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In the spirit of Full Disclosure Part 3

Living and Authentic Life

By Derick SinclarPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

In the Spirit of Full Disclosure…Part 3

Derick Sinclair

The day that started out so oddly has turned into something close to magical for Brianna. The jet pool got her to Phoenix, but Jasmine O’Day has taken her to places she dreamed of but didn’t think she would ever go. The decision to transform her life and body from a man to a woman is no small matter. Yet Jasmine has made it seem like a walk in the park.

“Bri, what do you think about heading up to my hotel room and working on the letter?”

“Jas, that seems like a logical way to finish up this day. I think that the wine with dinner has loosened me up enough for the process to begin. But I am not going to send it out until the morning. After the fog clears, I’ll will relook at what could be the best or worst decision of my life.”

“Now that sounds like a businessman on vacation.”

“Doesn’t it!”

The two wrapped up the tip and dinner bill and made their way toward Jasmines hotel suite. Dressed in the very best they had available the two walked the three blocks creating sore necks all the way.”

“Bri, I had one of the best evenings I have had in quite some time. What say we get this letter done and call it a night. I don’t want to add anything more to the evening that could be complicated.”

“I agree, I don’t want complicated either.”

“You are so kind!” said Jas as she leaned over to give Bri a kiss on the cheek.

“Careful there, the wine could sweep me off my feet right now and you with it.”

“I’m with you but let’s stay focused. You have made a very good case to explore my new team and who is with me and who isn’t. I am full of directed energy and need this to move forward tonight.”

The two ladies arrived back at Jas’ hotel. She took her laptop out of her bag and opened it to a blank document.

“OK, Bri there is no pressure here, but I want you to think of this as an important business deal. Cover all the bases, makes sure there is no misunderstanding and write your heart. Nothing is off the table but don’t ramble either.”

Bri sat down at the desk and paused for a moment. Looked at the blank screen. Then took off typing like there was a paper due in school and you had to have it turned in in a few minutes. The word flowed effortlessly and with one quick look at the results. Bri saved the document and sent it to her email to be looked at in the morning.

Dear Friends, Family, Business Partners and interested people,

I have been struggling with some personal demons for several years. Time has come to act to resolve these issues. Effective immediately I will be working toward a gender affirming lifestyle. Those of you that are still reading, here is the background on this and I hope you will be with me rather than against me.

For the longest time I have loved women’s fashion, as many of you have known. The outfits that I have worn for at least two years have always been women’s designer wear. I love the feel of the materials and the look of the designs. This has led me to feel feminine at times, at other masculine. It hasn’t been easy dodging the potential uncovering of my preferences at meetings and on the days that I felt feminine. Here is the deal. I am tired. Tired of hiding in the shadows while doing something that makes me whole. Tired of feeling like if I get caught that I will be shunned by my peers, family etc., so here I am ready to take a leap that I hope you all can support.

For my business partners. I understand that this could be something that could be made into a financial issue. Though I don’t see that as good business. I will honor all my financial requirements. You are not in a position to cause me financial damage and know that if that is your intent, I will immediately withdraw my funding, cooperation or endorsement from the project, underwriting, or other financial demands I have agreed to. This is not about or for business and I will not allow it to be taken advantage of, nor will I allow my partners to be penalized for this action on my part. I have your back I would invite the same from you.

I will be doing whatever I feel is necessary for me to live an authentic life beginning today. Some of you will be shocked, appalled, even angered, and feel that I have been deceiving you for years. This is all about you. I have never said I am manly man hear me roar. If anything, I have been so soft that to anyone looking at me they would more than likely see me as gay. I am not gay in the traditional guy with guy way. I love women. I love everything about them so much that I want to be one. It is really that simple.

So, what is the plan. I have no specifics, but I do know that immediately I will be seeking counseling, medical advice, and peer-led advice from those who have walked this path before me. In general, I will be doing everything that I can to make a prudent decision without causing myself medical harm, spiritual or psychological harm.

If you never want to see me again – I understand. If you now hate me – I understand. But if you can understand the thoughts that I have behind this and be there for me as a friend, a family member, valued business contact, or somebody that knows me, I look forward to our connecting on a much different level. A level based on total honesty and truthful living. I look forward to whatever your decision is and do understand if you wish to avoid me. I can only say this to the new haters if you ever felt anything other than hate for me use that as your guide. I haven’t changed, I am righting myself. nobody is at fault. I am what I am, and I am joyously looking forward to the new paths that this new life will take.

Will I be going the full surgical route? I don’t have a decision on that yet. If I do, will it matter? If I don’t will it matter? I have learned that for me to be authentic I get to keep some information to myself, but if you are curious you can do it in a funny way not a mean way. For example, “Hey Bri can you still stand to pee,” and I won’t take offense.

Best wishes,

Derick Sterling aka Brianna

“Well, that wasn’t so hard was it?” said Jasmine.

“Nope, been a long time coming and I feel like a stone has been taken off my back.”

“Well, what would you like to do right now?”

“You know, I think that I would like to have a celebration drink – just one and call it a night.”

“Here or in the bar?”

“In the bar, I want to be seen like I am the first sunset after a long spell of rain.”

The two walked arm in arm down to the bar. Jas bought the round and talked of her first night post decision. They finished the round and without fanfare walked like two gorgeous dames headed into the future.


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