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Blueberry Bourbon Sour

by Hannah B 2 months ago in cocktails

For when you feel like being a fancy bitch

Blueberry Bourbon Sour
Jim Beam is not a sponsor but they can feel free to send me a bottle any day!

I'm really not much of a drinker-- I got all the partying and fun out of the way between the ages of 17 and 21. By "partying" I mean I drank enough to have lasted an entire lifetime, and by "fun" I mean mostly not at all fun times, a lot of being hit on by creeps, forgetting a lot of details of my evenings, and a lot of throwing up. So you may already be thinking I have no business telling you how to make a delicious cocktail but I guess that's your business. So let's both just mind our own, shall we?

During my 5 years minoring in alcoholism in University, I sort of ruined the chance of me ever enjoying various spirits ever again without immediately thinking of how sick they've made me, or how sick I feel thinking about what man I was concerning myself with at the time. Let's just say they were the vodka SLIME's of the man world. I can't really do vodka, wine, rosè, or spiced rum without cringing at every sip. I am mostly embarrassed of how much I bought in to the glorified alcoholic culture of college life, but am happy to say I've learned from my mistakes and dialed back shotgunning warm beers. I also had this obsession with Amaretto liqueur and would just drink it straight, warm, in a solo cup. Yeah, I basically created class. So, I'll say it again, I sort of ruined alcohol for myself.

The good news is, all of the alcohol I ruined was gross and basic anyway. I didn't ruin Bourbon, though. And when I want the occasional cocktail, this is exactly what I crave. I never thought I would ever be THAT girl that does the whole "i'm a rugged, downhome, baseball tee and ripped jeans, I'll take whiskey over wine" thing but... here I am shaking up my sours while my friends drink white claw. To each their own-- but this one is for my bourbon lovers!

I'm honestly not entirely sure how a drink can be adorable... but if they can, this is it.

Blueberry Bourbon Sour

1. Into a shaker add:

-1 shot bourbon (or as many as you like-- you do you!)

-Juice of half a large lemon (and seriously buy one of those stupid $3 lemon juicers at the grocery store. It is so worth it to not have to pick out the damn seeds)

-1 egg white (Trust me-- without this you are not making a sour. You are making... shit.)

-2 shots of your blueberry simple syrup*. (I like mine to be pretty berry-y, but you can just do one shot if you'd rather it have more whiskey flavour to it.)

2. Dry shake all of this (no ice) first. It helps to incorporate the egg white much better for the rich texture we want in our drink.

3. THEN we add ice and shake again-- this gives us the pretty foam cap on top and makes it nice and cold of course.

4. Serve immediately-- I like to pop my cocktail glass in the freezer a little before to keep it cool-- we don't want any ice watering this bad boy down.

*Simple syrup is the easiest thing in the world to make. You can make this any flavour, too-- just add whatever berry or fruit you want!! All you have to do is:

Bring 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 1 cup of blueberries (or whatever the hell you want) all stirred together to a boil, then turn down the heat and continue to cook on a simmer for about 20 minutes. Strain this into a jar. Bam. Simple Syrup.

That's it. You have a delicious, pink, bourbon sour. Enjoy while listening to stereotypical country music anthems about being whiskey in a tea cup or some shit like that.

Enjoy Responsibly! Or not. I'm not your mother.

Hannah B
Hannah B
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