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A Comprehensive List of the “Best” and “Worst” Drinks for Your Smile

by Grand Dental 10 days ago in science
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Drinks That Are Smile-Friendly (& The Ones That Aren’t!)

Do you love catching up with your friends on the weekend over a cocktail? Do you enjoy unwinding after a long day of work with a glass of wine? Don’t worry – you don’t have to stick to water for the sake of your oral health. With that being said, it can be beneficial to be aware of the “best” and “worst” drinks when it comes to your smile. To learn what they are, keep reading!

First, Let’s Discuss How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

Before sharing the “best” and “worst” drinks, it’s important to share how alcohol affects your teeth. In short, there are three ways it can negatively impact your oral health: staining, dry mouth, and tooth decay. While the first can take a toll on your confidence, the other two are serious oral health concerns that can negatively impact both the look and function of your smile. So, even with the “best” drinks, it’s a good idea to enjoy them in moderation.

3 of the “Worst” Drinks for Your Teeth

Pertaining to your oral health, there are some drinks that are “worse” than others, including:

  • Rum and Coke – While this drink is easy to put together, it’s loaded with sugar. Plus, the dark-colored liquid can quickly cause your once-white teeth to turn yellow or brown. If you can, opt for a sugar-free variety and use a straw!
  • Vodka Red Bull – Red Bulls are one of the biggest culprits of cavities. Why? As a dentist, I can tell you that it’s in part because patients are often unaware of just how much sugar is in energy drinks! Plus, alcohol and energy drinks aren’t the best combination for your overall health either, so it’s best to avoid this one altogether.
  • Bloody Mary – A brunchtime staple, the acidic nature of this beverage can result in enamel erosion. Adding lemon juice to the equation just makes it worse. Furthermore, the deep red color of the tomato juice can quickly turn your teeth yellow. As a result, it’s a good idea to pass on this beverage or use a straw when you do indulge to protect your teeth.

3 of the “Best” Drinks for Your Teeth

Now that we’ve shared what drinks you shouldn’t get, let’s discuss the more smile-friendly alternatives:

  • Light Beer – Did you know that light beer is less acidic, and that water is a core ingredient? It’s true! Even better, it won’t discolor your teeth as much as darker beers.
  • Gin & Tonic – There are several benefits to ordering a gin and tonic: there is less acid, it’s clear, and the ice waters it down even more. So, you can enjoy your drink without worrying about your smile!
  • White wine – If you prefer wine over beer and cocktails, then opt for a white wine. As you may have guessed, the light color makes it less likely to stain your teeth. While the acidic nature means you should continue to indulge in moderation, it’s a better alternative to red wine.

How To: Protect Your Smile

From dental discoloration to tooth decay, it’s important to remember that a solid preventive care regimen can do wonders. With this in mind, here are a few best practices to implement:

  • Enjoy your drink with a glass of water
  • Brush your teeth about 20 minutes after finishing your drink
  • Eat plenty of nutrient-dense meals throughout the day
  • Keep your consumption of added sugar to a minimum
  • Avoid unhealthy dental habits, like smoking
  • Get a dental checkup and cleaning every six months

Healthy teeth do so much more than help you smile confidently; they also help you enjoy all of your favorite meals and communicate clearly with your friends and family. So, don’t take them for granted! Instead, keep the above best practices in mind and opt for the “best” drinks whenever possible.


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