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John and Raphael in I don't Care

John asks Raphael out, but Raphael freaks out, thinking that he's not worth being his boyfriend because he's trans.

By Ben RSPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
The title over the top of a bouquet of pink and orange roses.

Raphael and I were walking down a forest trail. Since Raphael doesn't like to be around people, a secluded trail was a perfect place for us to hang out. I looked at him and the way the sunlight hit his peaceful smiling face, was nothing short of amazing, I was completely in love with him, I have been for a while. I couldn't keep that to myself I had to tell him.

"Hey, Raphael," I chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of my neck. He turned to look at me and I almost got lost in his indigo eyes, I needed to tell him I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Raphael I want you to know that you can say no, but, I like you, like, a lot, would you like to go out with me?" with that he ran into the thick of the woods, I stood there in shock. I'm not normally the one to overthink, that was Raphael's domain, but my mind was working overtime trying to figure out what to do. Do I go home and leave him alone? Do I follow him to see what's up? I probably should follow him, so I can at least talk to him even if he won't tell me why he ran off. Knowing him, He's probably embarrassed by running away and his anxiety will stop him from talking to me, I followed him looking for a trail of footprints and broken twigs. Eventually, I found him, sitting in a small clearing, crying. What have I done!

"Raphael, what's wrong?" I whispered, only loud enough for him to hear, I didn't want to scare him, he looked up eyes brimming with tears. It took all of my willpower not to pick up the smaller boy and hold him against my broad chest. I'd do anything to see him smile again.

"Y-you don't want t- to date m-me, you d-deserve someone better" he stuttered. I sat down a bit less than half a meter away. close but not too close.

"Of course I do, you're super smart, and creative, and sensitive, and care about those close to you, and youre one of the bravest people I know," I smiled.

He shook his head, "I don't kn-know where you came up w-with all of those things," he muttered, "you must be thinking of someone else, my grades may be good but I still feel like I'm failing everything, and I'm not brave, I'm always afraid and-and I'm-"

I cut him off I couldn't take hearing him talk about himself like that, "Stop that, that's my best friend your talking about!" this earned me a small chuckle, he has the most adorable laugh, which brought a smile to my face. "I don't care what your mean mind is telling you. I think that your perfect and I want to be your boyfriend."

He looked away from me "Th-there's something you d-don't know about me that w-will change your mi-ind. I'm I'm trans," he looked away his whole body tense.

"And I don't care!" I firmly stated.

"But you're gay and-and I don't have my b-body isn't-" oh no he's crying again!

"Yeah I'm gay and you're a guy," he looked up at me with puffy eyes. "'I didn't fall in love with you because of your body, I fell in love with you for you," I smiled.

"Really," his eyes were full of hope, "I like you too, I but you're so much better than me and I have a girl's body and I was afraid-"

I cut him off by pulling him into my arms and placing him on my lap. "And I don't care, it's your body and your a boy so you have a boy's body all that stuff is my problem not yours, not that your ever a problem," and I kissed his forehead, and he turned bright red.

"I'm so sorry I should have asked first!" the apology stumbled out of my mouth.

"No, I liked it, your lips are soft," he whispered.

"Would you like me to kiss you anywhere else," I grinned, giving him complete control over the situation. I've never kissed anyone, and I don't think he has either, and I just want him to be comfortable. His face was almost glowing red as he hesitantly pointed to his mouth. I pressed my lips against his, it was simply a closed-mouth kiss, his lips were a little chapped, but it felt magical. After some more kisses, we happily just sat there, with me holding him curled against me.

"Raphael, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but, I have a question about you being trans," he nodded into my chest, I took that as a sign to ask my question.

"Why did you pick Raphael as your name? It's not that I don't like it but what made you pick it?"

I felt him let out a held breath, but looked away. “it-it’s embarrassing…” he muttered.

“Ok, you don’t have to answer, sorry,” I let out a soft chuckle.

“It wa-as the ninja tu-urtle. I wanted to be strong and brave like the turtle, I know it sounds stupid, because I’m neither of those things,” the end was really quiet.

“Well Raphael, I think that you’re the strongest person I know, you may not have muscles but how you fight your brain every day, well I think that’s pretty tough.” I kiss his hair to stop him from saying thing bad about himself.


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Raphael and John are based on Mirio and Tamaki from My Hero Academia


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