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Health Benefits of Champagne

Learning the health benefits of champagne will have you popping the bubbly more often than just special occasions.

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Wine and beer have been known to be great for one's health, as long as it's in moderation. Regular beer drinking has been shown to be great for creativity, digestive health, and even bone. Wine, on the other hand, has been famous for helping to delay aging, fighting free radicals, and more. Even vodka has been cited as great for health—or, at least, great as a disinfectant.

Champagne health benefits, though, are generally not very well known by people. However, just because most people don't know about the health benefits of champagne doesn't mean that there are no health perks to drinking some bubbly from time to time.

Studies have shown that champagne can be a healthy indulgence—once in a while. Here are some of the bigger perks of loving the bubbly stuff that you might have never guessed.

It's a sex drive booster.

Most alcoholic beverages might boost sex drive from time to time, but they also will cause you to run the risk of the dreaded "whiskey dick" symptom. Studies have shown that champagne is far less likely to cause blood flow issues and lethargy in drinkers. As a result, champagne can boost libido, unlike many other alcoholic drinks out there.

But, before you reach for bubbly, you might want to take this with a grain of salt. Of all the health benefits of champagne you'll read about, this one is the most founded in anecdotal evidence. Yes, some studies have suggested it works—but even so, moderation is key.

Champagne drinking can improve memory.

A study conducted by Reading University showed that rats that drank champagne every day were able to remember the way to the finish line in a maze more frequently than rats that stayed sober. The study suggests that champagne might boost brain function, and could actually help delay the onset of dementia.

Findings were boosted when they studied two of the grapes that make champagne. Scientists are now saying that three glasses of champagne a week can "help delay the onset of degenerative brain disorders, such as dementia."

It improves heart health.

One of the things you may notice about the health benefits of champagne is that they are very similar to the perks found in wines. This is because champagne is a form of wine.

All wines have antioxidants in them, which in turn can protect blood vessels from damage. Wines can also lower cholesterol—another crucial factor to heart health. This is why drinking champagne tends to be linked to better heart health, lower chances of heart attacks, and lower chances of stroke.

Champagne can also be used as a skin aid.

Most people know that wine is good for your skin—both applying it topically and drinking it. The skin health benefits of champagne are quite similar, and that's because the ingredients that go into champagne also are found in wines.

Free radical-fighting antioxidants help reduce wrinkles. Champagne also works as a great toner, and if you splash it on your face, it also can help reduce acne-causing bacteria.

Champagne also is lower in calories than wine.

Champagne is one of those drinks that is not as sinful as it looks for a number of reasons. The standard glass that champagne drinkers use will contain fewer ounces than a standard wine glass. When you pour champagne and wine into their respective standard glasses, the calories are therefore lowered.

A glass of champagne (in a flute) will only give you around 80 calories per serving. A glass of wine (in a wine glass) will cost you around 120 calories per serving. Ergo, champagne is the better option if you're looking to lose weight. The lower calories are one of the best health benefits of champagne.


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