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Why is the LGBTQ Hated?

The Oppression of the LGBTQ Explained

By Social ThinkerPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Background of the LGBTQ

Almost every kind of civilization throughout history, except a few, has always looked at those who are LGBTQ with contempt, suspicion, and hate. These very sentiments, among most human groups, have been felt most strongly by religions, especially the Abrahamic religions. One of these religions, known as Islam, will punish those who are LGBTQ by stoning them, hanging them, or throwing them off high buildings to kill them.

Even the socially conservative communities both today and during human history have had unfriendly opinions about those who were not heterosexual and such unfriendly outlooks toward the LGBTQ still exist in many countries today such as Russia, The Middle East, and Africa.

But all of this anti-LBGTQ behavior and sentiment among these regions of the world as well as historical communities will certainly compel us to wonder why such attitudes towards the LGBTQ have existed or continue to exist despite the progress that has been made, mostly in the Western world, to eliminate such hate from the minds of people to make humanity more “open and accepting” of other people. The answers to these very questions are what we intend to find in this paper.

The LGBTQ Perspective.

The Western world often views itself proudly as the bastion of social progress where anyone from any race, religion, ethnic group, and sexuality is welcome as a fellow member of society. This massive amalgamation of humans from different backgrounds, from a Western viewpoint, is never considered harmful, dangerous, or even threatening because those who hold these views have one thing in common. They are all individualistic which means that they will view other people as mere individuals whose background on the aforementioned identities of said human simply do not matter.

While this very disregard for a person’s identity or background is not necessarily harmful on an individual level since all individualistic people are mostly those who have mutual respect for such individuality and which can also lead to an inclination to criminal behavior, sometimes the individuality of some people is what defines their background. This is exactly what those who are LGBTQ are and the reasons behind this are quite simple. Sexuality itself is known for ton have two aspects among humans as well as any other life form on Earth. Those two aspects ios the reproduction of life through sexual means and the personal pleasure that comes with the very act of sexual reproduction.

Among those who are heterosexual; both aspects of human sexuality are present meaning that heterosexuals can engage in sexual activity for the purpose of human reproduction and pleasure while those who are of alternate sexuality, except bisexuals to some extent, can only engage in sexual acuity for the purposes of pleasure. This means that sexual acts that occur among the LBGT can only be interpersonal acts of pleasure and because of the lack of reproduction, these said sexual acts can never amount to a proper relationship that can eventually form a family and thus remains as merely acts of interpersonal pleasure. This isn't to say that those who are LGBTQ are incapable of raising children as I am sure that they can feel the same kind of love for children as any heterosexual would but the inherent individuality that comes from the sexuality of those who are LGBTQ can lead to drastically different circumstances for themselves and their children.

The individuality that comes from non-heterosexual, and to some extent bisexual, sexual identities directly means that whenever an LGBTQ relationship is created, usually between those of the same sex, the relationship is one that, like a heterosexual one, is built on mutual sexual gratification and eventually empathy, But since the sexuality of LGBTQ people is based only on pleasure; the relationships that have been created by LGBTQ individuals will break apart when one partner feels sexually dissatisfied or sexually drawn to someone else of the same sexuality they will make a serious and decisive effort to leave their current partner to find new people to engage with sexually and the same can also occur with the other partner as well.

But when it comes to having children; such breakups between LGBTQ people must not happen so often because both partners should certainly feel love for their child and will do anything they can to raise them into proper members of society? While this previous statement is certainly right it does not show the whole picture. This individuality can also lead some LGBTQ people to draw teenagers, and sometimes even children, toward them to manipulate them into engaging in sexual activity with them and subsequently draw them into the LGBTQ sphere of influence to “grow” the LGBT community so that there are more younger people to engage within for more interpersonal gratification,

However, a child is raised by an LGBT couple,, the upbringing of said child is one where they are raising an individual person who is not a member of any kind of group, especially the LGBT group since sexuality doesn't develop until puberty, the child will therefore grow into an individualistic person who will be drawn into personal pleasures of their own as well as develop deep-rooted self-interests which can put them at odds with societal or group interests.

But such individuality s not a problem within the highly individualistic West where behavior is geared more towards mutual safety for every person within society although a high sense of individuality can certainly put others in danger that cross said individual “the wrong way”. The children of LGBT couples are more likely to fall into this high sense of individuality, which can also lead to criminal or abusive behavior with others, because of their upbringing by individualistic people.

The individuality that is present among LGBT couples also can lead to a high likelihood of abuse and interpersonal crimes because of a lack of group unity among LGBTQ people who can only form a community of people who only seek mutual sexual gratification which once again ultimately comes from their own sexuality.

The Opposing Perspective

All these acts of individuality that can occur among LGBTQ people and their children can obviously still occur among those who are heterosexual as well because heterosexuals can also grow sexually dissatisfied with their sexual partner and raise their children as individuals and abuse their partners as well. But the difference between heterosexual individuality and LGBT individuality is that heterosexuals are individualistic by choice whereas LGBTQ individuality is not by choice but by the constitution of their sexuality. The individuality that occurs among those who are heterosexuals can have their individuality potentially mitigated or suppressed by the actions of a human group whose members have unified into one entity; something which the LGBTQ cannot do for the aforementioned reason of their own individuality that comes with their sexual identity

The fact that this inclination toward individuality is etched in the very sexuality; such individuals are therefore quite incompatible with human groups that are not based on loose interpersonal unions so other individual humans, as well as other LGBTQ people, are socially compatible with those who are LGBTQ while those who are part of a human group with unified individuals are not socially compatible with said people because of the inherent individuality that defines those who are LGBTQ. This single reason is why people, who have been part of some kind f a group for most of history, have always oppressed and hated those who were LGBT as anything that is individualistic is bound to break up and subsequently destroy the unity of said human groups by spreading individuality through social or sexual influence brought about by LGBTQ people towards a human group.

These very circumstances between a group, composed of unified individuals, and those who are sexually individualistic is the very reason why being LGBTQ is illegal and punishable by death by countries whose governments and people have a strong sense of group unity among them which, due to the individualistic influences of the West, constantly needs to be enforced which is certainly not the case in the Western world.

So, those who are LGBTQ can live among those who promote and are individualistic while those who are more oriented around a human group will view LGBTQ people as problematic. The statement “it is okay to be gay” really means that as an individual with no allegiance to any human group past and present I find your sexual orientation to not be problematic towards me as your sexuality is something that you keep to yourself. The other view of “it is not okay to be gay” is pushed by those who wish to keep the LGBTQ out of their own communities because the individualistic nature of the LGBTQ will draw them to push that same individuality among us and even draw our own members towards their own hands to influence and use them for sexual pleasure.

These are the ultimate viewpoints that unbridled individuals and human group members have respectively toward the LGBTQ. But regardless of whatever viewpoint that anyone may hold towards these people, they are still individual humans with individual interests just like those who are heterosexual and while it is understandable why human groups may hate them for their own reasons while individuals with no group allegiance will instead love or tolerate them; those who are LGBTQ are still people who just happen to be of an alternate sexual orientation and identity.


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