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In the Spirit of Full Disclosure Part Two

Transforming Elegantly

By Derick SinclarPublished about a year ago 8 min read

In the Spirit of Full Disclosure…Part 2

Derick Sinclair

Glamour only goes so far. The substance must be there to make anything last. Or so says the fashionista Derick Sinclair as he peruses the clothes on display in front of him. The labels are genuine, the value is clear, and each of the designer outfits curated for him to approve is a hard choice to dismiss.

Henri Duval is a fashion stylist. Derick is meeting at his studio near the airport. He keeps a low profile and serves some of the most notable people in the world. People who enjoy exceptional clothes and the lifestyle that they are best shown in. Today he has assembled racks for Derick to choose from. His knowledge of feminine fashion is second to none. Today the racks are filled with designer names from today’s runway collection and vintage garments that once stopped the show in places like Paris and New York. Still fashionable and ever so delectable to wear.

“Henri, you have outdone yourself this time!”

“Thank you, sir, ma’am, I am so sorry.” said the fashion store owner.

“Henri, you have known me for so long. I’m sure my feminine dressing is more annoying to you than most. Don’t worry about it. Let’s make a deal right now. If I am dressed in dull men’s wear call me Derrick, if I am dressed en femme, call me Miss,” said Derrick.

“Yes Miss, can I show you anything today? I think I did a good job with this collection.”

“Henri, you have exceeded my expectations. By the way, I know that you have some reservations about my crossdressing. Not classically the way a man acts. I get that, and respect at any time, your right to say no, but to tell me to take a hike!”

“Miss there is nothing greater in my mind than to serve a client who loves fashion. Not just the new creations, but the solid classics that have no era. It is my pleasure to work with you in any fashion.”

“You’re a prince.”

“Miss, can I suggest a new stylist that I have brought in for your approval? She is excellent at styling hair and nails and has a degree in fitness to create a plan for body shaping.”

“Of course, I would love to meet her.”

“I have her waiting in reserve for you and can call her in with a text.”

“Please do.”

A beautiful blonde woman walks into the studio. In her mid-30s, gorgeous to any standard, and carries a mysterious metal box. She has a gym bag over her shoulder stuffed with unknown treasures. She walks toward Henri and hugs him and kisses him on each cheek.

“Miss, this is Angela.”

“Good to meet you. I have heard you are quite spectacular in your transformation results.”

“Yes Miss, I do have a bit of a knack for doing some rather spectacular transformations. It doesn’t look like you need a miracle, but I can suggest a few tweaks that would make a remarkable difference.”

“I’m putty in your hands do as you wish we can assess after you’re finished.”

For the next hour, Miss was in the capable hands of Angela. She makes more of the art of style than most people appreciate. Each of her hand movements is those of a maestro conducting her orchestra. She brings elaborate color preparations to hair colors; her hair stylings are second to none. Angela transforms the ugly into passable, Miss will be nothing but joy for her. Working on someone who has the bone structure to allow makeup to be an enhancement on an already gifted shape and hair that is thick and manageable is nothing but joy for Angela.

“Miss, I need you to take a quick peek before I finish up. I am going to spin you around to look in the mirror, not to study but to glance. As though you were across the room and saw a woman not as yourself, but as possibly the beauty you want to be.”

Angela spins the chair and true to her word she gives a slip of time to look.

“Oh, my goodness, that woman is beautiful. I have never seen her before. You are very talented.”

“It’s easy when you start with a good canvas.”

Derick picks three outfits, all generally on his theme of being able to buy and wear women’s clothes without comment. The feel of the fabrics and the satin linings are the payoff for shopping, and he is ready for his dinner with Jasmine O’Day. A few hours of enjoyment of the new look and dinner between two women will be served.

“Jasmine, Derick here. I am ready to go. I made the decision. Can’t wait to see you!” he said into the voicemail of Jasmine O’Day his jet pool partner from earlier today.

Not only is she gorgeous, but she used to be a he. Not any he, a very successful he that decided to switch sides and become a woman. Derick and Jasmine met a year ago at an art gallery opening with both as men. Derick has been waiting for the nudge he needs to jump sides and she may be the one to give that nudge.

