10 Cocktails You Can Make with Energy Drinks

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Does Red Bull give you wings? These cocktails you can make with energy drinks will send you over the moon.

10 Cocktails You Can Make with Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and alcohol are a very controversial combination, with much of the worry focused on the alleged health problems that energy drinks can have.

Some claim that it's a dangerous combo that can mess with your heart and exacerbate the effects of alcohol. Others, such as myself, just find it to be an amazingly fun way to add some caffeine to your bar room blitz. The jury's still out on safety.

Personally, I adore energy drinks. I legitimately can't get enough of them—even when I'm out at my favorite clubs. As a result of my clubbing exploits, I became a master of cocktails made with energy drinks like Red Bull or Celsius.

If you want to try to kick it like this caffeinated club kid, take a look at my list of favorite cocktails you can make with energy drinks.

If you're American, this cocktail is probably totally off your radar. If you're British, it's a different story. You already probably had this drink at a club.

You see, there are a lot of simple cocktails you can make with energy drinks that just involve mixing vodka with the energy drink of your choice. Vodka as the liquor of choice rarely changes. What changes, though, is the energy drink of choice.

Vodka-Red Bulls are common stateside. In the UK, most bars prefer Pussy as their favorite drink. It's a lot lighter, less sugary, and slightly more citrusy. I'm a fan.


This is a drink I personally don't enjoy drinking, but love seeing how rocked it gets people who do. A Monstermeister is basically a Jäger bomb with Monster added into it.

It's 10 ounces of Monster Energy Drink, two ounces of Jäger, and two ounces of mango-flavored rum. Be careful with this drink; it really does turn some people into party monsters.

Do you like drinking a screwdriver? The orange juice-vodka mix is a classic that has yet to be beat, in my opinion. Thankfully, energy drinks tend to go very well with both ingredients.

The Electric Screwdriver is a good choice for fans of citrus. I've noticed that there are quite a few recipes for cocktails you can make with energy drinks that claim to be an Electric Screwdriver.

This recipe above is a good start, and I'd strongly suggest it with a Red Bull Lime. That said, I usually just mix equal parts vodka, OJ, and Red Bull to make my own.

Mr. Incredible

Do you love a good Jack and coke? The Mr. Incredible is a shot that uses a quarter of an ounce each of Monster and whiskey, topped off with Coca-Cola. It'll be right up your alley.

This is an energy drink cocktail that definitely packs a powerful punch. That said, it's another shot that might be an acquired taste, so try not to use the best sipping whiskeys you may have on hand unless you know you're serving an aficionado.

If you partied in clubs during the 2000s, then you are probably already well-acquainted with this drink. Personally, it was the bane of my existence in the club scene, primarily because I couldn't drink it without it burning a little too much.

The recipe is simple: Jäger and Red Bull. The outcome of ingesting one is not always simple. There's a reason why a Jäger bomb song exists after all, and drinking like a champion is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

The Loch Ness Monster

When I hit the club, I usually avoid certain drinks unless I'm looking to get completely plastered. The Loch Ness Monster is one such drink, and though I am a heavy drinker, this is truly a "one and done" type of drink for me. In fact, I really wouldn't suggest drinking it all in one go.

This daring recipe mixes an ounce each of Monster Energy Drink, spiced rum, tequila, amaretto, vodka, gin, blue Curacao, light rum, Chambord raspberry, Midori, and Malibu coconut rum.

One of these drinks will be enough to make most drinkers forget where they placed their tree-fiddy.

This is a drink that I'm very fond of for two reasons:

  1. I love Hpnotiq.
  2. I love the way this drink glows a bright green under UV light.

Making it is also a cinch, which is why I consider it to be one of the best cocktails you can make with energy drinks. It's just two ounces of Hpnotiq, one ounce of Red Bull, and one ounce of vodka.

Mm. By Green Lantern's light, is it ever amazing!

The Wake Up, Sunshine!

This is my own invention, and also happens to be a personal favorite of mine. To make it, you're going to need a can of Red Bull Coconut, an ounce of orange liqueur, and a small glass of dry sparkling wine.

Pour the orange liqueur into the sparkling wine. Add an ounce of Red Bull Coconut, and don't stir. Sip it, and let yourself get giddy with the bubbles and beautiful golden hue.

Need something that will help keep you awake on the dance floor and hopefully loosen up your inhibitions enough for you to get laid? A lot of my friends swear by the Viagra Cocktail.

Making this blue-green drink is relatively simple. You just need to combine an ounce of vodka to a half-ounce of blue Curacao. Then, just top it off with some Red Bull.

The Afterparty

Most cocktails you can make with energy drinks will involve single servings, but not this doozie. This was an invention of a friend of mine who ran out of mixers at his afterparty. He was able to make a large cocktail punch bowl that got a bunch of us plastered.

The Afterparty consists of two Monster Absolute Zeros, half a large bottle of orange juice, three ounces of rum, and one bottle of champagne. I happen to like it and think it's one of the best big batch cocktails made with rum, most others seem to wince about it.

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