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Spotted Chameleon

by A. Lusch 3 months ago in Identity
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Asher Lusch

Spotted Chameleon
Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

I walk between worlds

I'm no longer afraid

There's always a divide

Men on one side

Women the other

Walking down any aisle

I easily gauge any judgement

I walk between worlds I know how to slide by

When to quicken the pace

When to stand tall

Each and every man or woman: black bear or cobra?

As I walk between worlds

I pause when I'm free

When the cryptic coloration swirls down the drain

All of my colors shine

The entire spectrum of light

From red to violet, and green

I cherish this vessel

NO question in who I am

But as I've lived I've learned

How to swivel and swerve passing easily

as a HIM or a HER

It's so much easier to simply walk, not talk

Between worlds.


About the author

A. Lusch

Non-Binary author

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