“Sorry love, I was wrapping up the meeting I came here for. I need a minute to get ready, but I should be ready by the time you get here,” she said connecting with Derick over the phone.

“No worries, if you need time I can wait here.”

“Are you kidding, I need to change clothes. I have been waiting to see you all afternoon. I can’t wait to see you. Will I be dining with Derick or… By the way, what is your en femme name?”

“My en femme name is Brianna. I am dressed and styled as Brianna today. I will call for a car now and see you as soon as possible!” he said like a kid having dinner with Santa Claus.

“See you soon Brianna, can’t wait.”

Brianna arrived at Jasmine’s hotel suite, knocked on the door, and prepared her soul to be expanded. She knew tonight would be a pivotal evening. The door opened and…

“Oh lordy, you aren’t kidding. You are a knockout!” she said as she moved to kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you, you look … well if I didn’t know you were once like me, I would never be able to guess.”

“Come in, make yourself a drink, and get comfortable. I took the liberty of making reservations at the most high-traffic restaurants nearby. We will be walking, like the goddesses we are, the three blocks to get there. I requested a table that is in the front and everyone will have to walk by us to get to their table. It should be fabulous!”

“Now, I see the guy in you. The take-charge guy you used to be.”

“All good here, I don’t get here often enough to even have a favorite place to eat. Thank you for taking the lead.”

“Brianna, you came here with an agenda, or at least you are starting to create one. How can I help you achieve your dream?”

“Jasmine, by the way, is that what you would like me to call you? I do have an agenda and I need some help in getting the plan put together to see if it will work.”

“Brianna, you can call me Jas. Can I call you Bri?”

“Yes, do please call me Bri. I don’t want anything to drink here. Can we go to the restaurant and see what they have to offer?”

“Aren’t you the feisty one, ready to present your new doo to society in your classic suit, blouse, and slacks with custom-made shoes? Of course, let me get my wrap, and we can go.”

The two made their way to the restaurant. A stylish got-to-be-seen place that is crowded but not too much that it gets in the way of enjoying a dinner for two. No doubt sparks are flying, but Brianna is not ready to go down any road that includes a relationship. She is looking for a guide, not a partner… or so she would tell you.

“Brianna, tell me what you want to do toward becoming a woman full-time. You know it is recommended that you live as a woman for a year before making a full decision. How do you feel about that?”

“I know I have read up on the subject quite a bit. What I would like to do is to go to some out-of-the-way place and try being the woman I want to become and give it a go. I would do it in total secrecy so that I would not be compromising the world that I have built.”

“Now that sounds like a plan, well thought out… and doomed to fail!”

“Doomed to fail? Why do you think that? Practical, while still giving the option to return to my regular life if I don’t like it.”

“I know, that return to regular life thing. It’s overrated. If you do this for even a month, I can’t imagine you ever wanting to go back. Do it for a year, while keeping everyone you care about, do business with, or know, wonder what is wrong with you. They will assume the worst. Further, you will gain strength in the decision, but then seeing the people you care about cry or complain or flat out slam the door in your face will weaken your resolve and make the year for nothing.”

“What should I do, in your opinion?”

“I would do this. Write to everyone you care about a letter that details fully your feelings about making the change you want. Send it out. You will know in days the ones who will stick with you and those who will cause you problems or abandon you. You can then say OMG, just kidding, if the stakes are too high or get on with your life knowing you have a strong team behind you. No hiding in the shadows, only progress. The way you look tonight would give anyone you talk to the full picture of how beautiful a woman you are and why would anyone want to stand in your way.”

“A letter, huh? Now, huh? Do you know how scary that is? How much risk there is to do that? What if it goes 100% the wrong way?”

“But what if it doesn’t? What if you get say, 40% that are solid with you? You know that is better than you started the business with. Look where you have taken all the could-fail odds, slapped them in the face, and made a success of your life.”

“Would you help me write the letter?”

“Of course, so is that your decision?”

Yes, I have nothing to lose …except everything.

Stay tuned to the results of the dramatic evening conclusion and how Brianna deals with an avalanche of opinions about her new life.


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