Drinking Like a Champion

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Life saving cocktails and life changing tips for drinkers .

Drinking Like a Champion

For those of us who drink, we usually either tend to go to a full extreme or not partake at all. There are a small number of people who actually use that weird little word some of us know as "moderation", and it's those people who tend to do hold themselves better. But in the end, we should just face the cold hard truth. If you are going to drink, then you should drink like a champion and be smart at the same time. And most people think "Oh! I get hangovers and whatnot when I drink" but trust me about this one, there is a way around most of this but we will get to that later. (It's most certainly worth the wait.)

Do not get me wrong, there are most certainly those of you who SHOULD NOT DRINK AT ALL. Those people who get mad and angry while drunk, or those people who are obnoxious and will land your ass in a jail cell for the night just because of one drunken shout out to a police officer. But there are also those people who can keep a calm and cool collective about themselves and know how to have proper drunken demeanor. Yeah, we're all going to say some stupid stuff that we will usually regret the next morning but that just comes with the territory.

Remember back when you were a child and did not need any substance at all in order to do stupid stuff? Yeah, it was nice wasn't it? Back then, we were able to smile at just about anything, and being bored or sad was hardly as easy as it is in your adulthood. But that's the part of growing up that nobody like's to face. And it's one of the most hallowing feelings in the entire world. But thankfully, THE GODS GAVE US ALCOHOL!

But why do we drink?

When we get down to it, why exactly do we drink? So we can get a break from that mind numbing job? So we can escape the reality of crushing debt or possibly that our marriage or relationship is slowly falling apart? Chances are, as long as you are not one of those "mean drunks" I mentioned earlier, alcohol is not going to be your reason for life crashing down around you unless YOU LET IT! Letting anything in this world take control of you is exactly how you end up wasting away with nothing to show, whether it be your better half, gambling, or drugs. You can moderate all you want but if you're hurting bad enough, you are going to be constantly looking for an escape thus you have addicts and junkies. But there is most certainly a silver lining and you are alive ONCE! You don't get a do-over. You won't get any extra lives and I highly doubt you're a cat reading this right now with nine lives. (though I may be wrong)

We are put on this planet to do a few things in our short life span. To make others smile, raise a family, to protect our children as our future generation, protect those who cannot protect themselves, leave behind something great on this earth whether it be your child or a global contribution, and to make ourselves happy which is ultimately one of the biggest ones we miss out on. What's the point of living if we cannot make ourselves smile here and there? I know the whole ride won't be pleasant but we can control more than we realize by our attitude and thought process. Drinking here and there can sometimes lift that veil to let you see things as a child again, and sometimes that's exactly what people need. So to those who think alcohol is not therapeutic, I laugh in your general direction.

So how exactly do we go about drinking without letting it ruin our lives? Well, that part can be tricky depending on your specific situation but for most people it's making sure you are drinking with a friend you know can handle themselves, trying not to drink alone too much, drinking what you KNOW will not completely disagree with your body, and most importantly not killing yourself with such a potent drink or hopping into a car while you can hardly keep your head up or the vomit off of your shirt. Drinking until you become a complete idiot is usually how most people go wrong to be completely honest. So I'm going to share a few cocktails that will really save your butt as well as a few tips to keep you from regretting the entire night you had before. Let's get started.

The Ottawa Apple

This cocktail is by far my all time favorite as it's never done me wrong and gets me EXACTLY where I want to be each and every time. Not to mention it's one of the easiest drinks to make and it won't break the bank or your stomach lining for that matter. The cranberry juice also helps to prevent hangovers or stomach issues as it helps the liver and kidneys process the liquor being shoveled into your body. That's why this will ALWAYS be at the top of my list. All you will need is:
  • Cranberry juice
  • Maple Whisky of your choice (Mine is Cabin Fever)
Literally, that's it.

Unless you want to add an extra kick to your drink, go out and purchase yourself some "Apple infusion" from your local liquor store and use regular cranberry juice in place of the other. I prefer cranapple as its better on the pockets and still tastes incredibly amazing.

The Negroni

This one is for you heavy drinkers who want a classy drink that tastes amazing and still packs a whole lot of PUNCH. It's bitter, sweet, and oh so full of alcohol and will warm your spirits as well as leave you with nothing more than a good time.

All you will need is:

  • 1 oz London dry gin
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth
  • 1 oz Campari

Stir with ice for 20-30 seconds. Strain into a glass and garnish with an orange peel as that's the way you're "supposed" to drink it. Be careful though, as this drink can and WILL have you on your ass in a matter of minutes if you let it. You've been warned.

The Habibi Daiquiri

This twist on a classic requires a blender or an open imagination but will surely be one of the most inspiring cold drinks you've ever put your face into and for good reason. It's sweet and somehow one of the easiest drinks to sip down without any negative effects and will make you wish you could always have one while out at the beach or even just while watching television.

All you will need is:
  • Rum of your choice
  • Sweet and sour mix
  • Frozen or fresh strawberries
  • Orange blossom water (optional but highly recommended)

One part rum, 2 parts sweet and sour mix, 1 part strawberry puree, blend with ice and top with a small amount of orange blossom water or substitute with something of similar flavor. You could honestly use any orange flavored water you can find but you'll want that floral essence that orange blossom water has more than anything.

Drinking can be very fun but feeling like crap afterward is most certainly the complete opposite of fun. There are a few surefire ways to prevent that ugly hangover from lingering over you the next morning so I thought I'd give you these little tips to prevent a morning of regret.

My Top 10 Hangover Prevention Tips

  1. Eat a burger or something fatty before drinking and never drink on an empty stomach. That's how you kill your stomach lining.
  2. Don't drink Champagne, The bubbles may help alcohol absorption but they leave an exceptionally bad hangover.
  3. Drink slower and don't chug. I know you want to be drunk in a matter of minutes but you need higher alcohol content, less swiftness.
  4. Take a multivitamin an hour or two before drinking. You'll just have to trust me on this one.
  5. Choose Juice EVERY TIME instead of using soda. I promise you that you'll thank me in the long run.
  6. Drink water but make sure not to overdo it. Too much water can and will be a problem the next morning.
  7. I know this one can be hard for a lot, but don't smoke as much or at all if you can help it while drinking. A study was taken to show that users who smoke heavily while drinking ended up with a SEVERE hangover.
  8. Make sure to get top shelf if you can afford it as the higher quality of liquor, the more it was filtered to remove toxins and impurities. It's not high brow, it's common sense.
  9. Grab a Gatorade or something similar for the morning after.
  10. This one is the most important and goes without saying but, GET SLEEP!

Alcohol messes with our second cycle of sleep which is right about the time that stupid sun comes out to rise. So rest up before drinking.

We don't all have to be THAT guy. MASTER YOUR CRAFT!

What it boils down to in the end is that alcohol does not define or control us but it lowers our inhibitions and that little voice in our head that whispers to us "This is a bad idea." So we tend to act like children while intoxicated but hey, that's the reason we drink isn't it? Just follow these friendly little reminders I've provided you with and play things safe but remember to be a champion when you drink so the people who cannot take care of themselves will have someone with amazing drunk demeanor that can watch out and make sure they don't say the wrong thing to the wrong person, or step into a vehicle while they cannot even see that they are hugging a tree instead of an actual person. We all have that friend, and it's our job to be responsible and knowledgeable about what we're getting loaded off of. So drink smart, stay smart, and you'll never wake up with a horrible headache and genitalia drawn on your cheek with a sharpie.

Chris Cori
Chris Cori
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