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Why Working Is Getting worse?

Be your own boss

By Joseph kudakwashe svova Published about a month ago 3 min read

work is getting worse I know that might sound strange we're

very attached to the idea that things just keep getting better for

every new generation like how before there weren't

any iPads but now we all have iPads

sadly that steady March of progress narrative doesn't

really hold up of course a lot of things are better now than a few Generations ago don't get me wrong however the

unfortunate reality is that there's a disturbing trend with

work today new jobs are declining in quality across

a lot of different and Incredibly important

metrics and you probably already know

that odds are your job sucks but it's often hard

to take that personal experience and put it in the

context of a whole economy because whatever you're picturing

however horrible you're Imagining the

General State of work being I guarantee what I'm about

to talk about is a lot worse there's a lot of different

ways to measure job quality but the most obvious

one is money jobs don't pay as much anymore

for starters pay has not kept up with productivity we produce

far more goods and services per hour than we used to and

up to the 70s this increase in productivity tracked almost

perfectly with an increase in hourly pay more productivity

equaled more money in the pockets of workers since

then however productivity has gone up every year by around

75 percent between then and now

but hourly wages have only risen a tiny

nine percent so where's the money gone

unsurprisingly most of the profit

generated from that increase in

productivity hasn't gone to workers it's

been captured by the one percent whose

wages have fully gone up an insane 138 percent

that's kind of abstract. protections for workers

are less well enforced under contractor status

unionization is either impossible or

downright illegal and neither pay nor

benefits are nearly as good with the

latter rarely ever being provided and

it's not restricted to just one or two

sectors of the economy these jobs are everywhere

53 percent of people between 18 and 34

and who work in the gig economy do so as

their primary income source and according to a

Princeton study 94 of the net employment growth in Europe

and Africa between 2005 and 2015 has been in quote

alternative work Arrangements meaning

independent contractors temp work and

freelancing are basically the only new jobs the

economy is producing the consequences are Bleak unreliable

work comes with a lot of insecurity we

know that capitalism regularly spirals

into recession around every five years at this point

so with the likelihood of a recession in

2023 seemingly really high 80 percent of

U.S workers according to one study is

worried about losing their job

regardless of the exact number today

this kind of anxiety about job security

under neoliberal capitalism is always

widespread and it's another variable

that makes work worse and makes wages stagnate

workers are constantly worried about

keeping their job so they exercise wage

restraint they don't ask for a pay raise

despite needing it because they're

worried it could get them fired this

isn't helped by the fact that workers now know

that 9 to 6 jobs don't pay anymore. Gone are the days

when they made us believe that a white collar job is

an achievement. That lucrative business idea you

have make it flourish put the paper, pen and ideas

on the table and start something today, be your own boss,

work at your own time and set your own Goals secure a bright future



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