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The Truth About the Trans-Agenda

The implications of this agenda to America

By Iris HarrisPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
The Truth About the Trans-Agenda
Photo by Hope House Press - Leather Diary Studio on Unsplash

With the Halloween season finally coming to an end, America must now prepare for the scariest season of all: Midterm Elections. The Republicans still celebrating their victory of abortion bans and the power to control over half the population on what they are allowed to do with their bodies, have continue to set the sights on the next target. Trans-rights. The reason behind the urgency to put a dead halt on Americans (particularly children) right to live authentically is to clash with the alleged “Trans-Agenda.” What is this “Trans-Agenda?”

Many conservatives have made it clear where they stand on the issue of trans-rights, they are against it. Their belief is “God” created man and made no mistakes when it came to a person’s biological sex identity. If you were born male, it was the will of God and you should be grateful for what was provided to you. Likewise if you were born female. The ideology of gender being a social construct remains a foreign concept in this belief system, in spite of the fact that many indigenous cultures accepted a third gender before colonization. As the country braces for the results of the election, a subtle dark cloud of fear hovers over.

The “Trans-Agenda.” According to whom you speak to, it could simply be trying to convert Americans away from traditional gender norms and making women into men and vice-versa. Additionally, the plan wants biologically born men to self claim a female identity in order to invade women's spaces to satisfy whatever twisted desires they have. Finally, the agenda is targeting the country’s youngest citizens to question their biological birth sex in order to prey upon them, like deranged animals.

It seems many conservative strongly believe there is some secret society where all transgender people gather and plot out their means to take over the world, one child at a time. How would an outlandish group like that ever be able to exist and what exactly would transpire in the meetings? The only method of knowing is to enter the land of make believe.

Somewhere in America

By Stephen Radford on Unsplash

“Here ye here ye, my fellow Trans-people. We gather today to discuss our plans to overtake the country. Let’s review what we have so far,” The president of the SSTGCC (Secret Society of TransGender Conversion Coalition) speaks through the microphone to a small crowd of 44 members. Shortly after the address, a woman with bulging biceps steps forward to the podium to speak.

“Ms, er I mean, Mr. President, sir, so far we have continued to anger the southern states with just our presence. Apparently, simply existing in society is more of a threat than actually doing anything threatening. More bills to force people to occupy restrooms aligned to their birth sex have popped up. I believe if we continue to throw in genderfluid folx, it should create an uproar.”

“Hmmm, interesting idea,” the president ponders, “ok, initiate, but make sure the genderfluid group is more masculine looking to really ensure uneasiness.”

“Um, that could be a problem. Most genderfluid folx do not look very ‘masculine’ they fit more into the androgynous category. Very difficult to determine which gender they are, hence-”

“Genderfluid, yea, I get it,” the president concludes. “Fine, let’s think, what could we focus on next to rattle the country?”

A small hand pierces the heavy air.

The president notices the hand and acknowledges the owner.“You, in the back, what say you?”

A person rises up, but the spotlight covers their features completely. “The children. What about the children? Perhaps, if we can convince the children they are not who they were told they were then…”

“…then we can covert more into our folds and finally overcome the cis-genders! Brilliant!” The president slams his fist on the lectern and jumps with exuberance. “I love it!”

“Of course! It’s brilliant, sir. Then these conservative minded people could confuse us with groomers and eventually pin that name on us as well, right?”


Return to Reality

Is this what people really think is happening in some seedy dark location in I-Don’t-Know Where, America? If you find this scene completely unbelievable and absurd, that’s because it is. However, to deny that there is no “Trans-Agenda” would also be inaccurate. There is and the plan is much less complicated than what many may be imagining.

The Trans-Agenda has absolutely nothing to do with taking over the country. Simply looking at the numbers will point out there are very few Trans-people in America to create a noticeable dent in the population. The plan would never invade another American’s safety, in public or otherwise. Finally, the agenda’s focus is not about converting or confusing children. The Trans-Agenda is simple about living authentically in happiness.

A human, regardless of gender, age, religious belief and background, race, etc, deserves the right to live their life to the fullest and happiest they can make it. If a child becomes aware of who they are, that child should be granted the right to happiness, especially if it means allowing them gender affirming care. The results of the mid-term elections could strip that right away from the few handful of children who are already teetering on the thought of suicide and other forms of depression. Parents who recognize their own flesh and blood’s unhappiness should not be penalized for the decision to fight for their child’s life. This is the dark horror of the midterm elections.

Presently there are an extensive amount of bills targeting the trans-youth, denying them health care and access to a full childhood. Some of these bills are written: those who have undergone a certain gender’s puberty will not be allowed to participate in sports of the opposite gender. Simultaneously restricting access to the gender affirming care to block a child from experiencing the less desirable puberty. For example, if a child assigned male realizes they are female within the first five years of life, but denied access to puberty blockers because of the state’s law, then they will not be able to play academic sports with their peers because of male puberty.

If state legislatures are going to ignore the science behind transitioning from one gender to another, then make reasonable and sensible bills that align to your desired outcome. Should the requirement for participating on a male high school sports team be undergoing male puberty, then allow all the young trans-men access to the affirming health care and vice-versa for the females.

Trans-people will not be erased, hidden, or ignored. Similar to their indigenous counterparts, they are equally essential to our society as cis-gender people are. They do not wish any harm or ill upon others even when they are the target of hate and ignorance repeatedly. They only want to live their lives in peace and happiness, while expressing who they have always been. Happy Trans-Awareness Month.


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