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In This Day and Age, Really ?

by Lynn Murdock 2 months ago in Identity
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Estrogen VS Testosterone

From the dictionary, Oestrogen is considered the "female" hormone, while testosterone is regarded as the "male" hormone. However, "both" hormones are present in "both" sexes.

I see us evolving and growing more fully into our authentic selves as a species. But first, we need to let the boxes go, and you know which boxes I refer to, don't you?. Male or Female? But even that is changing; that is why they are so scared. We are reawakening from a long dark slumber into brighter, kinder people. A people unafraid of emotion and, dare I say, love. I find the sheer ridiculousness of people judging others over something so personal as our sexuality amusing.

How can anyone tell someone else how to feel? I think genitalia plays a tiny part in our sexuality; hormones are more likely the key to our sexual orientations.

I see us broadening our horizons and becoming less machine-like than we have been in a very long time. I see us escaping our boxes. We are opening our eyes and truly seeing each other not as either-or but as complete people willing to embrace ourselves fully.

I am here to tell you we are on the precipice of greatness. All we have to do is embrace the changes and let them happen naturally. Let go of false notions and be the fluid, beautiful creatures we were always supposed to be. We will persevere.

I was listening to Bill Maher blathering on this morning about the increase each generation in LGBTQ youth and how he feels it is because it is trendy. He questions why it seems more prevalent in places like LA than in Ohio (the Ohio that is trying to force a 10-year-old rape victim to have a child). Well, perhaps Bill, just thinking out loud here, so bear with me; maybe it is because Ohio is full of sexually repressed people and LA is not. Did you ever consider the religious aspect as well, Bill? Perhaps those little Ohio kids have been so indoctrinated in religion that it has suffocated their true sexual nature?

So many reasons for the difference, but maybe Bill has too much testosterone and not enough estrogen in his system; just saying.

No, Bill, I do not want you to ingest estrogen, but I would be grateful if you could accept that your opinion of LGBTQ is based solely on how you feel, and you do not speak for people whose hormonal and life situations you do not understand.

In my opinion, and yes, this is just my opinion from my own life experiences. I think each of us has a distinct genetic makeup that makes us the unique people we are. I believe our sexuality has more to do with hormones and life experiences than it ever did with genitalia. But they needed those boxes; someone decided long ago that there would be chaos if there were no boxes. The powers that be, decided long ago that the masses could not be trusted with our sexuality, and it needed to be controlled. TaDa Boxes. You have to fit in one or the other, or else.

I believe many of us are a bit LGBTQ, just to varying degrees, and I also do not think we are entirely male or female. I direct you back to the dictionary that explains that we all carry both hormones, and it makes sense that our hormones play a massive role in our sexual nature. To me, that makes sense. How about you?

So when we are born, we are born with one of two sets of genitalia, well, except for those rare, unique cases where someone is born with both, super cool that!!! But as we mature, our bodies are constantly changing, and our sense of who we are has are to be influenced by the levels of estrogen and testosterone in our systems.

We are genuinely becoming enlightened, and we are shedding the boxes. For many this is just scary as fuck. I will not use the word "woke" because religious fanatics have hijacked it as an insult. So I use the word enlightened. The religious right is scared of this enlightenment because it has nothing to do with their God. God, what a ridiculous idea, some invisible man in the sky will punish you if you do not obey the rules! Do any of them even hear themselves? But we are watching death, and death, no matter what or who, is always painful to watch. We see the end of the boxes; for some, it is unfortunate, but for others, it is freedom.

I think what we are watching is our evolution, and evolution is painful, but when we emerge on the other side, it is going to be beautiful. Just wait and see.

I will use myself as an example. I identify as a cisgender female. I was born with mammary glands and a vagina, and I can reproduce. But I was never a girly girl. I played in the dirt, most of my childhood friends were male, and I was a tomboy. I have always been fiercely independent, but as a young woman, I did not develop as quickly as many of my peers because, you guessed it, my hormones were not conducive to my maturing. I had more testosterone than estrogen. I was also less inclined to be compassionate as a young woman. I believe my lack of estrogen is most likely the cause, as I have seen it in several others. I prefer prettier men; I have never been overly attracted to rugged macho men. If anything, they are a turn-off to me, not to say there is anything wrong with those types of men. Some women are into that, but I can imagine those women have a lot more estrogen than I do. But I genuinely believe that the levels of hormones in each of us decide who we are attracted to, not our sexual organs. But honestly, what is wrong with that? Why does it matter who we are attracted to? As long as it is consensual and between adults, I have never seen a problem with it. I have been part of the LGBTQ scene since I was 16. The very first club I ever snuck into was this fantastic club called HotBods. Yeah yeah, I know, cheesy, but I loved that place. I have never felt safer or more loved than I did in that club. There was no judgment there. I wish more people would get to know the people they are condemning before they speak. The funny thing is I grew up in a Southern Baptist home, and I had been told my whole life that "these people" were terrible and they hated GOD. Then I met them and realized all I had been taught was a lie. These were good people. They just liked different things in their bedroom. I have, over the years, had many friends who were not Cisgender. None of this is new. It is just more open and honest than it used to be.

We are reawakening and becoming more and more what we need to be, each of us beautiful works of natural art. But until we allow ourselves room to grow and evolve, we are stuck in limbo, unable to reach our ultimate destination, true freedom. We have to live our truth, but there will always be those who cannot or will not accept anyone who does not fit in the boxes, and honestly, that is their loss. All we can do now is rally around those that need to be protected, so we can all continue to thrive in this world together. I fear we have lost much over the years. We have unleashed countless evils into the world by forcing people to hide their true natures.

I hear a lot of talks these days about schools sexually grooming children when all they are doing is accepting differences. We have been forced as children to wear certain clothes and behave in a certain way based on our genitalia instead of establishing it by our actions. I mean but haven't we all been doing that? Girls get dresses, boys get pants, girls get dolls, and boys get guns. We are groomed from birth. I applaud anyone who escapes the grooming to be what they want to be. What would happen if children got to explore and choose their clothes and toys? I bet ole Maher would find out exactly how many trans kids they are, and it would scare the living shit out of him. I think we should all start our lives on neutral ground. I think people would be better off that way.

I think those who choose to transition are the ones who were born with parts that do not coincide with their genetic and biological makeup. So they are fixing the problem. Making their outsides match their insides. If you look at the big picture, it all seems pretty natural.

If we took away the boxes, this world would be better. How many little boys have been shamed for crying, how many little girls scolded for playing in the mud?

It is ridiculous that Christians have the utter nerve to talk about grooming when that is their sole purpose in life. I say lets start over and do it the right way next time...

More ramblings later.


About the author

Lynn Murdock

I have been scribbling for years, I enjoy writing but creating is what i live for. Unfortunately my thoughts do not always come out on paper the way I imagined they would. I am here to learn and grow.

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