas terrorists. Facing attacks from militants emerging from underground tunnels and placing explosive devices, the IDF employs innovative tactics for identification, neutralization, and destruction of these threats. One reported method involved placing dolls dressed as IDF soldiers inside a vehicle and driving it towards the entrance of a Hamas post office. As terrorists opened fire, their location was revealed, allowing IDF troops to take control, capturing 21 Hamas terrorists. This strategic move aims to gather valuable intelligence on the locations of Hamas command positions, underground tunnels, and militants, as well as information on hostages held by Hamas.

Another initiative involved collaboration between the Israeli Elite unit Shayetet, equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals, and tank units. An empty vehicle was sent into an area controlled by Hamas terrorists, drawing fire and revealing their locations. IDF tank units identified and neutralized the militants, while Shayetet cleared the area, discovering and destroying over 10 underground tunnels. The IDF employs sophisticated methods, such as sponge bombs equipped with monitoring devices, to seal and destroy tunnels while tracking movement underground. Progress is particularly notable in the northern part of Gaza, though challenges persist in the south, prompting strategic considerations by the IDF.

With a call for prayer and support during the ongoing conflict on two additional fronts: one against Kisala in the north and the other in Yemen, both supported by Iran. The coordinated attacks on Israel were countered successfully, highlighting the complex nature of the conflict involving multiple countries in the Middle East and beyond. The plea urges readers to share the truth of the situation, emphasizing Israel's fight against an adversary aiming to harm innocents and annihilate the Jewish State. As the conflict unfolds on various fronts, the call for global support, understanding, and prayers underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for collective efforts to secure peace in the region.

As the Gaza-Israel conflict enters its 43rd day, a surprising turn of events unfolded with the arrival of rain in the region. Reporting from Israel, I, Y. Pinto, detail the impact of this weather phenomenon on the ongoing military operations. Initially expected to impede Israeli maneuvers in muddy soil, the rain instead flooded Hamas terror tunnels, resulting in the drowning of multiple terrorists. Some sought refuge in Hamas buildings, inadvertently revealing their locations to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) surveillance. Subsequently, IDF operations targeted and destroyed these identified locations in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

In a strategic move, IDF special forces uncovered a 20-meter-deep underground tunnel in Gaza City, aiming to establish a long-term operational base. To neutralize the tunnel threat, two drones were deployed. The first drone exploded on the blast door defending terrorists within, while the second penetrated deep into the tunnel, eliminating the hidden threat. Another operation targeted a military base belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a group operating alongside Hamas and supported by Iran. Within this location, the IDF discovered a weapons manufacturing facility producing missiles and other armaments. Additionally, a tank used for training terrorists in capturing Israeli tanks was found. During this operation, an RPG rocket was fired towards IDF forces from a nearby courtroom close to a hospital, prompting swift identification and neutralization by IDF helicopters.

The IDF's ability to identify Hamas operating areas is emphasized, as they are often situated in civilian buildings such as hospitals, schools, and kindergartens, exploiting the international recognition of these sites as off-limits during war. In the ongoing conflict along the northern front with Lebanon, IDF forces continue to target locations from which Hezbollah operatives launch attacks against Israeli civilians and troops. The fight persists, and a call for international solidarity is made. The article underscores the challenges faced by Israeli families waiting for their loved ones serving in the IDF, emphasizing the collective need for prayers and support during these uncertain times. The narrative urges readers to share the realities of the situation in Israel and emphasizes the country's determination to restore security by neutralizing the threat posed by Hamas.


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